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Gillum wants to register 1 million Florida voters for 2020


Gillum wants to register 1 million Florida voters for 2020
Posted: Wed 8:44 PM, Mar 20, 2019 |
Updated: Thu 7:31 AM, Mar 21, 2019
By: Associated Press
March 20, 2019

MIAMI, Fla. (AP) -- Former Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum says he wants to register at least 1 million voters in an effort to make the state swing blue in the 2020 presidential race.

Gillum announced the goal Wednesday evening at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens.

Gillum says Democrats must now begin to actively engage voters ahead of the 2020 Presidential Primary.

Earlier Wednesday, the Florida Democratic Party announced a plan to spend $2 million with a goal of signing up 200,000 Floridians to vote. In 2017, the party says it registered only about 80,000 new voters.

Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo says the party needs to set its candidate up for success.

Democrats say Florida has more than 4 million people who are eligible but unregistered.
Posted by babylonsister | Fri Mar 22, 2019, 07:58 AM (0 replies)

OxyContin Maker Sackler Family Sued by 500 Cities, Shunned by Tate Galleries


OxyContin Maker Sackler Family Sued by 500 Cities, Shunned by Tate Galleries
REUTERS/George Frey

Members of the Sackler family, who owns opioid OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma, are now being sued by a conglomerate of more than 500 cities, counties and Native American tribes, The Guardian reports. The plaintiffs include people in 26 U.S. states who blame Purdue for creating “the worst drug crisis in American history.” The lawsuit, which was filed in the Southern District of New York, says the Sackler family broke laws to “enrich themselves to the tune of billions of dollars, while hundreds of thousands of Americans died.” The Tate Gallery in London on Thursday also announced it would no longer be taking donations from the billionaire family, the BBC reports, days after Britain’s National Portrait Gallery also severed ties. “In the present circumstances, we do not think it right to seek or accept further donations from the Sacklers,” the Tate said in a statement.
Posted by babylonsister | Fri Mar 22, 2019, 07:00 AM (35 replies)

Pompeo says it's 'possible' God planned Trump to save Jewish people

What the fuckity fuck?


Pompeo says it's 'possible' God planned Trump to save Jewish people
By Chris Mills Rodrigo - 03/21/19 08:36 PM EDT

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday that it is "possible" that President Trump is meant to save the Jewish people.

He made the comments during an interview in Jerusalem with the Christian Broadcasting Network.

"As a Christian I certainly believe that's possible," Pompeo responded when asked whether Trump is a new Esther, who in the Bible convinced the king of Persia not to slaughter the Jewish people.


On Thursday, Trump said that the U.S. should recognize Israel's disputed control of the Golan Heights, which was captured from Syria during the 1967 Six-Day War and annexed by Israel in 1981. Israeli politicians had long called for the U.S. to recognize those claims.
Posted by babylonsister | Thu Mar 21, 2019, 09:35 PM (3 replies)

Rick Wilson: Profiles in Chickenshit from the Grand Old Party ...

Profiles in Chickenshit from the Grand Old Party as Trump Spits on John McCain's American Greatness
It’s time for McCain's old senate colleagues to tell the president to shut the fuck up and stop smearing a real hero, or give up whatever dignity and decency they have left.
Rick Wilson
03.21.19 8:27 PM ET

Damn near every elected member of the Republican Party failed another easy test this week as Donald Trump lost his grip on reality and spent days attacking the late Senator John McCain. They tripped over their own dicks in the face of Trump’s egregious bullying, racing for political cover and sacrificing their few remaining shreds of dignity because they fear this mad president more than they love their own honor.

Starting this weekend, Trump has tweeted six days worth of escalating insults on Twitter and in person at a rival who died seven months ago. Like I said, it’s an easy test: as elected leaders, as Republicans, as conservatives, as Americans, this was a moment to honor McCain and to call out the President by name for failing to do so.

Party loyalty isn’t a suicide pact… or is it?

Just two members of the Senate RINO caucus spoke with clarity and direction. Mitt Romney, hated by the Trump faction for, well, everything, said what was needed.

Johnny Isakson of Georgia, himself a Vietnam-era veteran, took the strongest and most courageous stand, telling the Washington Post:

“America deserves better, the people deserve better, and nobody — regardless of their position — is above common decency and respect for people that risk their life for your life. When the president is saying that he doesn’t respect John McCain and he’s never going to respect John McCain and all these kids are out there listening to the president of the United States talk that way about the most decorated senator in history who is dead it just sets the worst tone possible.”

The rest of the Republican Senate caucus, men and women who served with John McCain, in some cases for decades, did nothing better than vague mumblings.


Posted by babylonsister | Thu Mar 21, 2019, 09:11 PM (12 replies)

Trump and Kellyanne Prove George Conway Right


Trump and Kellyanne Prove George Conway Right
This isn’t a bid for a reality show. This is reality, where this president attacks his adviser’s husband and she stands with the president.
Margaret Carlson
03.21.19 4:03 AM ET

“You. Are. Nuts.”

With three little words, George Conway, or Mr. Kellyanne Conway as Trump refers to the man a pillow away from his longest-serving aide, dropped his devastating legal and clinical evaluation of the president for an informal one we can all grasp.


Part of Trump’s petty obsessions come from being ever more isolated, without a support system, serving as his own chief of staff and press secretary, clocking hours of executive time as he watches TV alone, calling up friends, but not listening to them. Read his tweets from the government shutdown and see a lonely man who doesn’t see the enormous good luck he’s had but all the ways he’s been slighted and unappreciated. He used to say everything twice to convince people of his rightness, now it’s more like three and four times these days as it was at Wednesday’s driveway press conference. He was still stewing when he arrived in Lima and took yet another swipe at McCain. He recounted how it was up to him to give the green light for the state funeral McCain wanted but that he was never adequately thanked for it.

There’s not enough gratitude in the world to fill Trump’s gaping hole of need. Nixon, the last president to be under siege, talked to portraits in the White House as Watergate closed in on him but at least confided his fears in Henry Kissinger, whom he asked to pray with him. Maybe that’s why Trump made a rare trip to church last Sunday.

If only Trump could pray the rage away. For his part, Conway explained to The Washington Post that he defuses his own rage over “the mendacity, the incompetence” with a morning tweet “so I can get it off my chest and move on with my life that day. That’s basically it. Frankly, it’s so I don’t end up screaming at her about it.”

Sad. Conway added that it’s time for “the media, Congress, the Vice President and Cabinet, and all Americans, to think “seriously *now* about the president’s mental condition and psychological state. "

Those of us screaming should tweet more, yell less, and heed Conway’s advice. Thanks to Trump’s hating on Conway, we can hear him now.
Posted by babylonsister | Thu Mar 21, 2019, 05:34 PM (2 replies)

Rachel Maddow Shows How Trump Is Setting Himself Up For His Biggest Crash and Burn Yet


Posted on Wed, Mar 20th, 2019 by Jason Easley
Rachel Maddow Shows How Trump Is Setting Himself Up For His Biggest Crash and Burn Yet

Rachel Maddow showed why Trump is setting himself up for failure by refusing to comply and turn over anything to Democratic investigators.

Maddow said:

In 1973 president Nixon tried to make history when he decided he tried not to hand over the congress anything that he did not want them to see that pertained to Watergate, specifically the white house tapes that they had learned of the existence of. That forced a subpoena on the white house for those tapes. Nixon defied the subpoena. That ended up in court. The special prosecutor’s demand for those materials, those tapes ended up going all the way to the U.S. Supreme court. And this is really famous. I mean, let’s say you only know three things about Richard what are the three things you know? You know like Nixon had to resign the presidency, had a dog named Checkers, Supreme Court made him hand over the tapes, right? Even if you only know three things about Richard Nixon, even if you know nothing else about Richard Nixon, you know that unanimously in U.S. v. Nixon, the president was not allowed to say no, no, you can’t visit. I say you can’t.

But that no, no, you can’t have it policy today was rolled out by the trump administration. They plan to give no documents, no materials to make no witnesses available. And, again, we’ll see how that works out. Honestly, in the courts, we know how it will work out. This has been tested before. This has been tried before. It doesn’t work out well for a president who tries this. But in the meantime, while we are starting down the path to get there, in the meantime, if that is where this is heading, the speed at which this is all going to unfold and how everybody looks in the history books when it’s all over will depend in large part on whether Republicans in Congress, members of the president’s only party in Congress can summon the energy to care about a president who is trying to not only do this to Democrats but trying to do this to them as well.


Trump’s Just Say No Strategy Will Blow Up In His Face

There is zero long-term planning in this administration. The Trump administration is fighting the document requests because Trump is stalling for time. Trump is trying to use his presidential power to obstruct investigations with delay tactics until after the 2020 election. Trump is hoping that he wins reelection, Republicans win back the House, and all of these investigations go away in January 2021.

Presidents who have their backs against the wall and are fighting for the survival of their administration think about survival in terms of days and weeks, not years. Trump is hoping that if he stalls long enough, the House Democrats will go away, but we already know how this chapter of the story ends.

Trump is going to get subpoenaed and he is going to lose.

What should have been normal government oversight will be turned into a spotlight-stealing showdown, as the nation will watch Trump spectacularly crash and burn.
Posted by babylonsister | Thu Mar 21, 2019, 08:01 AM (17 replies)

Health industry lobbyists are posing as "ordinary citizens who don't want Medicare for All"

/ Cory Doctorow / 7:38 am Wed Mar 20, 2019
Health industry lobbyists are posing as "ordinary citizens who don't want Medicare for All"

Here are some "ordinary citizens" who have recently been featured in the press as people who are completely OK with the state of American healthcare and totally opposed to Medicare for All or any other project to reform America's worst-in-the-world health care system: "Mustafa Tameez, businessman, Texas" (Tameez is managing director at Texas-based Outreach Strategists, a public affairs and lobbying firm that reps Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, University of Texas Physicians, and St. Luke’s Hospital).

Another health care status quo enthusiast is "Jim Corson, Montana" (Corson was a 14 year veteran of the staff of Sen Max Baucus, the former Senate Finance Committee who killed ACA's public option).

"James Rang" is just an ordinary dude who wrote a letter to the editor opposing single-payer because it was bad for the "free market" (Rang is vice president in the employee benefits department at the Friedman Group -- that is, he's a health-insurance salesman).

Florida businessman "Carlos Carbonell" is one of the "influential leaders" cited in the Orlando Sentinel's piece on opposition to health-care reform (Carbonell is a Public Affairs Advisor” at Converge Strategies, a lobbyist that reps the health care industry).

"Jack A. Roy," a proud son of Massachussetts, and he "[does] understand how this could work" (Roy is the former head of the Haverhill City Republican Committee.).


Posted by babylonsister | Wed Mar 20, 2019, 09:56 PM (3 replies)

Pete Buttigieg Is Becoming Everyone's Favorite Underdog


Pete Buttigieg Is Becoming Everyone’s Favorite Underdog
By Michelle Garcia
March 19 2019 9:53 AM EDT


With more eyes on Buttigieg, he’s been seizing the moment; many of the points made to CNN and elsewhere are things he’s been saying for some time, particularly, “I have more years of government experience under my belt than the president. I also have more years of executive government experience than the vice president, and more military experience than anybody to walk into that office on day one since George H. W. Bush.”

But notably, anecdotes about who he is as a person are trickling out. There was that time, according to Time reporter Anand Giridharadas, that Buttigieg started speaking Norwegian to a journalist at the drop of a hat, explaining that he learned the language to read the books of an author whose work was only available in Norwegian. His remarks to the Muslim people in his community after the deadly shooting in New Zealand were more articulate than President Trump’s reaction to the extremist’s actions. And of course, there are Buttigieg memes.

Democrats shouldn’t discount the unprecedented excitement for an out, gay candidate being taken seriously. He may be polling at one percent now, but there was a time not too long ago that even having an openly gay man running for president would be laughable at best, and at worst, opening him up for ignorant treatment or threats of violence.

All of this is to say, Buttigieg is riding a wave. Will he ride it all the way to the White House? With a crowded field and low name recognition, his chances aren’t exactly high. Still, Democrats couldn’t pick a more stark opponent for the Vice Presidential debates in fall 2020: Buttigieg versus Pence? We’d like to see it.
Posted by babylonsister | Wed Mar 20, 2019, 09:16 PM (14 replies)

Gillum launching voter registration campaign in Florida ahead of 2020


Khorri Atkinson
2 hours ago
Gillum launching voter registration campaign in Florida ahead of 2020

Former Tallahassee Democratic Mayor Andrew Gillum — who narrowly lost his bid for Florida governor to Republican Ron DeSantis in November — will formally announce a voter registration group on Wednesday evening in Miami Gardens to help defeat President Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020.

Why it matters: Florida is the nation’s largest swing state where razor-thin margins often play a critical role in presidential elections as well as statewide races. The voter registration network, Bring It Home Florida, is named after Gillum's signature campaign phrase and seeks to mobilize voters and help the Democratic nominee secure the state's 29 electoral college votes.

Details: News of Gillum's plan to focus on grassroots organizing in Florida was first reported by Politico early Wednesday.

Gillum, who also ruled out a run for the White House on Wednesday, told the New York Times' Astead Herndon that the Democratic Party has been too complacent with voter outreach in the last 10 years.

"When Obama was on the ballot in 2008, Democrats enjoyed a registration advantage of almost 800,000. When I showed up on the ballot, that advantage had shrunk to less than 300,000. And it makes a difference, if you have more marbles on the table and more voters you can choose from and have the opportunity to produce."
He added: "Given the migration patterns in our state, and given the challenges we have around producing an electorate that's favorable to Democrats to get out and vote — we've got to put more people in the game."
Posted by babylonsister | Wed Mar 20, 2019, 08:03 PM (3 replies)

Top House Democrats compare Trump's rise to Hitler's

Top House Democrats compare Trump's rise to Hitler's
By Devan Cole, CNN
Updated 4:04 PM ET, Wed March 20, 2019

Washington (CNN)Two powerful House Democrats have invoked Adolf Hitler's actions in Germany and the treatment of Jews during World War I and in the 1920s to warn against the direction the US is moving in, with both saying Donald Trump's presidency presents an unprecedented threat to democracy.

House Whip James Clyburn's comments came in a Tuesday interview with NBC News in which he noted that he previously cited the rise of Hitler while discussing America's political climate, according to the outlet.

"Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany. And he went about the business of discrediting institutions to the point that people bought into" it," the South Carolina congressman said, according to NBC. "Nobody would have believed it now. But swastikas hung in churches throughout Germany. We had better be very careful."

Clyburn's colleague, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, made his comments at a Tuesday night town hall in New York in which he compared Trump's rhetoric toward immigrants to propaganda against Jews.

"You've heard the President and the administration say that immigrants are thieves, that they bring in drugs, that they're responsible for lots of crime, that they're -- a crisis at our border, they're bringing in drugs and crime," said Nadler, who represents New York.

He continued: "This is the same type of propaganda that we heard in the 1920s and World War I against Jews. 'Jews are Bolsheviks. Jews are thieves. Jews are violent' -- that was the propaganda. And, we were that against the Irish early. Now, we're hearing it against this generation's immigrants -- and it's just as false now."

CNN has reached out to the White House for response to the lawmakers' comments and has not immediately received a response.


Posted by babylonsister | Wed Mar 20, 2019, 06:01 PM (8 replies)
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