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Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
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Anyone watching Genius, the Nat Geo series?

On the life of Einstein?

I have such sympathy for Mileva Maric´, his first wife. She was brilliant but got little to no credit.

Here's an excellent and insightful interview with the beautiful Samantha Colley, the actress playing her:

Mileva's mother-in-law, Einstein's mother, brutally enforced the cruelest misogyny of that era while Einstein passively stood back and took advantage. No wonder she divorced him.

It's an excellent series, so watch if you can. Nat Geo plays reruns throughout the week.

I have to block such people out of my world.

My patience ran out years ago in respect to many things but reich-wingers are at the top of the list.

Even included my brother. They do not realize what's at stake and don't want to hear anyone try to explain. I think it's a frontal cortex problem.

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