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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
October 18, 2019

I agree! This bipetual thinks a lot of these assertions

are off.

Sadly, hubby and I no longer have a kitty in the family because he developed severe allergies to them decades ago. (We found the best home for our last younger kitty who lived to be 21, btw, - her new mom was a pediatrician.)

However, we both LOVE both species but favor dogs a bit more because they're much more attentive to humans and are way less selfish. Dogs will protect their humans even if it means risking their own lives. Cats?...sorry, folks.

Dogs are pack oriented and will therefore protect all members of the family, including "their" cats. One of our sweet pups once defended and chased off a dog who was chasing "her" kitty. She loved her kitty and vice versa - they grew up together. That's the secret to a cat's loving and fully accepting a dog - they must bond as kittens, otherwise, it often seems a bit hopeless.

Personality wise? Hubby, a big dog person, is rather painfully introverted. And me? I'm a very caring, more outgoing/ outspoken but untolerant asshole. As DUers know, that's not a contradiction in terms. Hubby's painful shyness rather gets on my nerves. (Folks think he's a saint but don't know what he says in private.) Conclusion: the article's assertions do not apply to us.

October 18, 2019

Then why send 2300 U.S. troops to Saudi?

And why send millions of aid to Israel?

Why give attention and consideration to Kim Jung Un?

And why visit China's leader Xi?

Why not let the Saudi's and Israel "fight it out for themselves" as he suggested the besieged Kurds do with the Turks in Syria? As Kurdish men, women, and children are being slaughtered as they flee.

The Kurds were our ALLIES who lost many in the fight against ISIS. TRump called them "No angels" but that's exactly who they were, you dumb asshole.

And why then did we loose thousands of American lives fighting in Iraq, you miserable p.o.s.!

The man is the biggest self-serving, morally empty, grifting moron in our nation's capital.

October 17, 2019

Deeply sad for the passing of a great human being...

But listening to Taps being played just has tears running.

Salute to Rep. Elijah Cunningham, a giant among men.

My hubby played Taps too.

October 13, 2019

Heard this a lot...

"good works and kindness to others."

That seems to imply that atheists don't do good works nor are kind to others, that we're incapable of good deeds and that only theists are capable of morality. Empathy is the basis of morality, not religion.

October 12, 2019

And even Pat Robertson!!

Trump ‘in danger of losing the mandate of heaven’ over Syria decision, Pat Robertson warns


October 12, 2019

Indeed. Posted this 5 days ago.

And told my skeptical husband that tRump's "done for" because it has been the churches, for the most part, that has kept this political Elmer Gantry propped up.

Here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=12555278

💃 😁

October 10, 2019

😫 Dems must use these pics in ads against tRump!!!😡

It will take decades to restore the U.S.'s reputation. Many decades.

Most rethug voters have no idea what they have done.

"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science (knowledge)." - Darwin

October 10, 2019

Misogyny is still alive.

"Pure pure racism and sexism."

I fear misogyny could play a roll in Elizabeth Warren's candidacy. She's a magnificent candidate but will the fact she's a woman keep some narrow-minded independent voters from voting?

October 5, 2019

A reminder of a definition of "evil"

Evil: Something that brings harm or distress.

I see that some posters lack the very root of kindness: the ability to empathize with all.

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