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Whiteness is a scourge on humanity. Voting for Obama that one time is not a get out of being a racist card

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The funniest thing I've seen so far today, 6:08 am PST


The day is yet young

Thousands of women recount the first time they were perved on by a grown man

This is the reality. Thank you again, David Futrelle

In creepy Reddit megathread, thousands of women recount the first time they were perved on by a grown man

So there’s a giant, growing, and extremely creepy megathread up on Reddit at the moment, and for once, the creepiness isn’t coming from inside the Reddit. Well, less of the creepiness is coming from Reddit than you might expect.

Yesterday, you see, a Redditor known as BA_Baracus posted a couple of simple questions to AskReddit: Women of Reddit, when did you first notice that men were looking at you in a sexual way? How old were you and how did it make you feel?

This wasn’t the first time he’d posted a question to his fellow Redditors; he’s posted a bunch, including “People of reddit with eyes that point in different directions, which one of them is usually looking at me?” and, er, “Recent rape victims of Reddit, how did it happen, and what the hell were you doing in India?” None of these questions got much of a response.

But this time, well, thousands of “women of Reddit” stepped forward to tell the horrifying yet in most cases completely unsurprising stories of the first time men started perving on them, in many cases before they were even teenagers.

Here’s a sampling of some of their stories. TRIGGER WARNING for extreme fucking creepiness.

Age 8, followed to a department store changing room



Where the White People Live

I found this an interesting read. I live in Seattle, and I've often noticed and wondered at this phenomena--which can also be traced back to corrupt and racist lending laws in the '60s and '70's (I think up to the eighties, and no one can tell me a form of this doesn't exist today, although not as blatant) Black families in substandard housing or unable to buy, helped the path to a lack of inheritable wealth and generational poverty. I've also noticed when the process of "gentrification" starts as in the case in a couple of Seattle neighborhoods, price and taxes sky rocket. Where I live is on the border of Seattle, with a well mixed group of people--in other words, when I go to the grocery store, the majority of people isn't white. The housing is quite often smallish post war '50's track housing. The housing projects down the street have been torn down and replaced by affordable housing "townhouses" the homes sit atop places to start businesses. They were built right before the market crash, so few businesses ever started or succeeded.

My neighborhood (just this side of a rough unincorporated area called White Center aka Rat city) still has large yards (becoming rarer in Seattle) and is still nominally affordable, although buying is still out of reach for many here. The highest concentration of black Families is in an area we call the Central district, another is Southest Seattle. The Cenral district started the process of gentrification, which basically means contractors buy the old houses and renovate them and sell them for much higher prices, but the market crash stalled the process.

I'm interested in any thoughts

Last summer, the Michigan town of Grosse Pointe Park erected a farmer's market in the middle of one of the few remaining streets that allowed cars to pass between the tony suburb and the urban Detroit neighborhoods at its border. It was the latest of many attempts by Grosse Pointe Park residents to close off roads and block traffic between what has become a predominantly white, affluent suburb, and its poorer, urban neighbor.

There were protests about the border, and Grosse Pointe Park later said it would tear down the farmer's market and re-open the road, but the incident speaks volumes to the segregation that exists in Detroit, and the tensions that can grow as a result.

The fact that these two areas are so close is unique—the border between Grosse Pointe Park and the city of Detroit is the only place in any of America's biggest cities where a very wealthy, predominantly-white area abuts a very poor, black one, according to research from a new working paper from the University of Minnesota. But the existence of self-segregated wealthy white areas close by low-income minority ones isn't unique, according to the Minnesota researchers. They have sorted census tracts in 15 of America's 20 biggest cities into "racially concentrated areas of affluence" and "racially concentrated areas of poverty," and find that many cities have more areas of segregated affluence than they do poverty.

Racially concentrated areas of affluence, by the researchers' definition, are census tracts where 90 percent or more of the population is white and the median income is at least four times the federal poverty level, adjusted for the cost of living in each city. Racially concentrated areas of poverty, by contrast, are census tracts where more than 50 percent of the population is non-white, and more than 40 percent live in poverty.


Women Are Poorer Than Men in Every State

Added bold is mine. I feel that when we discuss woman and poverty, as well as white women with privledge, I believe it's important to acknowledge the struggles of women of color. As my HOF friends understand, poverty is not a contest, and facts are facts, not an exersize in interpretive inguinuity, or an free opportunity to scream "what about me?" Addressing the problems and causes of impoverished women, and finding solutions needs an open mind and an open heart, prepared to take wounds. Truth hurts.

But this is a stunning statistic, not shocking of course, or even unknown, I know there are many men who do not understand their privledge. A poverty index is a good indicator as far as I'm concerned

The saying goes, “girls go to college to get more knowledge.” But what does it mean when the number of women living in poverty increases, even as their rate of education goes up?

Not only will women not make equal pay within our lifetimes, but according to a new study from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, they’ll be living in higher poverty rates, too. The newest installment of IWPR’s series, Status of Women in the States: 2015, the report found a decrease in the percentage of women living above the poverty line to 85.4 in 2013 from 87.9 in 2002.

As with the gender wage gaps, the issues are more pronounced in the Southern states—particularly Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. But nowhere are women completely insulated from the issue. The findings, using data from as far back as 1996, suggest that despite significant gains in education over the past two decades, women remain severely behind men in both economic stability and business ownership.

Nationwide, 15.5 percent of women live in poverty, compared with 11.9 percent of men. But the discrepancy in poverty rates worsens when considering race. The poverty rate for Native American, black, and Hispanic women is nearly twice the rate for white women. The number is highest in the Native American community, where 28.1 percent of women live below the poverty line (compared to 11.7 percent of white women). Single mothers fare even worse, listed as twice as likely to be living in poverty than single fathers, 43.1 percent vs. 23.6 percent.


Sad news, white ladies: Some dude on the internet won’t date you any more

But let’s let that slide, because, aside from these six white gals, and “Bille” Holiday, we still don’t know what sorts of ladies he would date.

The answer? Foreign ladies who are all “receptive” and shit.

Compared to white women, women from other parts of the world offer genuine substance. I was lucky enough to date someone from another culture for several years. She was from India, and had in abundance what most women in the West have lost: what the philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand called “receptivity to values.”

And it helps if they’ve never seen an ocean before.

Dating someone from India brought me into contact with a culture that is still receptive to values as von Hildebrand understood them. My girlfriend clutched my hand in delight at dance concerts and wept when she saw the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

Also, fans of 2 Broke Girls are definitely OUT. Total dealbreaker!

India — like Africa and Japan and other non-Western cultures — still sees with open eyes. They have dance that flatters rather than degrades the female body, colorful and embodied religious ritual (hands folded, my girlfriend would greet the sun morning at the beach), and food as soulful restitution and not just bodily nourishment. We have cupcakes and 2 Broke Girls.


I'll bet a thousand dollars this guy doesn't realize what a racist fuck he really is. And not toward white women.

Found this--kinda like it


Just a reminder


Why Won't "Becky" Let Black Girls Rock?

Why do White people always have to be the point? Wait, don’t answer. We know the answer to these rhetorical questions: White supremacy and patriarchy apparently won’t enable you to fully like yourselves without hating on us first. BOOM!

Usually in this weekly column, I share what I think and know. But between the social-media outrage directed at First Lady Michelle Obama for having the audacity to publicly declare that “Black girls rock!” at an event of the same name, and Cosmopolitan’s fashion advice about trends that need to die only with women of color in the “R.I.P.” section right next to White women headlined “Hello, Gorgeous!”
I want to cede the floor to White readers and ask what this is about. Because Becky, you got some ‘splainin to do. Why are so many of you bothered by the FLOTUS, or anyone, proclaiming that Black girls rock?

What makes you instantly process that statement as a war cry of Black superiority and/or an attack on little ole you? What sort of pleasure leads you to claim victim status, to reach into your Rolodex of baseless examples of reverse racism? - See more at: http://www.damemagazine.com/2015/04/06/why-wont-becky-let-black-girls-rock#sthash.kxyubdtP.dpuf

Brave MRA reveals the true lesson of the Woody Allen mess


Brave MRA reveals the true lesson of the Woody Allen mess: Feminists “are cruel vindictive [slur redacteds]” who will cuckold you with Frank Sinatra

One of the incredibly important Men’s Rights issues being discussed on the A Voice for Men’s forums at the moment: Is Ronan Farrow really the biological son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, or is his father actually Frank Sinatra? I mean, sure, he doesn’t look much like Woody, and Mia Farrow herself has acknowledged that Frankie may “possibly” have been the daddy.

But somehow this doesn’t seem to me to be, er, the most important issue in ongoing story of Woody Allen’s awfulness as a human being.

To a regular contributor to the AVFM forums who calls himself Maxx, though, Frankie is key to the whole story.

Woody Allen's entire life has played out like a liberal dream turned abject nightmare…

He smugly hooks up with a progressive feminist chick who’s supposed to be outta his league, but of course that sort of stuff isn’t supposed to apply in wonderful progressive unions that have evolved past their basic human nature…right?

But wait…

She cheats on him with the biggest alpha male she can find (Sinatra)…and has Allen cuckolded into raising the man’s kid.

Wait a minute wasn’t Farrow supposed to be a modern women who had progressed past her biological hard-wired attraction to the protypical alpha male? I guess she wasn’t as evolved as she thought she was in practice huh?


Ah MRA's--"If manhood, good manhood, be not forgotten upon the face of the earth, then am I a shotten herring (a herring which has spawned)" - Falstaff, in King Henry IV, Act II, Scene IV

Happy 81st Birthday Jane Goodalll!!

When Dame Jane Goodall returned Wednesday to Lion Country Safari, a dear friend greeted her by making smoochy noises and stroking her white hair.

Little Mama, the Loxahatchee park’s oldest chimpanzee, was, by all accounts, thrilled to see the primatologist she first met in 1972.

Their reunion “was just as cute as you could imagine,” said Terry Wolf, Lion Country’s longtime wildlife director. “Mama focused on her immediately, made eye-to-eye contact with her, and made ‘come closer’ motions with her fingers and kissing sounds with her mouth.

“She just wanted to touch Jane’s hair and face and hands.”

The few Lion Country staff members who witnessed the scene in the chimps’ night house, some of whom were moved to tears, were certain Little Mama remembered Goodall.

Wolf hedged his bets: “I know Little Mama is very observant about people. Whether she recognizes Jane, I couldn’t say. She doesn’t share all her secrets with me.”

Wolf has known Little Mama since 1970. A diminuitive-for-a-chimp 90 pounds, she turned 77 on Valentine’s Day, making her among the oldest chimps in captivity in the United States, according to the Chimpanzee Species Survival Plan, a program administered by the American Zoo and Aquarium


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