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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
October 19, 2017

My poor brother is shouldering 80%

Of my 92yo mother's care.

LuckyCharms, this may not help you since my mother's is not yet dying, but this is about an ongoing and sad family dynamic.

My brother and my sister live within 50 miles of mom and I'm almost 500 miles away. Although not dying yet but creeping farther into dementia, our mother is too demanding (always has been) and my sister is too self-absorbed. So my poor brother shoulders the burden of caring for our demanding, narcissistic mother.

My hubs and I were extremely estranged from her decades ago. We are on opposite sides of every subject you can imagine with her. I send checks to help with her financial load....and to my brother. I listen to his burdens and am sympathetic.

I would help more but my hubby forbids it. He is livid with my mother's attitude about a personal matter of ours.

It's a sad situation and is shortening my brother's life, I fear. He has had a heart attack and has gone back to smoking just to cope with his anger. Mom was in a care facility very shortly after a fall but they threw her out! Yes, she's that bad!

My brother says he'll never speak to our sister once our mother's meager estate is settled. I cannot blame him.

Sad situation.

October 8, 2017

Disagree only with the extent to which you carry this.

Very much AGREE with the cause! (See post "Hear, hear" above.)

I suppose all the naysayers on this thread would like to keep the Civil War monuments up everywhere? Using their logic...

Thanks for the thread. You've unknowingly helped end my debate with myself about putting someone on ignore.

October 8, 2017

Hear hear!

I too want the name of the holiday changed, so badly that I've been ranting about it here lately...

Native Americans first discovered these American continents 12,000 yrs ago. These people weren't just some CRITTERS living here!!
So, what's so hard and controversial about giving credit where credit is due???

HOWEVER, it is indeed over the top/ too much trouble the change names of cities, especially when people don't even associate the name of the city with the name of that person.

October 8, 2017

Wow! Important info determining their fate.

Talk about picking bones clean.
How can these poor people survive? They've been strangled by capitalistic vultures, then by Mother Nature (enhanced by GCC), and now by TRump's FEMA.

Then Orange Shitgibbon made the claim that he's going to wipe out
P.R 's debt. Suurrre he will.
Let taxpayers pay off the vulture capitalists? Let's see that getting passed in TurtleMan's budget.

On second thought, these vultures are the mainstay of the rethug party donations/donors.

October 7, 2017

When will we celebrate the first people on...

The American continents?
The Native Americans who came here 12,000 years ago?

Not to take anything away from Erik, mind you. And I agree that perpetuating the myth that Christopher Columbus was the first person to discover the American continent is ridiculous.

Oh yeah, I forgot: ONLY people of white European descent are the only people that matter when "discovering" anything?

Native Americans discovered these continents first. They weren't just some critters living here.

The whole country should abolish Columbus Day and celebrate

*** "Native Americans Day." ***

(Easier to remember than "Indigenous Peoples Day.&quot )

October 7, 2017


This is something my immediate family has talked about and acknowledged. We know we would not be where we are without a support system others have not had. Our acknowledgment engenders empathy, the bedrock of liberalism.

October 5, 2017

Only 3.

My RW brother! Lives 450 miles away, see him once or twice a year.

Even my pot smoking/vaping friend in Florida is just eating "enriched" cookies now. Finally.

Oh, there's my hub's 74yo, blues singing, cig and weed smoking friend in Memphis. But we've not seen him in last 35 yrs! We communicate and catch his youtube songs. He looks like Keith Richards on a good day - death-on-a-cracker. About as opposite of my hubs as possible but they were best friends in h.s.

Then there's my sneak-smoking, ADHD neighbor who has more energy then a pack of mice on treadmills. Love her tho. Her spotless house doesn't reek of smoke. She's embarrassed by her smoking.

October 2, 2017

You nailed it.

Btw, isn't the following groups in your list just a subset of the Religious Right or their influence?
Islamophobes, and
These group are taught their hate.

Doesn't this all come down to Greed, Fundamentalists Religion, Racism, or this USA militarism? Does anyone know any republican voter who does not subscribed to at least one of these categories? I know a huge number of republicans and all of them have one or more of these reasons for voting Republican.

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