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Fiendish Thingy

Fiendish Thingy's Journal
Fiendish Thingy's Journal
March 18, 2021

Rep. Clyburn rips Manchin and Sinema over filibuster and voting rights bill

From his interview with Politico:

"This whole thing that the filibuster cannot be changed, that's almost like saying to me Brown vs. Board of Education was wrongly decided. That's what you're saying?" Clyburn said in a Politico interview. "We've got 50 Democrats, Warnock and Ossoff are two. Since when did Sinema and Manchin get to be more important than Ossoff and Warnock?" said Clyburn. "They all got us to 50. So this whole notion that we've got to do what Manchin says—Warnock is up in two years for reelection."

Clyburn knows how critical the voting rights bill is, that it’s not some “puffed up” piece of political strategy, that it is essential to protect Dems majorities and to protect democracy itself.

Clyburn knows it
Schiff knows it
Schumer knows it
Klobuchar knows it
Durbin knows it
The entire progressive caucus knows it.
Obama knows it

Do you know how critical passage of HR1/SB1 is? That without passing it, which requires at the very least the modification of the filibuster so it can pass with 50 votes, Dems will lose their majorities, and the WH in 2024, for a decade or longer?

If you do know how critical the voting rights bill is, and how devastating the consequences of not passing it will be, smash the rec button (since I can’t create polls).
March 6, 2021

Progressives turn up the Heat on Manchin and Sinema!



Interesting tidbit: Bernie Sanders carried every county in WV in the 2016 primaries.

This is just the beginning- as more folks get vaccinated, more will take to the streets; if the filibuster survives until the August recess, it’s going to be a long, hot summer for Manchin and Sinema.
March 5, 2021

Pod Save America: Democracy vs. The Filibuster

The title says it all...

These guys used to work for Obama, and their hair is on fire about the cataclysmic effect on American democracy if HR1 fails and the filibuster stands. Lots of important info along with sounding the alarm, in the second half of the video (first half is about COVID relief).

These are some of the folks who are adamant that Republicans will control all three branches of government for a decade or longer if HR1 doesn’t pass- they know their stuff.

Interesting tidbit:
There are 253 recently passed or pending voter suppression bills in 43 states...

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