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Whiteness is a scourge on humanity. Voting for Obama that one time is not a get out of being a racist card

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Social dynamics between police, Black Americans and white vigilantes (incredible Twitter thread)


I believe we are seeing a changing of the guard so to speak

As whites slowly become a minority of sorts, in population, if not money and power, the edge in money and power is slowly being lost. This seems to drive some white folks crazy. It drives others who accept Whiteness as a standard crazy. We’ve never had to confront the actual repercussions of the erosion Whiteness as the dominant cultural standard. Some of us are uneasy—we were always so GOOD at cultural appropriation, we took credit where it was by no means due. We’ve done this for centuries. We’ve led the way in modern times anyway, when another culture has something interesting or attractive or genius, we created the culture of cultural theft.

And, to coin a phrase, time is up.

So much of what the right is, is reactive—anger and fear. Trump is everything diseased and damaged about Whiteness (which, so there is no mistake, does not mean white people as a whole, I know many of us are great people. I hate that I have to qualify this though, because people will misunderstand what Whiteness is, or think it merely an acedemic exercise) and about patriarchy.

Such bitter, angry, violent reactions everywhere. Trumps election even being possible . A powerful woman as a perennial scapegoat, the whole idea of libertarianism. The resurgence of the “alt-right” —a number of who started with Men’s Rights Activism fuckery. Men’s Rights Activism fuckery becoming almost mainstream—not quite, but too close. All that anger directed toward people with non-white skin and non-compliant women.

Still. Time is up.
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