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Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 26,645

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I LOVE CRITTERS, most all critters, but I bite people. ;)

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DUer Enoki33 recently posted...

"It seems the pinnacle of human hubris to assume we have some sort of monopoly on technology and universal exploration. The shock to our social, political and religious systems will be worldwide if and when we finally get answers that confirm our own ancient tribal oral histories. Hope l am still around then."

More "confidence" in Kim Jong-un than own security advisors.

"In the tweet, Trump also admitted he has more “confidence” in dictator Kim Jong-un than his own national security advisors."


And he tweeted this while visiting Japan, a country which is threatened by N.K.'s weapons. This is a huge diplomatic misstep for tRump.

He's off his f'n rocker and is falling off the cliff now. Insane. The press needs to megaphone this shocking tweet and explain its implications.

Can't we talk about how we're going to live on Mars?

Or something like that? How science will soon be able to solve all those GW problems?

Don't worry, be happy. Lalalalala


We have a mated couple rebuilding their semi-permanent nest on the water .25 m., just down the street, from us.

It's amazing to watch them. Btw, they're ruthless hunters who kill other birds of prey, such as hawks which they've thinned out quite a bit. But those damn hawks killed my "pet" deck-feeding squirrels. I never respected squirrels too much until I got to know a special one very well. He was surprisingly intelligent - was on a feeding schedule and would scratch my living room windows or rock the patio table if I were late to feed him. He came in for a visit a few times.

There's a ton of info on green burial here...


Been getting their newsletters for a few yrs now. Services and state laws change and these folks keep you updated.

I don't know about the immediate composting idea for myself or hubby...tho we all will be compost, eventually, except for the commonly used metal caskets and our bones. May take a thousand yrs, depending on embalming process. Wanna know about that? https://www.everplans.com/articles/the-embalming-process-explicit

I just wanna be wrapped in a sheet (no embalming) and put 6' under. Hubby wants to be cremated but that's polluting.

"Happy trails...."

My Gawd. 😡

Folks should read this article!

Thanks, Joe, for posting.

"Only about 20 percent of the 1.1 million people who should be taking it for prevention are on the drug. That means preventable infections are occurring every day...

“This treatment was developed as a result of investment made by the American taxpayers...”

Truvada has earned Gilead about $3 billion a year and $36 billion since the drug was approved in 2004..."

Thanks to Elijah E. Cummings and AOC (those much maligned, loud-mouth progressive liberals) for these hearings.

THAT!! 💕

I went to sleep listening to this last night!

Once, when boarding the subway near Harvard station in Cambridge, there was a cellist playing this. The acoustics were perfect, my family and I were mesmerized. Tips were in order.
Master and Commander is one of my favorite movies and one reason is the music. Btw, I don't understand folks who don't like a wide variety of music.

I grew up on a big farm

And I remember "beating" my nanny to keep her from killing chickens.

My siblings have been vegetarians for decades; except for a few times that my hubs wanted ground beef in my big homemade pots of "veggie" soup, I've not eaten red meat. I've officially stopped. Made my hubby watch slaughterhouse videos. And just bought some "Beyond Meat."


Death row, watch (no gore).

Watch "DEATH ROW" for cows in slaughterhouse.

Or search YouTube for "slaughterhouse" and watch. If you have any empathy, any heart, you'll head to the supermarket and buy some delicious "Beyond Meat." It's less expensive by the case, btw. Just bought mine!

Have a ❤. It helps make your heart healthier.

Take action to Save Mink. Write!

If anyone can find a better addy or site, please post.

Email addy:
"Save Mink the Bear"
"Suggestion: a GoFundMe page to pay for a multi-acre enclosure with hibernating den. I would most certainly donate.
Please save this sweet old bear. She belongs in Hanover!

I then added my personal info.

It's worth a try and I'd certainly donate to a GoFundMe page to save this sweet old critter. I love black bears after observing and having many encounters with them in the GSMNP over the decades.

Cattledog, thank you for posting this.

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