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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
November 28, 2020

Sena's post needs to be printed in papers across the country.

My story, from 37yrs ago...

After obvious problems appeared, multiple ultrasounds were done in my 2nd & 3rd trimester. The last set were done by specialists at the hospital. It was a horrible experience to have a group of technicians pointing and whispering around the monitor and have them to refuse to tell you WTF was going on. But I knew enough, enough to know that my baby had tremendous problem(s). I knew my belly was half the size it should have been, but I did not know WHAT exactly the problem was.

Sadly, I was quite passed the point in my pregnancy where I could have gotten a legal abortion...or one w/o a broad of review making a protracted decision about it. (This was 1983.) During my office appointments, my OB hemmed, hawed, and would not address the problem. With his silence, he did indeed lie to me.

I learned, some time after Amy died, that he had almost lost his license to practice at a local Catholic hospital after he discreetly "terminated" a late-term pregnancy because the baby had some terminal problem.

In my case, he chose to protect himself rather than to deal with another difficult pregnancy ---rather than give the mother the facts and a choice. I should have changed docs and learned the facts. I would have petitioned for an abortion rather than let my baby painfully fight for hours trying to live. (Amy died from lack of oxygen because her lungs could not function properly due to the diaphragmatic hernia. She did not survive the attempt to correct the all too extensive hernia, which had allowed to her intestines to grow into her lung cavity. The extent of her hernia had been detected on those many ultrasounds!! She was almost found to have polycystic kidneys.)

As dastardly as it might sound to some, late term abortion would have been the most humane thing to do. But I was so traumatized and so unsure of how to proceed. For weeks --for the remaining time of that third trimester I cried myself to sleep because I knew enough to know how bad it was going to be. Sadly my husband was not supportive because he escaped into denial.

The only person who would truthfully address the problem (& the only person who would comfort me) was the pediatrician I went to see 6 weeks before delivery. She had a copy of my OB’s chart. She held my hand and confirmed that my baby had major problems. She then told me that she’d be there for me and do every thing that she could for my baby – for Amy and that we, together, would get through what was coming. I loved her for confirming the truth of what I knew. The only person in my world to have done so.

Many yrs later I found that same OB doc w/a group of nurse groupies having dinner at the same restaurant we were at. (My son, who was delivered yrs later by another OB, was with me at the time.) I did not want to create a scene, but I wanted this asshole doc to know what a horrible person I considered him to be. So, I wrote a note on a napkin, "DO NOT EVER again NOT tell a woman that her baby has major problems." I stood there while he read it. I said "I'll never forget what you did to me." His face turned white and he got up & left. True story.

This was such an emotionally painful part of my past but I had to add my story.

November 28, 2020

It's not what you eat, it's WHO you eat.

That's empathy, compassion...and not looking away.

Very good post, Beringia.

How do we make our food choices? Would you eat your dog...or cat? They slaughter them for food in Asia.

How do you determine which animal deserves slaughtering?

I'm failing my own test - hubby has a strong negative influence & he wants occasional red meat. And I have meat eating critters to fed. (This last week vets told me my big Lab's blood wk revealed she's low on protein!)

So, this is difficult, but I'm at least trying & choosing to say NO to many traditional animals, like lambs, veal, etc. Good thing I love shrimp - yes they have senses but are very low on the cognitive pyramid.

More self-congratulatory: I scooped up a big spider today & put him out instead of crushing him.

I try, I truly do. I need some help in the menu dept.

November 19, 2020

You have read this...

Still, multiple aides said, Biden is generally not inclined to see his Justice Department investigate Trump.


November 18, 2020


"Heal"? They should be stomped to the degree of their crimes.

However, an analogy to the post-Civil War South could be made. It was in this climate that the Ku Klux Klan was born and the "Redeemers" sought to reestablish the "Old South."

So, these s.o.b.'s won't quit? And we have to coddle their wounded egos to "just get along"?

They broke Laws!

November 18, 2020


Did you read?

Still, multiple aides said, Biden is generally not inclined to see his Justice Department investigate Trump.

November 16, 2020

Bingo! TY! "Follow the $"

Folks don't realize what first led to this.

First appeal to their prejudices, then you've got their minds to follow whatever bullshit you want to feed them.

Rachel Maddow's book Blowout explains that gaining & keeping control of oil and the Fossil Fuel industry in general is the motivation for controlling the message and minds - an easy job given America's gullible population. They already believe things without evidence.

"Rachel Maddow pinpoints the root of all evils: The fossil fuel industry"

November 13, 2020

From a Cattledog's post last year

Nearly 200 dogs a day are currently being slaughtered and consumed in Bali, BAWA estimates. That’s around 70,000 a year.

The practice of consuming dog meat is not a long-held Balinese tradition, but was brought to the island by minorities who came to work in the hospitality industry in the 1970s.

Along the beaches in South Bali, unsuspecting tourists may also unknowingly purchase dog sate, as sellers may simply pass them off as chicken sate in a bid to make profits.


All western tourists should boycott Bali until this heartbreaking, cruel practice is stopped.

They even beat the poor dogs before killing them, thinking that would improve the flavor of the dog meat!! 😠😠

Tourism makes up 80% of the economy, so if people boycott this horrific practice, it will STOP.

🚨 Do Not Go to Bali. 🚨

November 13, 2020

They're "flying foxes" or fruit bats


Pteropus is a genus of megabats which are among the largest bats in the world. They are commonly known as fruit bats or flying foxes, among other colloquial names.
They live in the tropics and subtropics of Asia, Australia,* East Africa, and some oceanic islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.*

Scientific name: Pteropus
Higher classification: Old World fruit bats
Class: Mammalia
Mass: Large flying fox: 2.1 lbs
Length: Grey-headed flying fox: 11 in., Black flying fox: 10 in., Great flying fox: 11 in.

❤ most all bats (exception being the Vampire bats of Central and South America).
The insects eating ones keep our neighborhood mosquito problem down and folks here build "bat houses" for them.

On edit: I first thought this lady was in the UK but she's an Aussie in Australia! Love her sweet voice.

November 12, 2020

"'The Rum Tum Tugger' from Cats

John Partridge cracked me up, he was such a hoot!

We went to see Cats when my son was around 10 (23yrs ago). We all loved it.

The play had some really emotionally moving scenes in the last act, at least for me - when the old cat faced her mortality.

Have you seen it? Or the 2019 version? Both are excellent but in different ways.

November 12, 2020

Jessie's Sweet Baby Surprise 💕

Jessie's Sweet Baby Surprise - oh, watch those eyes.

And another baby...

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