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Yay. Thank you.

Had bedtime chores to do before I could continue my search.

I thought the question that Wilkerson considered regarding the military and whose side they'd choose was interesting. We all must be thinking along the same lines: that eventually it's going to become so bad that it'll come down to the country's greatest force choosing sides and making the decision for us. Restore our democracy and rule of law or precede with this corporately fed slide into a dictatorship. May the heavens help us all!

Bill Maher June 29, 2018 - Dynamite Full Show

Folks, please see this thread (my link is now dead):


Guests tonight were:
Bradley Whitford, Lawrence Wilkerson, Jennifer Rubin, and the one and only Michael Moore. Tonight's show was a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

During Overtime, Wilkerson said he didn't know the answer to a question I've been asking about the military.
(Looking for another video now.)

Democratic socialism is much the same as social democracy.

I'm with Alexandria!!

Here's the difference between a 'socialist' and a 'Democratic socialist'
John Haltiwanger Jun 28, 2018

"Democratic socialists ... generally believe the government should help provide for people's most basic needs and help all people have an equal chance at achieving success.

Ocasio-Cortez's platform, for example, calls for Medicare for all, tuition-free college, and treats housing as a right.

Democratic socialists ... believe strongly in democracy and democratic principles. They are by no means proponents of authoritarian government systems many Americans associate socialism with.

The DSA supports reforms that would decrease the influence of money in politics, empower ordinary people in workplaces and the economy, and restructure gender and cultural relationships to be more equitable, according to its website.


This is what my 31yo professional son calls himself. Educated millennials get this.

Vice News: Trump now has a Tennessee weed bill with his name on it

The Tennessee Responsible Use of Medicinal Plants Act, or the TRUMP Act, was pushed by Republican State Representative Bryan Terry and State Senator Steve Dickerson, the Times Free Press in Tennessee reports. Though the duo lost a bid to pass a medical marijuana bill during this year’s General Assembly, they’re hoping the newly-retooled TRUMP Act will expand medical research and effectively legalize cannabis extracts under medical supervision.


From The Times Free Press:

NASHVILLE - Heartened by President Donald Trump's recent comments about marijuana, two Tennessee lawmakers who are physicians plan to renew efforts next year to legalize medical cannabis and are naming the bill after the president.


I like the fact that they are both physicians. Hopefully, the name change will go over big with the Republicans in Tennessee. These lawmaking docs are certainly using psychology to flatter the orange shitgibbon. Trump might even endorse it! I hope it works.

Definitely, "what a shame" is right.

Most folks still don't understand, Judi.
Dolphins, crows, octopuses, elephants have surprisingly exceptional intelligence that rivals some primates'.

On dolphins:
"...based on years of research that has shown dolphins and whales have large, complex brains and a human-like level of self-awareness....
Ethics expert Prof Tom White, from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, author of In Defence of Dolphins: The New Moral Frontier, said dolphins were "non-human persons".
"We're saying the science has shown that individuality - consciousness, self-awareness - is no longer a unique human property..."
Psychologist Dr Lori Marino, from Emory University in Atlanta, told how scientific advances had changed the view of the cetacean brain. "We went from seeing the dolphin/whale brain as being a giant amorphous blob that doesn't carry a lot of intelligence and complexity to not only being an enormous brain but an enormous brain with an enormous amount of complexity, and a complexity that rivals our own."


On a flight from London to NYC in '89

A few rows of passengers had to play musical chairs to accommodate one crazy Muslim lady-nut because she was seated next to a man! She insisted she could only sit next to women. And this Orthodox woman was dressed in the beekeeper outfit (quoting B.Maher).

There were disgruntled flight attendants (but apologetic) and passengers, including myself who was seated in front of her. She held up the flight, so I'm sure the pilot was not happy either.

Best animal charities?

Hubs and I are making a will and one of the things I'm insisting on is that some money go to an animal charity. Need recommendation.

Charity Watch has these listed as best:
African Wildlife Foundation A-
American Bird Conservancy A
American Humane A
Animal Welfare Institute A+
Bat Conservation International A-
Best Friends Animal Society B+
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International A
Jane Goodall Institute B+
Marine Mammal Center A-
Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) A
PetSmart Charities A+
RedRover B+
Wildlife Conservation Society A

Am asking for other suggestions here.

Thank you all.

China has been buying up high-tech companies

As much as they can. When they can't steal it, they've been buying it.
Calling for a moratorium is the only good thing the treasonous idiot-in-chief has done.

"Treasury is crafting rules that would block firms with at least 25% Chinese ownership from buying companies involved in ‘industrially significant technology’"


Wish I had your optimism.

Our voting machines will not be protected...
Paul Ryan has removed the head of a commission tasked with protecting US elections from cyberattacks

And Trump voters will not be swayed by ANYthing.
Please Read this woman's psychoanalysis of TRumpsters:
🚨🚨 Living with a supremacist...where Trumpism ends

Nothing will move them. Nothing will shame them. Nothing.

Our very democracy will depend on Democrats and the Independents voting in November and those votes being honestly counted.

We cannot risk being overly optimistic! We must not let our guard down.



I'm a southerner but agree - the south just has too many sick nuts.

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