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Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2004, 11:13 PM
Number of posts: 23,446

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Wow. For many very susceptible minds

Conformity is second nature.
They're gullible, naive, unquestioning - their need to fit in is extremely strong.
Reminds me of another huge psychological brainwashing most accept.

We Americans are naturally egalitarians.

Even the notion of royalty is antithetical to our beliefs and concepts of what our country should be.

And our Democratic Party most highly represents those beliefs.

I'd like to say to someone here...

Eat your hat for criticizing MSNBC and Rachel Maddow. SHE makes history.

Bottom line: we humans create more carbon

Than anything else on the planet.

What should THAT tell us??

An iconic speech

"Machine men with machine minds"

I don't think lower rank and file Republican voters realized that their party's basic goal is making rich men richer at all cost. Their party's bottom line is greed and they'll use any Elmer Gantry type tactics to do it.

Trump feeds these folks' need for a Messianic savior who elevates their racism above "radical lefties'" ideas.

Here Chaplin was addressing this strange need for a Messianic savior. It's exactly how dictators come into power. Scary.

Ohmygoodness! I wasn't keeping track.

Thanks for telling me and thanks for the compliment but I admire YOU--kind, polite, articulate, talented, independent. I'm just a grumpy old gal.

Half my posts are just K&Rs and +100s. I love to give fellow DUers pats on the back for their astute, thoughtful posts.

Excellent statement!

We live in a country with a bunch of goddamn sick, willfully ignorant people.

Zactly - Food for thought...

Before I read your post, I was going to post : "That hamburger you're eating once had a personality!"

Shamefully, I'm only a semi-vegetarian-- I still eat seafood (no octopus or squid), fish, chicken, & occasionally (holidays) beef & ham. I cannot watch my hubby & son eat their damn bloody steaks - once stayed in a restaurant's restroom until my son finished his.

I grew up on a farm where I got very emotionally attached to the critters.

Would most Americans eat dogs? Cats? Horses? Why not?

Where & how do folks draw their "lines"? We usually eat only what we've been conditioned to accept without thought.

Food for thought.

They accept donations...


Know any climate scientists?

NASA folks? Physicists?

I understand where you're coming from but you are in denial. There is no accessible "Planet B."


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