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Gender: Female
Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2004, 11:13 PM
Number of posts: 14,569

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Thank you. I wanted verification too.

I do not want to be on their level and lose credibility. Folks shouldn't joke about that.

I watched this 4 times and...

Will probably watch again. I love how at ease she is in wielding great power. In her clam, quiet voice she is wielding great power.

I would almost welcome this gamble: let Treason45 call his emergency and set a precedent. Where shall he get the money? Cut DOD funding? Rethugs gonna hate that. SS? Yep, just alienate all senior voters then (most all of us vote). He would have a snowball's chance of being re-elected. The next POTUS will be a Dem, who Nancy said can wield the power to call an emergency for gun violence and screening and for much needed Global Warming legislation. Almost worth letting the orange shitgibbon have his way.

Yes, free b.c. for everyone is a great idea!

Both sex education and free birth control would cut the need for abortions. But the RWNJ's usually opposed both of those issues.

My own late rwnj mother opposed both!! However, she had 3 children in the first 3 yrs of marriage. Then, her doc suggested a tubal ligation which my father supported. So, she had it done but worried that gawd would take her children away for that deed.

I own property bordering a big national park.

We have bear (and their scat ) all over our property but if a bear hunter steps foot on our land, I'll call authorities.

Same here, mountain grammy.

I was furious when she did that. Don't think that'll happen again.

However, she's handled AdolfTwitler like a heavy weight boxer, pushing him over with one finger. She's EXACTLY what we've needed.

And I don't understand why Bush, Cheney, et.al. seem to be forgiven. At least Cheney* and Rumsfeld are staying hidden. That whole fuckin party has to go; since the '60s it's been built on nothing but corruption and deception.

*Did you know that Cheney retired from Helliburton with a $36M severance package, NOT including his stock options. And in the run-up to the Iraq War, Helliburton got a $7BILLION a single-bid contract, not including more sub-contracts.
Then there were the mishandlings of the Katrina disaster and Deep Horizon disaster which, btw, Helliburton plead to destroying evidence!!! Minor fine resulted.

Can you imagine if Dem-owned corporations had done that?!

Our elected Dems are finally finding their spines since our very democracy is at stake and there's a treasonous moron in the Oval Office.

Yes, thank you to everyone who gave me a ❤!

💋's to you all!

Please tell me who you folks are, who saw fit to give this old dumbass hearts?
💕 back to you all.

That's awesome!

Thank you for sharing this.

There's ratfucking, hard core racism, then there's

a Greater Good.

It's like fighting a defensive war; you may vehemently disapprove of taking a life but you're fighting to save more lives (WWI and WWII were defensive wars; there have been none since that I know of).

Thank you, Matilda. 🙏


This could've gotten more attention had it not been for MFer45's state of our dis-union address.

😞🌳Gone in a Generation: How climate change is disrupting American lives - WaPo


As I posted in your other thread:

📣🌳 Will These Massive Geoengineering Projects Fix the Earth—or Break It?

Best idea from the article (my hubs and another NASA scientist, a DUer in fact, also had this idea!!):

"Researchers are also looking into launching a giant parasol into space to manage the amount of solar radiation hitting Earth. This idea has been around for decades, but has only recently gained momentum.

For example, a 2018 paper from the Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management describes launching what the authors call the HSS, or Huge Space Shield. The plan is to put a thin, wide sheet of carbon fiber into a Lagrange point, which is a relatively stable point in the complex system of gravitational pulls between the Earth, moon, and sun. The sheet would only block a small portion of solar radiation, but it could be enough to drop global temperatures below the 1.5 degrees Celsius limit set by the International Panel on Climate Change.

We voters need to champion these ideas. Our very lives depend on our actions.

I never tire of watching this.

Well done. A free and unbiased press is so essential that the founding father put in the Constitution.

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