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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
April 24, 2019

Joy Reid said much the same tonight.

This is what my DH has been saying. Who's going to enforce these subpoenas since the courts are stacked with corrupt judges.

Our hope again lies with Mueller who will testify if subpoenaed - he can reveal to Congressional Dems what's in the entire report, even redacted parts in closed hearings.

All stops must be pulled out.

Trump will use every tactic he can to stay in office and out of prison. I wonder if the general public realizes how much real and intimate danger our democracy is in.

Please listen to the last 12mins:


April 24, 2019

Subpoenas will continue to be ignored.

The courts are stacked. There will be no repercussions and the hearings will then evolve into only dems telling the truth. Will repub voters listen to us? A snowball's....

I'm feeling as negative as Joy Reed was this evening. DH was saying all of this before Joy did. The only hope is if the people who used to work for tRump appear in front of committees and tell the truth. And somehow that'd be enough to turn rethugian voters.

April 18, 2019

Saw that.❤Auntie Maxine! Impeachment will be cathartic for this country.

Pelosi is wrong. Impeachment will be cathartic for the country. This festering wound to our democracy must be drained.

It's the only way, it seems, that the truth will get out. And it needs to be done **before** the election.
Trump is up to 46% in the polls now! We must stop these lies.

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