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Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2004, 11:13 PM
Number of posts: 23,679

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No, he developed that from childhood.


And a prevailing but mostly wrong theory:

War crimes! He thinks needs to be investigated.

Ted Lieu, we do love you.

Trump: Can we work something out?

The Speaker should've said, "Yes, resign and we won't impeach you."


I'd love to send this out..

But truth has been rejected by all but one of my friends. The others said stop, "all this climate change stuff is too depressing." In my head, I'm giving them the Greta treatment.
I feel her fury. We all should.


Tell Nancy..

If you haven't already. An investigation will get the votes she needs.

What would Nancy have done in 1974?

Glad you keep reminding folks of this! 👍

What can be done to stop this propaganda filling the airwaves? Besides keeping reminding folks and boycotting sponsors?


Disclosure: I've a personal interest because talk radio, in great part, was responsible for my brother's intense, seemingly irreparable brainwashing.

I just saw these heartbreaking pics on CNN.

Glad you posted here.

We need an intervension!! These trained pupsters came from the States, so then by damn, we need to retrieve them!! Bring them home. No more dogs for them! Who do we write to??

Many decades ago, a good friend from Turkey told me that Middle Easterners consider dogs to be dirty and unworthy pets. But cats were fine. True, I swear he said this, so I suspect that attitude may be the reason these wonderful dogs have been so mistreated that they're dying.

Exactly! They lack basic, innate empathy.

It's not just their RW lying news that has misinformed them, the base, it's WHY they sought out those sources to begin with. And yes, they had choices.

They have personality disorders and misplaced anger issues.

"...solidarity and empathy with other species"

When I went thru the long and deep grieving process, it was the end of innocent lives that depressed me the most.

Acknowledgement of the oncoming doom takes courage and it seems these young ones have more courage and empathy than most adults I know.

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