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Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2004, 11:13 PM
Number of posts: 23,679

Journal Archives

😄 I had a Siamese vehicle-riding cat

That did the same thing to a telephone guy 45 years ago.
(Remember when they had to come to your house to install things?)

He was a very special, intelligent cat named Mr. Silver. When he was a kitten, I took him thru drive-thrus with me and he just got used to riding. So, when we moved, he must have surmised that he was just hitching a ride back to his real home. The phone guy brought him home.

If you had $50 to spend at...

Bed, Bath, & Beyond, what would you buy?

On edit: it's a gift certificate.

I had good neighbors from Mallorca

When we lived in Cambridge, where they were spending their university sabbatical. They convinced us we had to visit one day.

Caves, sunny weather, mountains, beaches, pottery and more.

Zactly. Only one answer: "God" is a sadist.

Using us pawns for his own entertaining game.

Once presented this to a believing friend who told me that I "twist things with words."

She hadn't much experience with logic.

Excellent ideas but first, overturn Citizens United.

The 3 largest issues:

* enact global warming legislation
* get money out of politics
* fix our Healthcare System

Yes, bold action is needed.


How could a military person carryout such an order? This is a Nazi-style crime and is prosecutable under the Geneva Conventions*.

This monster needs to be impeached asap.

This fills me with extreme sadness and intense hatred for republicans, especially those still supporting Trump.

*"intentionally killing civilians."

Funny old commercial. Gravy? Ha! Dropped my cell

just a few days ago in a big pile of dog poop!! Yes, really, not kidding! Dog poop.

How'd I get so lucky? Happened while walking our 2 big labs (one 80lbs, the other 120lbs- so you can imagine how much they poop). Being a nice neighbor, I always carry plastic bags and pick up their poop. When I bent over, my cell fell out of my jacket pocket and smack-dab into the poop. Yuck! I uttered some expletives.

So, I picked up the phone with an extra plastic bag, carried it home. Then wiped it off with paper towels, then used a soapy damp paper towel, then dried it and used hand sanitizer on it.

Get this: 2 hrs later, I dropped it on a table which cracked the screen and broke it. Damnation! Totally fucking weird, no?! Never had such bad luck with a phone! And all on the same evening!

I'm still breaking in the new one. And I'm not taking a phone on my walks with the pups again.

Parents who reject the brutal truths

Regarding the treatment we kids received damaged their us and our relationships with them. That was my experience.

I was 50-something when my 70-something yr old mother told me that her friend's children confirmed what my brother, sister, and I told her we experienced at church decades earlier. She refused to believe (trust) her offsprings until HER friend's adult children confirmed it.

Church was absolutely mandatory in the home I grew up in. I've not been in a church, except for weddings, since I became independent of her.

- Proud atheist here

"Cult of Trump" to Jim Jones is a great analogy!!

"the Cult of Trump is still in his camp. They worship the guy. Much like Jonestown worshiped Rev. Jim Jones. I cannot think of another more apt analogy."

Yep, they're that sick.

Kick - The North Valley Animal Disaster Group.


Finally reached the donation link (it was down a bit) and donated $15 this morning. As you said, "every amount matters."

John Kerry said that tRump's pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord will cause deaths. “People are going to die.” They are, Mr. Secretary, they are.

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