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Gender: Female
Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 13,360

Journal Archives

So touching...


An impassioned speech at 2018 Global Climate Action Summit

Okay, by an actor but please listen.

Ford won't put you to sleep as Al sometimes tends to do about the climate.

A Dog's Last Will and Testament

Tissue advisory.

I have an understanding with my adult son, my only offspring, where he has sworn to take any furbaby/ies hubs and I might leave upon my/our passing. Our home will always be open to another rescue when our two pass. There are too many needing homes.


Sadly, I've a 31yo son who doesn't want to hear about what he's going to have to deal with, what the world is going to have to deal with in his lifetime. What we are leaving him.

I feel immense guilt as any parent should. Look what we've done to our kids!! I knew this was coming back in the Zero-population days, yet I still had one child, hoping the planet had more time. I've cried over this. Over my horrible misjudgment, over the destiny of the planet. Try talking about this in GD forum. Bam! The snackdowns come fast and low.

Thanks for reading my braindroppings, Lefty.

They must be praying for TRump to be impeached.

So their man can drive the Dominionists'
agenda faster.

Folks, google "Dominionists" and see whose pic pops up.


Folks will say we're mean but I've argued with these numbskulls. One poisoned my dog, stole my Obama signs, and put a glass bottle neck in our driveway. Tell me how I'm supposed to give people like this a pass. They have a net connections, access to the same info we do.

They are MEAN. And fuck them!

Classical Displaced Anger

There's the classical psychology's displaced ANGER issue which the MAGATS* are too ignorant to understand.

They must aim all the blame for their problems at a target most distance from them.


Yep and the root of that?

For Christian fundamentalists, being taught to suppress critical thinking begins at a very early age.
It is the combination of the brainís vulnerability to believing unsupported facts and aggressive indoctrination that create the perfect storm for gullibility. Due to the brainís neuroplasticity, or ability to be sculpted by lived experiences, evangelicals literally become hardwired to believe far-fetched statements.

Hat tip to Arkansas Granny.

#2: Classical psychology's misplaced anger issues. ...which they're too ignorant to understand.

Every human has a carbon footprint.

In developed countries that footprint is great no matter how much we try to conserve. So logically, is making more humans hunky-dory?

Laughter and applause in Mississippi!!

My sentiments exactly.

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