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Yeah, what a surprise, huh?!

I've read so many threads about bad/conservative judgments and say to myself, "that sounds like Tennessee."

Sure 'nuff, I'm usually right.

At least we're not Florida or Texas.

Excellent!! Yet birds need more than just habitat: insecticides are...

...severely damaging bird populations too.

Declining insect populations threaten birds
Birds that eat insects are literally at a loss when insecticides cause a drop in the number of insect prey available...

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."
- paraphrasing John Muir

I'm lucky to live in a designated bird sanctuary here on the East Coast... Yet I do not have a decent camera nor skills to take good pictures.


Had not read this...it's just AMAZING!

I flashed back to the movie Martian with Matt Damon.

Thank you, Judi!

The latest mutated Covid has hit NYC hard.

My son's dealing with it too, but not too well I must say. Posted earlier...

Yesterday, he decided to order Paxlovid. Sometime after he took his first pill last night, he texted me:

"Paxlovid mouth is awful...
Just spent like 10 mins vomiting and can't consume anything because my mouth tastes like burnt and soapy grapefruit."

He's (was) a healthy 35yo living in NYC. I don't know what advice to give him. He & his g.f. broke up months ago, that's why he's leaning on his Mom now. I am not complaining; I just do not know what to tell him to counter the terrible effects of the Paxlovid.

Any suggestions are welcome, please. Thanks.

NYC is being hit hard apparently.

My son lives there and tested positive with his 2nd bout just today. Had his first bout last yr., so it has to be another strain of Covid.

K & R

Hubby's cousin's wife was a flight-attendant for AA for 35yrs! And her daughter is now a pilot for American!!

Her hubby is a semi-famous hot-air balloonist. Guess the family likes being in the air.

Saved the best for last: Rachel's reply...




"Nasty," disobedient woman checking in.

Pink-hatter here, late to the thread.

One of the many great replies...


Oh WOW!! 😲

How exciting! Bet you've had a most interesting life!

My only experience, not even coming close to your trip, was hubby & myself hosting an older Russian physicist when hubby was in grad school in the '70's. Prof. Krasilnikov(sp?) was in the US to attend a conference & hubby, because he spoke Russian, was asked to entertain him for 3 days. And so we did. He was a nice gentleman who corrected hubby's Russian when he misspoke. The professor's English was better than hubby's Russian apparently.

Strange that after our guest left, I got a visit from 2 "suits" (FBI or CIA?) one day; they'd come up with some laughable story just to be able to case our apartment & harass me, I think. Hubby was at work in the university lab or at Oak Ridge at the time. Our neighbor worked for the local newspaper and wrote a story about it. As this was in the cold-war era of the 70s, it was a local "big deal."

Below was all I could find, but not even coming close to the poster you mentioned.
I don't judge harshly because I know alcoholics are usually miserable people.

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