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Whiteness is a scourge on humanity. Voting for Obama that one time is not a get out of being a racist card

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What It Looks Like When a Hospital Erases $11.9 Million in debt

After our investigation, Methodist Le Bonheur hospital system erased thousands of patients’ medical debt. Many will no longer have to choose between those bills and their children or themselves. We want you to meet four of them.

In 2018, the massive nonprofit health care system sued her for just over $11,500 in unpaid hospital bills, plus $3,800 in attorney’s fees. In April, a Shelby County General Sessions Court judge ordered her to pay $150 per month toward the debt.

If she was lucky, the envelope contained only a warning. If she wasn’t, it was another attempt to garnish her paycheck, even though she wasn’t even getting one.

Nervously, she opened the letter. “As of August 1, 2019,” it said, “your total amount due is $0 for docket ROBINSON, and we have notified the court that this account has been paid in full.”

“I had to read it a couple of times just to make sure,” Robinson said. “I couldn’t believe it. I went crying around the house.”


'I've been a nurse for 30 years, and I understand why so many of us can't do it anymore.'

(I work in a decent hospital, but I see new nurses struggling, as our hospital is an inner city one that has a increasingly difficult clientele. We get hurt, often by repetitive tasks, bed up and down patients pulled up in beds, heavy doors pushed open dozens of times a day.. I never have less than 5 miles of ‘steps” We get assaulted (something my hospital has taken decisive steps about) we deal with life and death. We are exposed to every kind of infected body fluid that can get infected, which is everything.

We are fiscally responsible because our hospital doesn't always break even, and we know cutting staff or staff benefits is ALWAYS on the table. And it’s the right thing to do.

It’s a great profession, still, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.)

Nurses know that every time they take a blood sample, give a medication, administer a blood transfusion, care for patients having a procedure, and countless other seemingly mundane tasks, there is potential for harm.

I still remember, as a graduate nurse, feeling an overwhelming sense of responsibility; that a moment’s inattention or carelessness could cost someone their life, and, on the flip side of the coin, that my skills and knowledge could make a difference, even be lifesaving. Nearly 30 years later, I still feel it.

Last year a friend suffered severe burns after a gas bottle explosion. Amid surgeries, skin grafts, dressing changes and a lot of top shelf analgesia, he told me that what affected him daily, more than anything else, was how he was treated by his nurse.

He needed explanations and rationale that made sense to him. He struggled with the frustration and powerlessness he felt when he wasn’t heard. It would have been easy to label him a difficult patient but it was those nurses who really saw and heard him who made the difference.


At least I know who I absolutely won't be supporting in the primaries

As far as supporting, Leaning toward Biden, albeit somewhat reluctantly—-(and yes I have my reasons)because he’s pretty clearly going to get the nom, and I might as well start practicing.
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