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Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
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Another case for putting LSD in the water..

If these folks had more info and *empathy* for their fellow man, including minorities, they wouldn't be suffering now.

Study Finds Taking LSD Makes Humans More Empathetic


Then our Intel agencies - CIA, FBI, etc - should

be investigating TRump, should they not?
High crimes and all. To not do so would mean he is above the law.

I feel as if we're living in The Twilight Zone.

All hell should break loose after Aug 11 primaries so that these R's don't have to worry about being "primaried" out of office by a rabid base.

This atheist agrees BUT...

This is the case for envying stupidity and ignorance. I have lost a child, yet I did not and cannot throw out knowledge and all logic.

Not just Keep Abortion Legal in U.S. but make sure

Women have full access to birth control as a part of their basic health care at no cost, full stop.

"Why are we still fighting over access to birth control?"


How to make abortion rarer. Bans and restrictions do not work. Superior birth control does.

Reproductive Rights are Human Rights!


R stands for racist. Always.

Childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

"How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime | Nadine Burke Harris"

Dr. Harris makes a very compelling case that children must be helped.

Some of these children now separated from their parents will never be reunited. These children will suffer in some ways for the rest of their lives. This did NOT have to happen!

THIS ☝ ☝

They do NOT hear the truth!

They live in their bubble world, go to their bubble churches, and listen ONLY to their RW lying "news" sources.

They consider the truth to be lies.

I know too many of these people, people who will never admit that they've been snookered. It's just too painful. (It took the South 100 years to get over the Civil War. Some places still have reenactments - guess they're hoping for a different outcome? )

Folks shouldn't hide their eyes and minds

Because this offends their sensibilities.

Keep passing this information on please. Only with awareness will we make a change.

So cute and sweet.

Also, Retrievers just like holding things in their mouths.

Last night my Lab was impatient while waiting for "mom" to get ready to walk. Dad had already put her collar and leash on, so instead of dragging it around the house, Missy girl picked it up and carried it around in her mouth until I was ready to leave. I asked her to "hand" it over. She did.

Next time, I'll see if she'll keep it in her mouth on our walk. I know her brother wouldn't stay on course unless he were leashed. He's a wild old man. Now I'm curious about how she'd behave just carrying her leash. I'm betting she would.

Voting in a church vs voting in a school

Voting in churches = more Republican votes
Voting in schools = more Democratic votes

Perfect analogy.

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