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Gender: Female
Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 19,436

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Been a member of J-Street for years.

A friend asked me to join and it's been an enlightening experience.

I have avoided these threads up until now but this thread is an interesting discussion.


Do racists like being called racist? No.
Do fascists like being called fascist? No.

I vote to stick it to them. I very much agree that we shouldn't "be worried about looking 'too strident' when dealing with these people!"

Btw, Madeleine Albright wrote an op-ed in the New York Times last year that she thinks fascism is coming.

Let's call it what it is!

Thanks, tableturner.

OMGoodness!! That's a shame!

I now understand but did not know that Greenpeace was also blacklisted. Wow! I supported GP too until I switched my support to SSCS who took a more aggressive approach saving whales.

Here's a contrasting OT story, as evidence to how agencies differ on security clearances:

My hubby worked 42yrs for NASA where, for most of the time, he had a secret security clearance. They ck'd everything which included illegally opening our mail (back during the cold war) - no care was taken to even hide it.

There was one incident during my hub's grad school days when a Russian gave a paper at a conference he attended. My hubby's major prof asked that he drive this Russia back to the university, a day's drive, and then take him for a 2-day tour. So, he did. Hub's spoke Russian, btw. In passing, I happened to mention our unusual guest to our newspaper-connected neighbor who then sent a reporter to the university. The reporter filed a story, including pics in our local paper. Two days later, when I happened to be home, one of those big black cars pulled up outside and 2 "suits" got out. Yep, it was a special interview. So, the gov't began a file on my dh prior to his NASA employment.
Happily, this didn't affect his being hired by NASA a yr later.

However, I'm sure the USCG HQ is much more full of hardcore wingers, than is NASA HQ, who lean only a bit to the right. (NASA physicists, on the other hand, tend to be democrats.)

It's sad that you had to be so carefully with authoritarian agencies.

I watched that! He's guilty as hell.

Just seconds after Gail's question triggered him, I told hubby that he's guilty as hell. That was scary.

Wonder what's at the root of this rage psychologically? A mix of stimulants and steroids also involved? Seems he has an attitude in common with Brett Kavanaugh: toxic male privilege.

An article in The Atlantic mentioned, "it might look like a predator’s brutality coming out." Gee, ya think?

When King suggested that he had a thing for women much younger than he, Kelly replied, “I don’t look at ‘much younger than me,’” before brandishing a line that it’s hard to imagine an accused pedophile’s PR team would ever approve of:
“I just look at ‘legal.’”


I'd rather talk about my dog than my son. 😂

We've been very lucky to have had the sweetest dogs in the world, 2 Labs, 2 BC's and we have loved them to the "MAX."

A yr ago we had to adopted my mother's 9yo lab mix when she entered a nursing home. With the exception of his friendliness with people, her dog is the most disagreeable, unpleasant thing I have ever been around. He loves people but not *any* other animals. He growls at our sweet Missy and is appropriately corrected. Poor Missy humbles herself by licking his muzzle, always wagging her tail, and letting him go first with their shared water bowl and fetching the treats we throw. He has not been socialized with other dogs and that explains some of the behavior, but he's basically an alpha asshole hunter who'll kill any critter can, including neighborhood cats. We've learned that we cannot let him out to run, even at 2am. He is always leashed on walks.

His kill list includes a small squirrel and a small rabbit that he ate.

One early a.m. when I had let him out (before learning), I heard horrible growling directly behind our house and went to ck out the commotion. He had an opossum cornered but the little critter was holding his own until my presence emboldened our alpha asshole who then grabbed the opossum by the back of his neck and ran off with him across the field. I pursued, running as fast as I could to catch him. I had his leash in hand. He was wearing his lit collar (love those things). Found him standing over the opossum whom he had dropped to the ground. He still had him in his grasp. I had to beat him off the poor critter, who was "playing possum." That saved the critter's life.

I've given up hope that that dog will ever be kind to another animal, even to his sweet, sweet sister.

When Ogee dies, we plan to adopt a kitten, as a companion for Missy. She loves my son's kitties.

If you don't differentiate animals

Then why would you differentiate people from animals?
We're just a different animal. Do we
deserves protection over other animals? Other primates?
Would you differentiate bonobos or mountain gorillas?

You're a vegan, I would guess. That's a strong stance that I've failed to employ, so the 2nd, lesser evil choice in my mind is to differentiate. I feel sad feeding red meat to my dogs, but I do. I feel less sad about the chicken. But also am sad for the little mouse my husband caught in a trap. At least it wasn't an F'n glue trap.

I'm all over the place here, so I'll shut up.

I very much support your post!

Yes I have heard and seen pictures of China's dog meat festival. It breaks my heart.

(There's more I'd like to say but I'd be accused of things.)

Hi, MM! Yes...

It took her only a day to bond with me - I slept with her and I think that helped. Took a bit longer for my hubby to gain her trust.

(Mimi is Missy's nickname - she responds to both. Mimi is just easier/ quicker to say than Missy.)

Yes, she's still very shy. Everyone has to win her trust...except for other dogs and cats, all of whom instantly.

I had to hug a neighbor in order for young puppy Missy to accept. Big girl Missy still hides either behind me or between my legs when she meets a stranger on our walks. She does takes voice commands so well that she seldom needs to be leashed! But tell her to let a stranger pet her and it's "No, mom, I'm afraid."

MM, I think it's just Missy's innate personality, however being the runt of the litter may have had a bit to do with it. She's so sensitive and sweet, and the joy of our lives.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for fostering her and enabling her to share our lives. 🙏

Update, I'm having problems finding a link to donate

Anyone have the link?

2nd Update: FOUND LINK to donate:

Hill Street Blues

Jon Stewart
The Colbert Report
WKRP in Cincinnati
The West Wing
St. Elsewhere
The Newsroom (son's friends with Kelen Coleman)
The Dean Martin Show (going way back)
Dinosaurs sitcom - "Not the mama!"
The Carol Burnett Show

These are decades old tv shows. My tv viewing for the two decades has been news programming. You can discern the slants and weed out the liars.
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