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Shit. Just got this email from work

Nothing much has changed, but itís certainly not getting better. Iíve bought faceshields from Amazon at I hate the googles they hand out. Please be careful out there, itís not over by a long shot.

Dear Staff, Faculty, Trainees and Students,

Over the last two weeks, we have discovered a small number of patients with unexpected COVID-19 diagnoses at our hospitals. While some of these cases were the result of admission testing that returned positive for asymptomatic patients, we believe there has also been COVID-19 transmission from visitors and caregivers.

We have also had reports of staff congregating with other staff at work and outside of work, which has resulted in multiple staff-to-staff exposures.

These infections highlight the need for strict and 100% universal adherence to our safety protocols. They also come at a critical time in our response to the pandemic. The number of new cases is increasing in #### County, and we face the possibility of a second surge as the weather turns colder, holidays approach, and more of our time is spent inside.

Now, more than ever, we MUST work together to keep each other and our patients safe using the tools that we know work.

Stay Home When Sick: One of the lasting lessons of the pandemic is that we must stay home when sick. COVID-19 can present with many different symptoms. If you think you have a new symptom that could be caused by COVID-19, you need to stay home and arrange for a test using the ## Medicine employee testing website. Do not come to work if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases.

Masking: Wear a mask 100% of the time in the hospital. Six feet is not a ďmagicĒ distance that means everything is safe. Masks must be worn over your nose and mouth with NO exceptions. Masks are an evidence-based way to disrupt the spread of COVID 19. If you see anyone in your environment who does not have a mask or is not wearing it correctly, you need to say something. We all need to protect each other and our patients.

You can take your mask off when you are eating or drinking, but do not leave your mask off for any extended period of time when you are near other people, in a breakroom or in the cafeteria. Once you are done eating, place your mask back on.

All visitors must be masked for the entire time they are in the hospital and when they are in patient rooms. You are empowered to tell visitors they must wear a mask unless they have been given an Americans with Disabilities Act accommodation. If they do not comply with our masking requirements, please immediately inform your supervisor so that the appropriate action can be taken. Visitors will not be allowed to remain in the institution if they do not mask at all times.

Eye Protection: You MUST wear eye protection whenever you are working with patients. We need 100% compliance with this policy.

Shared Food/Potlucks/Celebrations: Food is not allowed to be shared with your colleagues for any reason, including birthdays, showers or retirement gatherings. Even if the food is individually wrapped and handed out by one individual, this is another change that we must make during the pandemic.

While we hope that the fall and winter seasons will go smoothly, we cannot count on that happening. COVID-19 will continue to be with us and often in unexpected ways. Both at work and in the community, we must assume that every person we meet may have COVID-19 and take the proper precautions not to get infected.

Thank you for your support as we continue our fight to control and end this disruptive and deadly pandemic.
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