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Fiendish Thingy

Fiendish Thingy's Journal
Fiendish Thingy's Journal
April 25, 2017

Disingenuous attacks on Bernie Sanders persist, and his popularity climbs


Of course, Kaine wasn’t just personally pro-life; like Mello, he also had a history of supporting anti-abortion measures as governor of Virginia. As ThinkProgress reported in July (around the same time as Hogue’s statement), while in office in Richmond Kaine had “pushed for adoption over abortion, promoted abstinence-only education, passed a law that required parental notification for minors wanting an abortion, and banned late-term abortion.” ThinkProgress noted, “He even signed a bill to use state dollars to create ‘Choose Life’ license plates, which funded state ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ — facilities whose sole purpose is to dissuade pregnant women from getting an abortion.”

So this entire Heath Mello incident appears to be a thinly veiled sectarian attack against Sanders, driven by bitterness and resentment. For the most outraged Democrats, the problem hasn’t so much been that the Democratic National Committee is supporting a candidate who is moderately pro-life — after all, their 2016 vice presidential candidate was moderately pro-life — but that Bernie Sanders (who still won’t call himself a Democrat, much to their chagrin) has supported a candidate who is moderately pro-life.

Needless to say, capitulating on LGBT rights or women’s reproductive rights is not an option for progressives — and never has been. If a candidate like Mello were indeed planning to “strip women of basic rights and freedoms,” then Sanders would be well-advised to retract his endorsement and vehemently reject Mello’s candidacy. But that’s simply not the case.


The Clinton camp has basically sought to use Sanders’ passion about economic inequality and political corruption against him, as if someone who is this intense about economic issues must be a “class reductionist” who cares little about social and cultural issues. (It is only mainstream liberals, of course, who treat economic and cultural matters as if they could somehow be separated.) .

The DNC as a system will resist change from the current status quo, yet in order to increase its influence and effectiveness in American politics, and win more elections, change it must.

April 2, 2017

Why The FBI can't tell all on Trump & Russia

Can't vouch for the veracity of all details, but much has been corroborated or reported elsewhere.


Long Story short, to dislose all now risks compromising investigation into Russian mafia that effects the US govt. and citizens in ways greater than just the 2016 election.

Hopefully, in time, they can bring the hammer down on everyone involved.

January 2, 2017

To be fair, not all have fallen for Putin's puppets at JPR

Manny, for instance, seems to keep a level head, ignoring much of the rampant nonsense being spewed by posters opposing the "Deep State", claiming "Clarity" as their motive.

Unfortunately, many, many others, including some of the other mods, have fallen victim to a blind contrarianism that permeates the site rendering discussion of even the very nature of truth and reality impossible. If the MSM says the sky is blue, and some Putin sponsored "alternative journalist" says it is a green plaid, then for many, green plaid is the accepted reality.

Also, to be fair, the opposite of blind contrarianism is, of course, blind faith, and is just as dangerous. There are many here who accept the word of intelligence agencies who have repeatedly lied to us in the past, with no verifiable evidence beyond their own, often anonymous statements. There are even some who believe that the Russians hacked vote tallies, with no evidence, in fact US intelligence sources state the opposite.

Sadly, this confusion from misinformation/disinformation is a characteristic of the post-truth era, leading to either 1) blind faith when it fits one's personal narrative, 2) blind contrarianism when it doesn't, or 3) apathy out of frustration for those attemping to use critical thinking skills.

JPR could be a good progressive forum if it focused on spreading progressive values and acheiving progressive goals, instead of a lot of the nonsense that fills the site (at least the front page). There are some DU refugees there who are trying, but get drowned out.

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