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Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2004, 11:13 PM
Number of posts: 23,425

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Well, I'm an old coot (cootess) who wants justice.

There are criminals in jail who've committed less crimes than has tRump.

If this is a country of laws, then no man should be above the law.
Therefore, why should tRump not do time?

I do not care if "it divides the country." It's already divided and that's just code for "we don't want to upset right wingers"
After the way they've lied? "Buffalo bagels" to quote Col. Potter.

No wonder they think we wear our pants under our armpits.

See post #23 below for EXCELLENT & articulate reasoning.

By cracky, will this be enough to crack the case?

They have dirt, lots and lots of dirt. A bit here, a bit there will eventually reveal most crimes of this crime syndicate running our government.

As I posted earlier, I want them, especially tRump, to die in prison.

If this is a country of laws, no man above the law, then tell me why tRump should not do time?

I do not care if "it divides the country." It's already divided. And isn't that statement just code for "we don't want to upset right wingers"?

After the way they've lied? "Buffalo bagels" to quote Col. Potter.

Bingo! ⬆⬆

There are places where you can get your tires slashed and your car keyed just for a bumper sticker, not to mention getting your dog poisoned by a neighbor who hated your Obama sign. Happened.

Apparently y'all don't know some of these haters. "Battles" won't happen, snipping can. Why else do we need to protect the whistleblower?

Good points. Sorry to learn they've evolved into this

Bin of RW paranoid uninformed/misinformed LOONIES.

It's not sanity, it's Hannity.

Liberal propaganda...😁

Anyone watch Global Citizen Festival? Queen

Queen just left the stage. 💕

60,000 there. Just Wow. MSNBC.


This logical theory plays only a *minor* roll:

Parents who "overvalue" children during this developmental stage, telling them they are superior to others and entitled to special treatment, are more likely to produce narcissistic children -- who can grow up to become narcissistic adults, unless something is done about it."

The heart of the problem is emotional neglect and unrealistic expectations, imo. In that mode, the article does make the important point about the greatest counter to NPD:

"But when children are treated by their parents with affection and appreciation, they may internalize the view that they are valuable individuals, a view that is at the core of self-esteem."

Narcissists spend their lives expecting others to prop up their failing self-imagine.

No, he developed that from childhood.


And a prevailing but mostly wrong theory:

War crimes! He thinks needs to be investigated.

Ted Lieu, we do love you.

Trump: Can we work something out?

The Speaker should've said, "Yes, resign and we won't impeach you."


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