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Whiteness is a scourge on humanity. Voting for Obama that one time is not a get out of being a racist card

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An angry customer threw his drink at a fast-food worker. The next customer responded

An angry customer threw his drink at a fast-food worker. The next customer responded in the most amazing way

Atlanta (CNN)Feroza Syed couldn't believe what she saw happen in front of her: a man threw a large drink directly at the woman working in the drive-thru window at a fast-food restaurant in suburban Atlanta.

Apparently, he didn't want ice in his drink.
When Syed pulled up, the woman, Bryanna, was soaked and crying. She was also six months pregnant.
Syed gave her a $20 tip, expressed her outrage at the man's behavior and offered to contact the police. Hours later -- and still fuming -- Syed posted about the incident earlier this month on her Facebook page and got a huge response.

That gave her an idea. She asked her thousands of Facebook friends and followers if they'd be interested in sending "$5 or (whatever)" to her Venmo or Cash App and she'd figure out a way to get the money to Bryanna.


What the article doesn’t say is that this amazing woman is a Democratic Party volunteer and a Trans rights activist extraordinaire. She is one of absolute my hero’s

How does leadership in the Democratic Party happen?

Do body members elect someone? Is there mentorship? Do leaders lose elections? How does losing power in the house or Senate affect leadership? How does gaining power affect it? Are certain committees more desirable for gaining higher profile than others? Does age factor in, or is it experience and the ability to make connections? Is it a popularity contest? Is it all of these factored and more?

What’s your opinion/ knowledge?
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