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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
December 27, 2020

YES, again.

No one wants to talk about it.

Then there are those who say scientists will find a way to solve the warming problem. Well, they have & first necessity is not just to stop flying on planes and eating beef, but to stop having more than one offspring.

The Chinese had it right but there was too much protest even in that overly populated country. So now, we're all entrapped with these billions of ignorant lemmings.


December 26, 2020

E X A C T L Y❗

You took the words right out of my mouth.

We humans are killing the goddamn planet❗

December 26, 2020

"more worried that two gay people might get married"


It's a cultural war with them, which, at its root involves their religion and the propaganda they consume with gusto. LBJ nailed much of it: "Convince the lowest white man he's better than the best ..."

There's the big segment of the population with serious personality disorders created by their conditioning and they need scapegoats. Faux, Limbaugh, & tRump have given them just that.

December 23, 2020

We're always tempted to overly simplify critters...

Especially those we have little understanding of - we shouldn't.

We know not that we know not.

December 23, 2020

You MUST watch this documentary

"My Octopus Teacher" on Netflix. I got hooked. It was such a fascinating & extremely emotionally documentary, at least for me.

Here's the official Trailer....

December 23, 2020

That's the truth.

I hate them too.

+ We're overfishing the oceans.

Then there's the beef, pork, chicken farming that's hurting the environment. Either we go vegetarian or have less children. The planet can't suffer our abuse much longer or we'll be history.

December 20, 2020

Rational Wiki doesn't think much of Irwin..

Klee Irwin is a pseudoscience proponent.[1] He became widely known for his infomercials for "Dual Action Cleanse", a "natural" remedy,[2], which was subject to numerous lawsuits.[3] Some have reported being scammed by his company.[4]


Sorry but neither does the resident physicist here who said no physical Journal would publish this speculative theory, of course because this cannot be tested. Irwin is only self-published (Quantum Gravity Institute is his). It's speculative philosophy, not science.

December 14, 2020

A quote - "moral relativism"

In its original literal sense, "moral relativism" is simply moral complexity. That is, anyone who agrees that stealing a loaf of bread to feed one's children is not the moral equivalent of, say, shoplifting a dress for the fun of it, is a relativist of sorts. But in recent years, conservatives bent on reinstating an essentially religious vocabulary of absolute good and evil as the only legitimate framework for discussing social values have redefined "relative" as "arbitrary".

- Ellen Jane Willis (1941-2006)

December 13, 2020

Glad to see your update.

But I would seek other opinions & estimates.

Btw, there's a franchise network all over the country using the prefix VCA - this VCA corporation bought private, individual animal clinic everywhere. They are rather expensive.

We just spent almost $9K* on our big 5yr old Lab over the last yr. We lost her on Monday. 😭

I wish your grand-puppy the best. Please, keep us posted!

*Edited to correct a large charge I had forgotten to include.

December 11, 2020

Totally agree. That's why...

I added "do not expect" in bold.

Most Americans form opinions only on what they hear by word-of-mouth, social media, & broadcast media, in that order. 😣 That's it, imo. No wonder our democracy is teetering.

I've heard excuses that "they don't have the time." Then why can they spent so much time on social media?

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