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Gender: Female
Hometown: NY
Home country: US
Current location: Florida
Member since: Mon Sep 6, 2004, 08:54 PM
Number of posts: 170,121

Journal Archives

Eric Boehlert: The New York Times covers for DeSantis, blisters Biden

The New York Times covers for DeSantis, blisters Biden
Whitewashing Florida
Eric Boehlert
47 min ago


On Sunday, the paper published a striking whitewash of DeSantis’ nearly criminal actions regarding Covid this year. Eying a White House run in 2024, and hoping to tap into the GOP’s anti-science base, DeSantis has played politics with public health. He’s tried to bar schools from mandating masks, stood in the way of hospital vaccine mandates, and demanded cruise lines allow unvaccinated passengers to set sail. He even placed one million orders of hydroxychloroquine in tribute to Trump. And now the state is paying a steep price for his cavalier governance.

“The viral load in Florida is so high right now, there are only two places on the planet where it’s higher,” Dr. Jonathan Reiner recently told CNN. “It’s so high in Florida that I think that if Florida were another country, we would have to consider banning travel from Florida to the United States.”


Compare that brand of kid-glove analysis to the Times page-one piece by White House correspondent Peter Baker on Saturday, who suggested the Afghanistan troop withdrawal was entirely Biden’s doing, the president used questionable judgement, and Biden’s responsible for U.S. loss of life.

Unlike the DeSantis piece, the Time’s Biden article was overflowing with quotes from his critics, eager to second guess. In fact, the first person Baker quoted was someone who worked on President George W. Bush’s Iraq War team; the war that doomed U.S. to failure in Afghanistan. One week earlier, Baker had been on the front page with another Afghanistan piece, implying Biden was incompetent and lacked empathy, two descriptions the paper won’t apply to DeSantis.

Over this weekend, the Times also published a nasty opinion piece, which called the evacuation of 120,000 people from the Kabul airport “incompetent,” and suggested Biden, whose late son served in the Iraq War, does not “value” men and women who serve our country.

The Times POV couldn’t be clearer: DeSantis is trying his best, Biden’s in over his head.


Posted by babylonsister | Mon Aug 30, 2021, 06:58 AM (7 replies)

'It Let Loose': Thousands Flee as Fire Races Toward Lake Tahoe


‘It Let Loose’: Thousands Flee as Fire Races Toward Lake Tahoe
Jamie Ross
News Correspondent
Published Aug. 30, 2021 4:50AM ET
Reuters/Fred Greaves

Fire crews around California’s Tahoe Basin initially thought they would be able to stop the Caldor Fire from reaching the mountain towns around Lake Tahoe—now, after the blaze exploded Sunday, they sound much more pessimistic. “Today’s been a rough day and there’s no bones about it,” Jeff Marsoleis, forest supervisor for El Dorado National Forest, said Sunday. Marsoleis said crews had been slowing the fire’s eastern progress, but “today it let loose.” According to the Associated Press, all residents on the California side of the basin have been told to evacuate the area. The Caldor Fire has been raging for two weeks and has reduced around 245 square miles to ashes. Cal Fire Division Chief Erich Schwab said: “To put it in perspective, we’ve been seeing about a half-mile of movement on the fire’s perimeter each day for the last couple of weeks, and today, this has already moved at 2.5 miles on us, with no sign that it’s starting to slow down.”
Posted by babylonsister | Mon Aug 30, 2021, 06:17 AM (5 replies)

Biden Sent Hundreds Of Ambulances And Millions Of Meals And Liters Of Water Before Ida Hit


Posted on Sun, Aug 29th, 2021 by Jason Easley
Biden Sent Hundreds Of Ambulances And Millions Of Meals And Liters Of Water Before Ida Hit

Competent and prepared President Biden sent hundreds of ambulances, millions of meals, and liters of water before Hurricane Ida arrived.

FEMA gave a list to reporters of supplies as provided to PoliticusUSA:

200 ambulances

139k tarps (includes tarps sent to Mississippi)

3.5 million meals (includes meals sent to Mississippi)

2.5 million liters of water

22 federal agencies are supporting the effort.

Millions more meals and liters of water are on their way.

President Biden pledged to put the country’s full might behind the rescue and recovery from Hurricane Ida:
Sarah Reese Jones
Biden pledges to put, "the country's full might behind the rescue and recovery" after Hurricane Ida passes. https://t.co/uyVDiEuLX4
4:43 PM · Aug 29, 2021

President Biden isn’t sitting in the Oval Office changing hurricane paths with Sharpies. He isn’t going to FEMA to sell baseball caps or stealing money from FEMA just before a hurricane arrives.

This is what presidential leadership looks like.

Previous Republican presidents like George W. Bush and Donald Trump failed to lead as American citizens lost their lives in natural disasters.

President Biden is managing both a dangerous withdrawal from Afghanistan and a life-threatening, historic hurricane in the Gulf.

Biden isn’t just walking and chewing gum as the political cliché goes. He is saving lives both at home and abroad with true presidential leadership.
Posted by babylonsister | Mon Aug 30, 2021, 05:57 AM (51 replies)

From Megan, RN, in Tallahassee...

From a FB friend...

Painful but very important to read
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

Numbers alone will never tell the full story of what’s happening within our walls right now. This pandemic is devastating – for our patients, our colleagues, their families. Megan Dunaway, RN is an Assistant Nurse Manager in our Emergency Center – Northeast, working on the frontlines of this fight. Please take a moment to read her powerful perspective:

I’m posting this in honor of my staff in the ER who are working relentlessly, and seeing horrific outcomes, in honor of both of my daughters who are currently sick with COVID (doing ok, they are not experiencing what I have seen in other children in our ER fighting this), and in honor of all of my patients I have lost over these past few weeks – as this is laying heavy on my heart.

I hope you read it, I hope you share it, I hope you restrain from commenting negatively. Controversy is the last thing I want from this share. I simply hope you start supporting, stop fighting, and start thinking before coming to the ER, “is this an emergency?”

To my patients I have lost: I can only hope I brought you a little comfort in your final hours. I hope you believed me when I looked you in the eyes and said, “I’ve got you,” when I knew damn well COVID is bigger than anything we have for you.

To all of the wives and husbands and children I separated at our ER doors as their loved one checked in: “I’m sorry, COVID patients cannot have a visitor.” I’m so sorry I took away precious time and last moments away from you.

To my daughters: I’m sorry you have seen me red faced and tear stained every day when I get home and I have no way to explain to you, because you don’t deserve to know the darkness. And now, watching you sick from this virus, I’m sorry I did not do a better job at protecting you.

To my staff, my family at TMH: You all are HEROES. Every single one of you. You are the light in my darkness and I will continue to show up every day with you, as you show up every day for me.

To the Tallahassee Community: Instead of googling and arguing about what may or may not be real, here are actual events, witnessed by this 1 tiny nurse, in this 1 tiny ER in this 1 tiny town. In the past 10 shifts, I have personally taken care of at MINIMUM 1 critical patient with COVID per shift, all to have died. Daily. From COVID. Unvaccinated. Young. No underlying illness. There are no beds in our hospital COVID units or ICUs (though daily we work tirelessly to make space). I am caring for these patients for hours/days in our ER, in addition to emergencies walking in. I get to know them in their darkest hour, their families, then finally, I get a bed for them at the hospital, I hug them goodbye. I have had to stop checking up on them the next day, because my heart cannot handle hearing one more time, that none of them made it. This is my reality. Which means this is YOUR reality. You live right here in Tallahassee with me. This is YOUR community. This is not google researched. These are not skewed facts. This is my actual account. Right here in Tallahassee. We, as a community, are in crisis.

Stop fighting over what is real or not. Stop fighting over whether you should get the vaccine or not. Stop fighting over whether to wear a mask or not. I can only share with you my experience. In the meantime, we, in the ER, will continue to have our doors open and care for you in your emergency as best we can. I just hope we can sustain and support your need.

PLEASE extend grace to our staff. We are working so hard, and we are tired. When you yell at us, when you treat us like we are not a human being, it is infuriating, as one of my major roles is to protect my staff. If you are not being seen quick enough to your expectation, please take comfort in the fact it means you will not be dying today. I cannot say that to the person I brought back in front of you. We are doing the best we can. We are bringing you back based on your acuity.

In addition, we cannot let your loved ones in and out of our doors out of protection for YOU AND for US. Extend some grace.

We are not a COVID-19 testing center. We are an emergency center. COVID patients are overflowing and let us not forget everyone else coming in with emergency needs NOT related to COVID. People are still having heart attacks and strokes. People are still getting cancer. People are still having non-COVID emergencies.
I have been a nurse for 18 years, most of it ICU and Emergency Nursing, so by the nature of the beast, I have seen some things I would wish on no one.

But this, by far, is the most horrific thing I have ever experienced.

Let’s come together as a community and support each other.

May we get through this TOGETHER,
Posted by babylonsister | Sun Aug 29, 2021, 08:32 PM (27 replies)

Vaccine Refusers Don't Get to Dictate Terms Anymore

Vaccine Refusers Don’t Get to Dictate Terms Anymore
People who opt out of shots shouldn’t expect their employers, health insurers, and fellow citizens to accommodate them.
By Juliette Kayyem
Anti-vaccine protesters holding up signs
John Lamparski / NurPhoto / AP
6:30 AM ET
About the author: Juliette Kayyem, a former assistant secretary for homeland security under President Barack Obama, is the faculty chair of the homeland-security program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. She is the author of Security Mom: An Unclassified Guide to Protecting Our Homeland and Your Home.

For months, institutions and companies have been drafting plans to aggressively promote vaccination or require it outright, and last week the FDA gave them license to click the “send” button. The same day the agency granted full approval to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, New York City’s public school system announced that its teachers and other employees will be required to get shots. The next day, Louisiana State University made a similar demand of its students and faculty. Within about 24 hours of the FDA move, other major employers, such as Chevron and Goldman Sachs, rolled out new vaccine mandates. In a novel twist, Delta Airlines announced that it would impose a $200-a-month health-insurance surcharge on unvaccinated employees. Regardless of the reasons for their hesitancy, unvaccinated employees will literally have to pay for it.

What all of these decisions show is that the adults running major institutions in our society want to move forward, and they are done waiting around for vaccine refusers to change their mind. Outside of executive suites and human-resources offices, plenty of other Americans are also craving more certainty. Bars and restaurants that want to stay open are beginning to check vaccination cards—at least in states where supposedly freedom-loving lawmakers haven’t forbidden private businesses from keeping their own customers and employees safe. Couples throwing weddings are demanding that their guests upload proof of vaccination. These people disinviting their anti-vaxxer relatives are saying something important: Getting a shot to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 is both a social responsibility and the best way to hasten the end of the pandemic, and if you don’t believe that, we’re not waiting around for you to step up.

More than 70 percent of eligible Americans have now received at least one dose. Since January, public-health researchers, news reporters, and pollsters have all tried to unearth the reasons that a significant fraction of American adults have not yet gotten a shot. Some are broadly misinformed; others are afraid of needles or potential side effects; still others are deeply suspicious of the medical system; some have had COVID-19 already and believe that the level of natural immunity they have developed is enough. Some refusers say they definitely won’t get vaccinated; others say they haven’t yet gotten to it. But the specific feelings and concerns of vaccine refusers should be largely irrelevant to vaccinated people who are eager to move on with their lives. Americans are entitled to make their own decisions, but their employers, health insurers, and fellow citizens are not required to accommodate them.

The vaccinated have for too long carried the burden of the pandemic. In theory, unvaccinated people should be taking greater precautions. A recent poll conducted for the Associated Press found that vaccinated adults have been more likely than unvaccinated ones to wear masks in public settings, refrain from unnecessary travel, and avoid large group settings.

Public-health officials can keep trying to figure out ways to persuade the unvaccinated to get shots, and maybe at this late point they can still discover some new message that succeeds where all others have failed. If so, that would be fantastic. But begging is not a strategy. It is not a coincidence that many of the entities pushing hardest for mandatory vaccination are in industries—higher education, travel, entertainment—that have been badly disrupted by unpredictable waves of infection and are existentially threatened by a pandemic that goes on without end.


Posted by babylonsister | Sun Aug 29, 2021, 04:06 PM (45 replies)

Kevin McCarthy Demands Democrats Investigate Afghanistan Instead Of Him


Posted on Sun, Aug 29th, 2021 by Jason Easley
Kevin McCarthy Demands Democrats Investigate Afghanistan Instead Of Him

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy demanded that Democrats investigate Afghanistan instead of the 1/6 Capitol attack.

Video of McCarthy:
Sarah Reese Jones
Kevin McCarthy has shifted, and is now trying to blame Rep. Adam Schiff for Afghanistan, " Why didn't we know of what was happening on the ground? Why didn't Adam Schiff have those hearings?" https://t.co/paTo3tVrry
11:11 AM · Aug 29, 2021

McCarthy said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, they have taken the Intel Committee that are supposed to be the eyes and ears of looking around the world to keep America safe and created Adam Schiff with a political committee, they spent their time impeaching the president.

We are a co-equal branch of government. Why didn’t we know of what was happening on the ground? Why didn’t Adam Schiff have those hearings? Devin Nunes had wash warned us and told me many times before, and now at this time when they have an open border, when they have caught people on the terror watch already this year, that they have the Homeland Security Chairman investigating members of Congress and the chairman of the Intel Committee? That’s their focus instead of focusing on protecting all of America and the homeland. That’s what they should be working on.

Kevin McCarthy: Investigate Afghanistan Instead Of Me

McCarthy’s attempt to hide behind Afghanistan was pathetic. The good news for the American people is that the House can both investigate Afghanistan and Kevin McCarthy.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is trying everything to both discredit the 1/6 investigation and avoid being a target of the investigation. For some reason, McCarthy doesn’t want the committee to get his phone records and look at his conversations with Donald Trump.

Thirteen US Marines died, and Kevin McCarthy is trying to hide behind their bodies to cover up the 1/6 investigation.
Posted by babylonsister | Sun Aug 29, 2021, 12:41 PM (13 replies)

Jim Jordan Busted For Multiple Calls With Trump On 1/6


Posted on Sun, Aug 29th, 2021 by Jason Easley
Jim Jordan Busted For Multiple Calls With Trump On 1/6

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) has been so evasive about his conversations with Trump because he had multiple calls with him on 1/6.

Politico reported:

We know that DONALD TRUMP and Rep. JIM JORDAN spoke once on the day of the Capitol riot, but the Ohio Republican has said he doesn’t remember when their conversation took place. We have some new details that could help clear up that timeframe — including confirmation of at least one more phone conversation between Jordan and the then-president during the siege.

After a group of lawmakers were evacuated from the House chamber to a safe room on Jan. 6, Jordan was joined by Rep. MATT GAETZ( R-Fla.) for a call during which they implored Trump to tell his supporters to stand down, per a source with knowledge of that call. The source declined to say how Trump responded to this request.

Jim Jordan Is Hiding 1/6 Facts To Protect Himself And Trump

Jim Jordan had claimed when asked by reporters that he doesn’t remember when he talked to the former president on January 6, but it is now clear that he had multiple conversations with Trump, including one that occurred after members of Congress were evacuated from the House chamber.

Jordan is covering up to protect Donald Trump and protect himself. He has refused to talk about his conversations with Trump on 1/6 as nobody is buying his sudden loss of memory related to the conversations that occurred on 1/6.

Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy both have information that would be damaging to Trump, and they are trying to bury it because it could doom Republicans in 2022 and 2024.
Posted by babylonsister | Sun Aug 29, 2021, 11:45 AM (52 replies)

Activist Reminds MSNBC Host Who's Holding Up Voting Rights Legislation


8/28/21 12:12pm
Activist Reminds MSNBC Host Who's Holding Up Voting Rights Legislation
DeJuana Thompson, creator of Woke Vote, smacked down Mehdi Hasan’s suggestion that Democrats “betrayed” Black voters by not passing voter rights legislation.
By NewsHound Ellen
Video @ link~

DeJuana Thompson, creator of Woke Vote, smacked down Mehdi Hasan’s suggestion that Democrats “betrayed” Black voters by not passing voter rights legislation.

Other than a salacious soundbite, it’s hard to see what Hasan was getting at when he asked Thompson, who's participating in today’s Make Good Trouble Rally for voting rights, in Washington, D.C., “Is the Democratic party betraying this voting block that was so crucial to its election wins by not prioritizing voting rights legislation in the Senate, by not doing whatever needs to be done to get it passed? By not getting rid of the filibuster?”

It’s not as if the Democrats haven't tried to pass voting rights legislation. And while one could criticize them for not trying hard enough, or smartly enough, that’s not exactly “betrayal.” Second, painting Democrats as traitors to the voting rights movement is probably not a great way to get them to push harder for the cause. Last, but definitely not least, the voter-suppressing Republicans play a big role in the problem, as Thompson was quick to point out.

Kudos to Thompson for her diplomatic but forceful response:

THOMPSON: So, I think there's two issues here at hand. One, it's not just the Democratic party's responsibility to make sure that voting rights are in this country. That's every party's responsibility. However, because you have a group of people who did rally behind a platform and a party based off of information, based off of promises, based off of declarations that were made that they would fight, basically, tooth and nail for those rights, there is an understanding or a thought process that you would get into the same good trouble that we got into getting -- making sure that you were elected, to make sure that we have those rights. So, it's not necessarily a betrayal. What it is is a call to action. It is us saying to you, “Listen, if you can't do the work of the people, not just Black people, the work of the people that sent you to Congress, then maybe we need to take all of our efforts next time and get some people in office who will do that work, both on the Republican side and the Democratic side.”

Voting rights is not a Black issue. It's not a Democratic issue. it's an American issue. And until we see it that way, we will not have those rights. So that's why we're here today, right? We're not here to commemorate what happened in 1963. We respect our elders for what they had to do. But we're actually here to make demands. This is a Make Good Trouble Rally with a list of demands of this government.

You know she hit it out of the park, because Hasan immediately replied, “Yes.”
Posted by babylonsister | Sun Aug 29, 2021, 08:16 AM (4 replies)

Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi Is the Hero Democrats Need

Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi Is the Hero Democrats Need
This week, she gave reason to hope that this Congress and this president are capable of advancing an agenda that would actually benefit people most in need.
Erin Gloria Ryan
Published Aug. 29, 2021 5:12AM ET

Thank goodness for Nancy Pelosi.


The budget resolution that House Democrats are advancing includes up to $3.5 trillion to reinforce the social safety net and address “soft” infrastructure priorities, like establishing a federal paid family leave program, addressing climate concerns, and making childcare more affordable, all of which are just as—if not more—important for enabling people to get to work as tunnels and trains. Pelosi and progressive Democrats had insisted that they would not pass the Senate’s infrastructure bill unless the Senate advanced the House’s budget resolution. But a group of nine moderate Democrats threatened to blow all that up by insisting the House vote on the infrastructure bill first, or they would kill the budget resolution. (No Labels pretty much called them heroes!)

In the end, the moderates were out-maneuvered by Pelosi, who got her caucus in line and advanced the resolution in exchange for a pinky-promise that she would get the infrastructure bill passed by Sept. 27. Progressives in the House like Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington spoke optimistically about writing a budget bill that includes top progressive priorities in the coming weeks, and the Democrats who threatened to blow up the entire delicate negotiation process now look a lot like people who fucked around, and found out.

None of this would have been possible and this legislative moonshot wouldn’t be in reach if Nancy Pelosi hadn’t committed one of the most impressive legislative feats in recent memory, at 80 years old and in a news week dominated by high-profile foreign policy blunders and finger-pointing. She did it wearing heels that I wouldn’t dare wear as a woman in her thirties, and on a diet consisting of disturbing amounts of chocolate.

At this point, I would traditionally insert the obligatory cover-my-ass paragraph about how I don’t always agree with Pelosi on everything, and how, as a voter much more aligned with Bernie Sanders than Dianne Feinstein, she’s disappointed me in the past. But why does every discussion of Pelosi need to include a litany of gripes from more left-leaning voters? I’m not fangirling her. I know she’s not perfect. But she’s getting the job done here.


Posted by babylonsister | Sun Aug 29, 2021, 07:24 AM (12 replies)
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