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Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
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So sorry. 😥

I hate people.

Anyway I could relate to your story because that's what our Lab would do as a puppy - gather ANYTHING neighbors have left outside and bring them home. It was embarrassing and as you said, we couldn't return them because we had no way of knowing from where they came.

Kitties are wonderful, precious things. And some can be weird.

Again, I'm so sorry your poor Kitty was poisoned.

Cats "takes the cake" in this cat.egory. Esp THIS one.

As someone said, where do I begin?

Had a kitty, whom as a kitten, I'd take for rides on errands, along with his bestie, our beloved dog. Bank tellers loved him - well, they loved them both.

Anyway, we moved... and had a new phone installed (back in the day when installation was necessary). Phone man left. Just a couple of mins later, my sweet next door neighbor kid who had just gotten off the school bus knocked on my door. "SILVER IS ON TOP OF A PHONE TRUCK, traveling down the street!!!"

She was screaming. OMG, my Mr. Silver! We both were in panic mode.

Apparently, he had wanted to go back to our old townhome a few miles away and had hitched a ride. Before I could gather my purse & keys, the phone truck was back in front of the house & the phone man was carrying Mr. Silver in his arms. "MA'AM, THIS IS YOUR CAT!"

Said he'd never had THAT happened before. He'd heard the scratching on top of his truck and had stopped and gotten Mr. Silver down and had driven him back home.

Now, should I tell you about our really wacky kitty, Miss Doozie, who played fetch - Yes, she did! And she'd drag dirty panties out of the dirty clothes and carry them around in her mouth, all.the.time? Yuck!!
We had to get a hamper that she couldn't open. She was a whiz on toilet paper unrolling too. And opening cabinets.

How 'bout our Siamese who brought her newly born kittens into our bed. When I say "into," I mean UNDER THE COVERS!!!

Gawd, I LOVE cats...but my pups are still my ❤.

And I've a weird dog story that just happened last night but I've typed enough and taken enough of your time already.

I remember the elected Dems who

voiced the let's "move-on" attitude, leaving justice lying in the dirt.

This country needs rise up to rid the nation of the corruption and despotism embodied by all facets of the GOP. They are destroying the fabric of our democracy, cut by cut. They are traitors. We need them named and prosecuted.

The signing statements...


The Signing Statements -
"The Constitution does not authorize the President to cherry-pick which parts of validly enacted Congressional Laws he is going to obey and execute, and which he is not."
- Wikipedia

There's much controversy regarding these however.

You think this would affect any votes?

These people are sick anyway.

Sorry, my friend, but after all the hanging nooses on front porches and in front of businesses with swinging black dummies and what they said about President Obama, I cannot give a FF what they say about us.

The ONLY way I could care about is if, in some way, it had some negative effect on the outcome of the election, which I seriously doubt it would.

Besides, TRump himself has all but called for journalists to be destroyed.

"When news broke Thursday afternoon that a shooter had opened fire in an Annapolis newsroom, more than a few minds converged on the same thought: Donald Trump. The mythmaker in chief, who has vilified the media almost daily since becoming president, had made this day seem not just likely but any-day-now.

This shooting wasn’t “the” shooting many of us feared would come. But Trump, nevertheless, bears some responsibility for the incendiary rhetoric that has raised the heat — and the stakes — for journalists just doing their jobs.


I believe TRE45ON to be responsible for these five deaths. I do. So, he and the people who follow him, who support him, they can ESAD.

TRump needs to be impeached, imprisoned, insolvent, and interred.

Excellent rant!

White entitlement exists all around us and it comes in tiers. I know some white people who need nudging in the right direction and I try with them. I cannot type what I'd like to do to the others, referring to those hopelessly lost, bigoted assholes. LBJ nailed their toxic, misplaced anger: "If you can tell the lowest white man that he's superior to the highest colored fellow, you won't have to pick his pocket, he'll give the damn wallet gladly!"

I think they hate us white, enlightened, educated liberals almost as much. But they don't shoot us in the streets.

Thank you, Mr. Scorpio. Keep ranting and speaking truth.

"Trump's appeal is not ideological or logical but psychological." - Snellius

THIS ☝ ☝ is what happens when RWers control

ANYthing. They are without empathy, compassion.


You're absolutely right - it is psychological.

And this is what happened more recently in Croatia, Serbia, and Kosovo in the '90s. The Balkans War was mainly about religious divisions that had stayed latent in Yugoslavia for generations.

If we have a civil war, it's going to be that kind of Civil War - Neighbors killing neighbors.

Ah, yes. For intracranial adaptations.

My hubs even studied, wrote papers, and has a patent on that. I'm an idiot tho.

Here was my thinking, because I did think of NASA studies (not enough obviously):
Anything in space is weightless. Without the force of gravity, being "upside down" is meaningless. And most all NASA acclimating-to-space studies are done inside a freefalling plane. Water tanks have sometime been used but only to get astronauts used to working in a space environment but it's not entirely equivalent to the freefall. It somewhat helps them to acclimate to working extra-vehicularly in space, as they have had to do in working on the ISS

Thought I'd run this ☝ past the resident physicist here, so he corrected me and reminded me of the intracranial studies.

There are many reasons human are not adapted to space travel but one of the greatest problems is rooted in our intracranial pressure.

- NASA spouse






He'd have no use to Putin in Russia.

Putin's only goal is to destroy the US as much as he can and TRump was but his biggest tool.

If Trump cannot wield power in this country, then Putin would as soon see Trump dead. They are not friends. Their only common ground is using people for their own wealth.

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