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Member since: Mon Aug 23, 2004, 10:18 PM
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Whiteness is a scourge on humanity. Voting for Obama that one time is not a get out of being a racist card

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Weve been trying for years

From Anita Hill to hollaback. And before and after.

We’ve been trying.

For this feminist, bemused is the best description of how I feel about these latest reveals that certain men in power—power of any kind, be it the power of a patriarchal society or personal power, abuse it to sexually coerce or assault women with much less power. What did people think feminism was about? What we were sometimes screaming in the streets for? Why we fought against everything unfair laws to ingrained sexist language? Gender equality includes not being constantly afraid of sexual assault because of gender.

The Weinsteins of the world are no surprise. That women, after decades, wait, you know what? Fuck decades, after centuries of fighting, whoops, wait, let’s makes that millennia, when women gather some power of their own, they finally feel able to speak out is no surprise either.
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