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Gender: Female
Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2004, 11:13 PM
Number of posts: 17,633

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ALL the reasons the Bush Admin. protected the Saudis

should be exposed.

This was state sponsored and did not just involve the hijackers from Saudi Arabia. I realize that the issue is complex but the American people deserve to know the truth. I also realize that too many just don't give a crap and are content to believe the simplistic lies.

And why has the Obama Admin. continued the cover-up?

Why must we always wait 50+ years for major truths to be exposed?

Another helpful link...


IF fishermen "adhere to STRICT science-based CATCH LIMITS"

As if that's going to happen. Japan, Chnia, and other countries do not adhere to the catch limits now imposed.

Plus, these authors have limited their consideration of dire global warming events.

My neighbor, a PhD researcher with the Institute of Marine Sciences spends six weeks every December and January studying plankton and krill in Antarctica. She is not this optimistic. Sadly. Plankton and krill are at bottom of the food chain for fish and their populations are waning due to acidification, pollution, and rising ocean temps. This is indeed reversable IF countries and people make MAJOR changes now. What are the chances of that happening? 0 to none.

I would love to be more hopeful.

Very beautiful. Yet that's the parental fear

that Make3cats' wrote about. That's the essence of my sadness, as a mother, over the coming sixth extinction.

It's ALL going to end ...too soon and with suffering. The roaches will survive, they always do, and perhaps a few small animals and a few sea critters.

I struggle daily with this knowledge. I too have faced my mortality, with horrible fear and deep depression at first. But then I gained courage that astonished my hubs. I've held on to that courage until the last few years. Knowledge can be brutal but I prefer knowing than sticking my head in the sand and making the situation worse for younger generations. The sand heads are cowards who are contributing the most to the problem. I suppose I agree with Bertrand Russell.

^^ And here we have Hillary's supporters reaction to corruption:


Wow. Isn't that like Trump's saying his supporters wouldn't care if he shot someone.

Very good book! And Bob Altemeyer's...


Both of my parents were such horrible authoritarians that it took years of therapy for me to recover from the damage. More than half my family are R voters whom I avoid as much as possible -- 14 years without speaking to siblings. Their brain structure elicits no compassion from me since they are so toxic, illogical, and hell to be around.

And not a word from our MSM.

I've lost friends because I've tried to awaken them the fuck up.

It's seems much of the developed world is in an "entertain me" mode.

Love the Guardian for publishing inconvenient truths.

Josh, just google

It doesn't take too long to find a pleathra of credible sources to refute your biased, ignorant friend.

Good luck.

Edited to include some links to start you off:



And the only way some people can realize this,

Say if decent friends or family members happen to have grown up "republican" is to get some distance from them, then come back and examine every detail of that person's or persons' thinking.

You'll see it then. They are illogical. And without compassion, especially with others outside their social class.

"like chickens voting for Col Sanders"

Ha. Good analogy.
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