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Whiteness is a scourge on humanity. Voting for Obama that one time is not a get out of being a racist card

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Moore doesn't make me uncomfortable. He annoys me

He tends to feed conspiracy theories. The way our government is set up is around two parties, the only real question is which two parties. It is possible for instance, for Democratic Socialists to become one of the major parties instead of Democrats. That doesn’t mean the Democratic Party would cease to exist, any more than The DS party is going to. That’s one thing.

I have a problem with the term “corporate” when it’s now a huge meme that people use. When memes were put forth about Hillary Clinton and her large donations coming from, oh, I don’t know Bank of something, and people would point out “”hey, it’s illegal for Bank of something to donate that amount to political campaigns, these represent donations from individuals, the reply would be “Hillary is corrupt and this meme proves it” So annoying at the time and so fucking damaging. This was in part what brought us Trump. But there are many parts to the Trump story.

Bernie was indeed pushing hard for the individual campaign donations, refusing PAC money, (as did President Obama, who started this trend started refusing a lot of PAC money in 2008, but he rarely gets credit) but Bernie also lost, and he lost legitimately, no matter what the Micheal Moore’s of the world have to say. That’s not to say that others haven’t picked up where he left off. Booker and Harris and Gillibrand, for instance, are now declining corporate PAC money. If nothing else President Obama and Bernie Sanders put their finger on a pulse of rising discontent.

So what does this mean? Are we going to quit throwing pageantry parties? Are we going to pare down the governments frivolous bullshit after the gilded turd of Trumps presidency? Don’t know. All I DO know is my reproductive rights are being threatened, hell— the reproductive rights of my three year old granddaughter are being threatened, as a woman it is still implied that I’m a slut If I get sexually assaulted, LGBLT rights are being threatened, the United States kidnapped children and caused irreparable harm, and continues to defend this, our environment will become more poisoned, job wages are stagnant, hate crimes are on the rise, racism is now openly bragged about and I cannot look toward the Republican Party for the lest vestige of love for human kind. This is sheer horror, epic horror, and every toxic bullshit comment against Democrats and especially Hillary Clinton have their part as well.

“Legit” criticism—sure. I have a Rep I adore. I didn’t expect this, but I do She’s signed the “M4A” legislation which I disagree with, although I agree with Medicaid expansion and insurance reform
With a hearty public option. None of which we are going to get by the looks of thing now. PLENTY of people disagree with me here, and I understand completely.

(FWIW I take a bit of exception to using “white privilege” discussed among whites as a negative, as whites ARE the ones who need to be discussing this among themselves.)

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