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Whiteness is a scourge on humanity. Voting for Obama that one time is not a get out of being a racist card

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Taylor Swift and the Tale of Unstoppable White Privilege Meeting Immovable White Privilege

I’ll be honest. I thought it was going to be a boring-ass week—until Taylor Swift “surprise”-dropped her new single from her next album, “Reputation,” this past Friday. And, you know, everyone acted as expected, mostly.

Taylor’s detractors fried her accordingly. Half of her stans pretended to like the single, because that is the cross they have chosen to bear, and descended on anyone who didn’t agree like an angry rash. The other half of her stans experienced secondhand embarrassment for a variety of reasons.

Me? I mostly rolled my eyes. Despite her being one of my nemeses (Lena Dunham captains that list), I have long come to accept that Taylor Alison Swift, while mediocre and overhyped, has the tenacity of a roach that keeps skittering back even in the face of nuclear waste and disaster.

However, things got interesting when I came across this Rolling Stone article that stated she was taking shots at Kanye West (again). I was annoyed but not shocked. Taylor Swift has demonstrated that she is stuck in high school. With her fake “girl power” mentality and piss-poor Regina George impression (and aspirations), it does not shock me for a minute that she once again went after Kanye for the purpose of her burn book.

Honestly, she kind of reminds me of that one guy in high school who caught that one game-winning touchdown during the homecoming game of 1992 and comes back to the high school reunion 20 years later, balding, unhappy and still rambling about how the homecoming game of 1992 was the best day of his life.


Let us cut the proverbial shit.

If you were a total loser asshole in the face of the prospect of a Trump presidency, and took your vote and flounced away like a malignant 3 year old, and are STILL defending that shit--and I've seen several variations of said defense--you are not welcome here.

If, in the heat of the moment you committed what is likely to be the biggest political cock-up of your life, tossed your vote in a misguided protest vote, BUT subsequently realize and acknowledge what a complete dick move that was--you are welcome here.

It really isn't that hard to understand. I'm mean yeah you might get some shit for it, a Trump or third party vote isn't easy to understand for most of us, myself included.

Time does match on though, and there are plenty of chances for political redemption.

By Our Revolutions head says, Democrats have lost their souls. She will make them find religion.


Our Revolution endorsed 175 candidates in the past year, about 43% of whom won their races. The group facilitated more than 11,000 volunteer-led events. It supported the elections of seven state party chairs who are “progressive,” Turner said.

“The message I want to hit home is it’s driven by the grassroots,” Turner said. “Every election should be driven by the grassroots, by the will of the people.”

And she said that has consequences for establishment Democrats. Our Revolution’s network of more than 200,000 individual contributors, who have given an average of $22, are demanding progressive candidates who support proposals like Medicare for all, free college and a $15 minimum wage.

In 2018, Democratic candidates who do not support Our Revolution’s progressive agenda will not earn the group’s endorsement, Turner said. And not only that. According to Turner, Our Revolution may go a step further, supporting primary challenges in 2018, if they emerge, against Democrats who don’t run on a progressive platform.


Rep. Jayapal calls on Trump to rid White House of any white-supremacist supporters

Reacting to last week’s racist violence in Virginia, U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal is leading dozens of congressional Democrats in demanding President Donald Trump fire any White House staff who have encouraged white supremacists.

Jayapal, D-Seattle, introduced a resolution Tuesday condemning “fearmongering, racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry, and violence perpetrated by hate groups.”
The symbolic measure, co-sponsored by 31 other House Democrats, including U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Bellevue, calls out as inadequate Trump’s belated and initially equivocal response to the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

In a news release, Jayapal named Steve Bannon, the White House chief strategist who previously ran the Breitbart News website, and advisers Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka.

“White supremacy must be uprooted from our society, but the president has elevated white nationalists to the highest posts of government. It’s time to get these people out of the White House,” Jayapal said in a statement.

Bannon, Gorka and Miller have been linked by critics to “alt-right” or white nationalist movements. However, several independent experts told the fact-checking site PolitiFact this week they do not regard any of the three men themselves as white nationalists.


They may not be actual "white nationalists" but they play one on TV and give aid and succor to the ones who are

The White People Who Need Proof of Racism

I will never again fall for the Show-Me-Proof-of-Racism gotcha-request that many white people resort to whenever a black person or another person of color expresses their experience with racism.

You can dig up study after study, research after research, video after video, testimony after testimony, expert after expert, scholar after scholar, scientist after scientist from the most prestigious academic, journalistic, and scientific institutions in the entire world and it won’t matter a single, solitary bit.

Whatever proof you show — whether it is evidence to demonstrate the presence of systemic racism or social racism; implicit racism or explicit racism; conscious racism or unconscious racism — will never be enough. They will employ every move-the-goal-post, bait-and-switch, logical-fallacy, false-equivalence, appeal-to-the-absurd, argumentum-ad-dictionarium, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt, bar-raising, unrealistic-expectation, persnickety-pseudo-science tactic at their disposal to deny that what you’ve brought forth is solid and correct — or even mildly reasonable. And the gag is that if you don’t bring it forth, they’ll accuse you of being The Real Racist ®. They think this is the perfect no-win situation in which to place you.

They will ask you if you can read the minds of white people. Yes. That’s their favorite one. That’s their standard of proof. The only way you will be able to prove racism to these white folks is if you’re telepathic. And even then, they’d question the accuracy of your telepathic abilities and will request a white telepath to verify your knowledge — and they will only believe the white telepath if they disagree with you and agree with them. Anything to avoid having to confront and admit that racism exists, that they benefit from it, and often participate in and perpetuate it.


Ive seen DU go though periods where a lot things are "allowed"

Some fairly offensive. Scratch that, some absolutely and egregiously offensive.

Here's the thing about age, while age bashing can be anything from a shit-stirring comment to a rhetorical tool and is quite rude, the age of our politicians needs to be discussed imo. I love the idea of the elder statesman, one who has gained in wisdom throughout the years, we all know this isn't always the case. There is also, a huge technology gap that is changing social interaction--and society around the world itself. Clearly, politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders know how to use technology, to me the most revealing thing about the email and DNC hack snafu was how antiquated the state departments services actually were--they hadn't kept up with the times. I am not saying the hack could have been prevented, but the general impression I got was one of "oh shit"--this despite knowing bad actors like Assange were out there.

I know there are plenty of younger, plugged in folks surrounding and advising our aging polititians, but I wonder how well they are listened too? In a very short span of 20 years, technology has changed enormously. This is one reason, that while I adore Hillary as much or more than Bernie people adore Bernie, I am wanting to see fresher, younger faces involved in politics. Don't get me wrong, I don't want our elders to go away, I want to see mentorship. Hillary already is doing this (and has been doing this for years) with her new PAC, that will help organize the willing for the Democratic Party. She has inspired many young women especially. Bernie Sanders has obviously greatly inspired youth--some of whom will be involved with the Democratic Party, and continue to be a force for change.

So while the phrase "too old" is rude, and untrue, I think our older political people at the helm need to move aside and let our younger faces shine.

Except for SCOTUS, I want them to stay where they are until trump is gone, but such is the nature of lifetime appointments
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