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Gender: Female
Hometown: NY
Home country: US
Current location: Florida
Member since: Mon Sep 6, 2004, 08:54 PM
Number of posts: 166,978

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Trump Doing Nothing: 'He's Not A Wartime President, He's A Tee-Time President'


11/19/20 5:05am
Trump Doing Nothing: 'He's Not A Wartime President, He's A Tee-Time President'
Coronavirus is burning through communities while Trump responds with ... nothing.
By Susie Madrak

President-elect Joe Biden warned yesterday that America could fall behind by months in distributing a vaccine if the Trump administration continues to withhold information.

"A source tells CNN that current HHS staffers have been instructed not to communicate with the Biden team. Joining us now, CNN political commentator Errol Louis and Natasha Alford, vice president of digital content and senior correspondent for The Grio," Alysin Camerota said.

"Errol, it's -- I don't even know what word to use, funny, sad? I know that it is life and death. It is life and death, now, that the Biden team is being blocked. The idea that we could be behind by months in this country in terms of the distribution of a vaccine. The one thing that everyone is holding on to, the light at the end of the tunnel, and it could be -- even if it were delayed by days, it would be life and death for some people. And that's where we are."

"That's where we are," Louis said. "It is important that I think people remember that while the vaccine is an attractive possibility, right now, the emphasis has to be on the safeguards that are necessary to save lives right now. And it's doubly shocking that we don't see the commander in chief. He called himself a wartime president in this war against the president, taking no action to help galvanize the country.

"You know, if you remember back to March and April, Alisyn, the president would talk in public meetings with the governors of the most severely affected states. He would deploy the Navy. He deployed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They would set up mobile field hospitals where it was needed. All of that emergency activity is needed and more right now, as well as putting in place some kind of a plan to bring this to a conclusion with a vaccine some months down the road."

"The fact that none of these things are happening is shocking and it's a dereliction of duty, at the worst possible time. And it's a mistake to think that, hey, it's only 60 days until this is all over, on January 20th and a new administration is sworn in. Well, those 60 days are the difference between the start of this pandemic and absolute catastrophe back in March and April. And we're set to relive it all over again."

"He's not a wartime president, he's a tee-time president.
As in golf tee," John Berman said.

"He's spent more time golfing than speaking to the public. Twelve out of the last 16 days, he's had nothing on his public schedule. Nothing. I mean, I covered the White House for a year. I've never seen anything like this. People who have covered it for far longer than I have have never seen a stretch like this. He's doing aggressively nothing. Like, the aggressive absence of power and authority here.

"And as Alisyn says, I mean, he's trying to overthrow the Constitution to keep his job. You would think he would at least want to do it."
Posted by babylonsister | Thu Nov 19, 2020, 03:48 PM (1 replies)

Eric Boehlert: Biden White House should give Fox News the boot


Biden White House should give Fox News the boot
No room for propaganda
Eric Boehlert

Over the last four years, the Trump White House press briefing room has welcomed the right-wing media swamp, with conspiracy outlets like Gateway Pundit and OAN granted access to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It was part of a Trump campaign to de-legitimize the press and turn the traditionally-serious briefings into partisan showdowns, where Trump’s far-right media supporters were able to turn the sessions into a farce by asking absurd questions that echoed Trump talking points.

The Biden White House needs to fumigate all of that
. While they’re at it, they should give Fox News the boot, too. An avowed propaganda outlet that damages our democracy every day, it’s time for a Democratic administration to tell the truth about Fox News.


Today, it’s virtually impossible for anyone in the Beltway press to make the argument that Fox News is a legitimate outlet. It has likely infected millions of people this year — while killing thousands — by airing dangerous lies about a public health crisis, pushing blatant disinformation about how the pandemic is a hoax and a "Deep State" plot by Democrats to take down Trump. (During a single week in July, Fox News segments politicized wearing face masks more than 60 times.)

The network has also spent the last month waging a frontal assault on democracy by denigrating free and fair elections in this country. Fox News, by its own choice, now stands completely exposed for what it is — a cancer on this country. And there’s no way it deserves press credentials for the Biden White House.


Facing newfound market pressure from the far, far right in the wake of Trump’s loss — his loyalists were mad Fox didn’t run with the “stolen” election narrative loudly enough 24 hours a day — it’s very likely the network will spend next year trying to prove its right-wing bona fides by mercilessly and dishonestly attacking the Biden administration. Recall that within weeks of Obama being inaugurated, following his landslide victory, Fox News was promoting anti-Obama Tea Party rallies across the country. Look for that same organizing and sponsorship dynamic to be in play next year for the Biden presidency.

Democrats face all kinds of media propagandists looking to do harm to the party and the new president. There’s no reason to grant them the credibility of White House press passes.
Posted by babylonsister | Thu Nov 19, 2020, 11:29 AM (17 replies)

Judge Blocks Trump Policy Using Pandemic As Excuse To Quickly Kick Out Children Seeking Asylum


11/19/20 3:52am
Judge Blocks Trump Policy Using Pandemic As Excuse To Quickly Kick Out Children Seeking Asylum
Judge Emmet Sullivan put a stop to the cruel expulsion of unaccompanied immigrant children from the U.S. Trump's administration was kicking them out without any hearing, and in violation of federal law.
By Gabe Ortiz

The Trump administration was ordered by a federal judge on Wednesday to stop expelling unaccompanied children out of the United States under a politically motivated Centers for Disease Control and Protection order that’s resulted in thousands of kids being quickly kicked out of the country without any hearings and in violation of federal law, CBS News reports.

“The cruelty of expelling children is not only morally reprehensible, it is clearly illegal,” tweeted ACLU Border Rights Center policy counsel Shaw Drake in response to the ruling. “This decision is an important step in restoring the rights of unaccompanied children at the border.” Over 9,000 children have been expelled under the public heath order, which used the novel coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to bypass law and was implemented under political pressure from the White House.

“In a two-page order, Judge Emmet Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia said unaccompanied migrant children who are taken into custody by border officials must be afforded the safeguards Congress established for them,” CBS News reported, “and placed in shelters overseen by the government during their immigration proceedings.”

But the Trump administration under White House aide and noted white supremacist Stephen Miller has sought to completely bypass this, demanding the CDC approve an order that used the pandemic as pretext to summarily expel children. Agency officials reportedly pressed back at first, saying there was no valid public health reason for such an order. That was correct. But facing pressure from Miller, soon-to-be-former vice president Mike Pence went straight to director Robert Redfield, who caved.

While another federal judge in September also ordered a near-stop to the administration’s despicable practice of detaining kids at hotels while it seeks to quickly expel them, The Washington Post reported that career officials at the CDC were also being pressured to sign an order supporting that practice in an attempt to justify it to the court. So far, officials have declined.

Like I noted before, Redfield ignored not just his own agency in giving in to Pence and Miller’s reprehensible bullying on the mass expulsion order, but hundreds of health experts who said that it wasn’t just devoid of fact and set to harm children, but is also blatantly unlawful. That’s also now the opinion of this federal judge.

The ruling, however, does not cover adults and their children, who are also getting expelled under the order. “The government has expelled more than 147,000 people since March, including adults, and parents and children traveling together,” ABC News reported. So this fight must continue for the protection of all families. But today, this is an important win. For many children, it’ll be lifesaving. It’s unclear so far if the administration will fight the ruling. If it does, it must be up to the incoming Biden administration to do away with the policy.

"This cruel and unlawful policy, like so many others from the Trump administration, was putting thousands of children in grave danger," American Civil Liberties Union attorney Lee Gelernt told CBS News. “Like so many other Trump administration policies, it was gratuitously cruel and unlawful,” he continued to ABC News.
Posted by babylonsister | Thu Nov 19, 2020, 07:31 AM (0 replies)

Analysis: For Trump, sowing post-election chaos is the goal

Analysis: For Trump, sowing post-election chaos is the goal

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is trying to turn America’s free and fair election into a muddled mess of misinformation, specious legal claims and baseless attacks on the underpinnings of the nation’s democracy.

The resulting chaos and confusion that has created isn’t the byproduct of Trump’s strategy following his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden. The chaos and confusion is the strategy.

Trump’s blizzard of attacks on the election are allowing him to sow discontent and doubt among his most loyal supporters, leaving many with the false impression that he is the victim of fraudulent voting. That won’t keep Trump in office — Biden will be sworn in on Jan. 20 — but it could both undermine the new president’s efforts to unify a fractured nation and fuel Trump in his next endeavor, whether that’s another White House run in 2024 or a high-profile media venture.

“This is all about maintaining his ego and visibility,” said Judd Gregg, the former Republican governor and U.S. senator from New Hampshire. “He’s raising a lot of money and he intends to use it.”

The effects of Trump’s strategy are already starting to emerge. A Monmouth University poll out Wednesday showed that 77% of Trump supporters said Biden’s victory was due to fraud, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

More than two weeks after Election Day, Trump’s approach remains both stunning and unsurprising. It amounts to an unprecedented attack on a democratic election by a sitting American president — one the Republican Party has been largely silent in condemning. But it is also precisely the scenario Trump spent much of 2020 laying the groundwork for, particularly with his unfounded claims that mail-in ballots would be subject to systemic fraud. That wasn’t true before 2020 or in this election.


Posted by babylonsister | Thu Nov 19, 2020, 07:23 AM (1 replies)

Frank Bruni: What exquisite timing Barack Obama has.


November 18, 2020
By Frank Bruni
Opinion Columnist

What exquisite timing Barack Obama has.

Just as American voters told Trump to cede the stage, Obama strode back onto it with the publication of his new memoir, “A Promised Land.”

And just as Trump reaches the apotheosis of his egomania, Obama, in the book and in interviews about it, shows that a man can ascend to and inhabit the White House without losing all capacity for self-doubt, all inclination toward introspection, all appreciation of ambivalence, all respect for nuance.

It must drive Trump crazy. Given his contemptuous treatment of Obama over time, I chalk that up to justice.

But I mention Obama today not to hit him with the big fat love bomb that four years of Trump have made many of us feel. I mention him to throw a spotlight on comments of his in an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor in chief of The Atlantic, that was published on Monday.

Talking about something that he thought about extensively in the course of his writing, Obama told Goldberg: “I come out of this book very worried about the degree to which we do not have a common baseline of fact and a common story.”

He was referring to all the different, idiosyncratic streams of information that people drink from and how divergent their perceptions of events thus become. Those streams have multiplied wildly over the past decade, and perceptions have diverged accordingly — and perilously.


Posted by babylonsister | Wed Nov 18, 2020, 04:27 PM (22 replies)

"...I've never felt as bad as I did. This is not good."


Quote of the Day
November 18, 2020 at 1:25 pm EST By Taegan Goddard

“I’ve been shot, I’ve been rolled over, I’ve been hit in the head a hundred times, but I’ve never felt as bad as I did. This is not good.”

— Rep. Don Young (R-AK), quoted by the Anchorage Daily News, on his bout with Covid-19.

Despite his serious coronavirus infection, Don Young still doesn’t support mask mandates or hunkering down

Posted by babylonsister | Wed Nov 18, 2020, 03:58 PM (15 replies)

Georgia Republican Senate Candidates Have A Trump Problem? Womp Womp!


Georgia Republican Senate Candidates Have A Trump Problem? Womp Womp!
All of a sudden, runoff Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue have to "attract the anti-Trump Republican" in Georgia? Make me laugh.
By Frances Langum
3 hours ago by Frances Langum

What's are corrupt Republicans like Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue supposed to do?

On the one side, Donald Trump is still the god-king of the MAGA set.

On the other side, he's LOST the election, his Twitter feed is a complete embarrassment, and the fact that his toadies are trying to throw out votes in Georgia doesn't endear him to those proud of their conservative Republican Secretary of State.

Bottom line for Democrats? If we vote, we win.

Robert Costa outlined the problem for Republicans on Tuesday's "Deadline White House":

ROBERT COSTA: Well, you know who does notice this dynamic in Georgia, is Senator David Perdue. He says on the phone call that he needs to do a better job, Republicans need to do a better job in this runoff election of winning over what he calls the anti-Trump voter, maybe that moderate Republican in the Atlanta suburbs, or white voter, a business person, a working mother who does not like President Trump’s rhetoric, does not like how he is contesting the integrity of the election, so they got to pull that person back. The challenge for Senator Purdue and Senator Loeffler is they are so much right now in the Trump camp, rallying to his side that they’re not speaking to all Georgia Republican voters, and the episode with the Secretary of State is so revealing about how that Republican vote in Georgia is not necessarily a monolith.

Spread the news on your social media just in case a Georgia friend sees it. Voters can request an absentee / vote by mail ballot at SecureVoteGA.com.
Posted by babylonsister | Wed Nov 18, 2020, 03:52 PM (3 replies)

Why the failed effort to disenfranchise Michigan voters matters


Why the failed effort to disenfranchise Michigan voters matters
The fact that the disenfranchisement plan in Michigan fell apart doesn't make Team Trump's endorsement of the plan any less offensive.
Nov. 18, 2020, 8:40 AM EST
By Steve Benen

As a rule, there's little interest in local vote-certification processes. However, in Michigan last night, there was quite a bit more drama than there should've been, which in turn generated all kinds of interest. The Associated Press reported:

In an abrupt about-face, Michigan's largest county on Tuesday night unanimously certified election results showing Democrat Joe Biden defeating President Donald Trump, hours after Republicans first blocked formal approval of voters' intentions. The initial move was quickly condemned by Democrats, election experts and spectators at the Wayne County Board of Canvassers online meeting as a dangerous attempt to block the results of a free and fair election.

By any fair measure, the initial gambit from Republicans on Wayne County's elections board was indefensible: GOP members refused to certify local election results because they didn't like the outcome. As the New York Times noted, this was, "in essence, an effort to disenfranchise large numbers of Americans."


But it's just as important to acknowledge just how far the president and his allies are willing to go to attack our democracy. Robert Kelner, a leading Republican election lawyer, used words like "shameful," "dishonorable," and "lawless," before condemning the partisan antics as "antithetical to the founding values of the Republican Party and our Republic."

There may be a temptation among some to think this was a crisis averted: GOP officials tried to engage in a ridiculous abuse, faced swift pushback, and backed down. All's well that ends well.

The truth, however, is that Americans saw a would-be autocratic president and his lawyer celebrate the attempted abuse. The fact that the plan fell apart doesn't make Team Trump's endorsement of the plan any less offensive.
Posted by babylonsister | Wed Nov 18, 2020, 09:59 AM (4 replies)

'A catastrophic situation': COVID-19 threatens to overwhelm Canada's health system

No escape.

November 18, 20207:04 AM Updated 2 hours ago
'A catastrophic situation': COVID-19 threatens to overwhelm Canada's health system
By Rod Nickel, Moira Warburton, Allison Lampert
6 Min Read

WINNIPEG (Reuters) - In July, the Canadian province of Manitoba went two weeks without a single new case of COVID-19. Theaters and casinos reopened and children soon returned to school.

By October, the 1.4 million people living in a province only slightly smaller geographically than Texas had Canada’s highest rate of active cases - now 512 per 100,000 people, or nearly quadruple the national rate.

“In a couple of weeks, we’re going to be in a catastrophic situation,” said Dr. Anand Kumar, a Manitoba intensive care physician.

Many Americans looked longingly north of the border during the pandemic’s first wave, as Canada kept COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations under control while they skyrocketed in the United States. But Canadians’ exhaustion with pandemic restrictions is now coinciding with an outbreak that threatens to overwhelm health systems in several provinces.

Canada has recorded over 302,000 cases and more than 11,000 deaths during the pandemic. Nationally, there were 1,114 COVID-19 patients in hospital as of Nov. 3, well below a spring peak of 2,701 but double what they were a month ago.

At this pace, Canada’s daily case tally may more than double by early December, health officials warned last week.


Posted by babylonsister | Wed Nov 18, 2020, 09:40 AM (2 replies)

El Paso sees 13 new virus deaths; at 34,487 - more active cases than Dallas & Houston combined


By Mauricio Casillas
Published November 17, 2020 4:36 am
El Paso sees 13 new virus deaths; at 34,487 – more active cases than Dallas & Houston combined
coronavirus borderland

EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- The El Paso Department of Public Health reported 13 new coronavirus-related deaths Tuesday morning.

The death toll now stands at 782 in El Paso County. The latest deaths include:

2 men in their 50s
1 woman in her 50s
1 man in his 60s
5 men in their 70s
1 woman in her 70s
2 men in their 90s
1 woman in her 90s

Health officials also announced 994 new cases. It brings the number of known active cases to 34,487.

For perspective, El Paso County now has more active cases than Dallas County and Harris County (Houston area) combined.

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, Dallas County has 14,120 active cases. Harris County has 12,961. Combined, the two counties have an estimated population of 7.3 million people.

El Paso County has a population of close to 840,000.

Hospitalizations have increased to 1,120, which is nearly a record. There are 313 Covid-19 patients in El Paso's ICUs.

Since the start of the pandemic, El Paso has had 76,075 confirmed cases and 40,353 reported recoveries, although doctors say some recovered persons will still face ongoing health impacts from having been infected.
Posted by babylonsister | Wed Nov 18, 2020, 09:11 AM (1 replies)
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