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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
February 28, 2020

Goodness!! So sorry.

You've been through a wringer. 😟

I've had ME/CFS for 40+ yrs. Am a magnitude better than when I experienced the first awful onset. However, it's something I've never totally recovered from because the virus altered my immune system. Symptoms come in fairly rare bouts now. If I become too stressed/too exhausted or even inundated with too many allergens like mold, my body temp increases a fraction and the night sweats and extreme fatigue begin. I'll most likely die if I contract Coronavirus because, besides ME, I have two other comorbidities.

For anyone wondering:

February 28, 2020

These *naive* young Bernie supporters...

Are exactly like the MAGA Hats now. Easily deceived!!

Bernie's campaign people's messaging in 2020 seems to be a lot extreme hype and exaggeration. And these young ppl are buying it hook, line, & "border-wall."

February 27, 2020

Please read this...


Besides, the next presidential election is November 3, 2020.

February 26, 2020

My 33yo son lives in Brooklyn, works in Manhattan

Rides the train, has a dog (feet on dirty streets), so i don't know how he's going to avoid it. 😩
More disadvantages: he's asthmatic, has terrible bouts of bronchitis, but, to top it off, he's a most frustrating, overly optimistic, stubborn cuss! 😬

Any advice? Besides my asking him to come home and telecommute?
I fear I'll just have resign myself to the fact that he's going to be really sick. 😷 😩

Forgive my rattling here, 'cause I am truly worried.

February 26, 2020

Did anyone notice that Terry McAuliffe was in front row?

At the end, Joe Biden stepped down front and shook his hand.

I'm sure he supports VP Biden.

I last saw Terry when he spoke at the new Katherine Johnson Computation Center at NASA LRC in 2018. He was amazing!

February 26, 2020

Did anyone notice that Terry McAuliffe was in front row?

At this last debate? At the end, Joe Biden stepped down front and shook his hand.

I personally heard Terry speak at the new Katherine Johnson Computation Center at NASA LRC in 2018. He was amazing!!

I'm sure he supports VP Biden.

February 24, 2020

Big difference: JFK, Carter, Gore, Obama were NOT

Assets. TRump is a provable ASSET.

Bernie is NOT an ASSET but knows Russia wants to help him be the Democratic nominee.

There is NO a parallel to be drawn here.

February 23, 2020

TY!! I've immense respect for these guys'

opinions and wish folks here would listen to them.

Btw, who does Pres. Obama support?
Bet ya know.

Also wish Bloom would drop out and pitch a bank's worth of cash at Joe.

It's all about whom those electoral college votes will go to.

February 21, 2020

Damn! That was horrible,

A horrible situation. What a damn f'n piece of shit that man was!

I can relate just a bit. Wish I had the wisdom 45 yrs ago that I now have, as an old cootness. Wish I knew some marshal arts then. Wish I my modesty was as faded then as it is now.

However, I'm EXTREMELY glad that, in one dangerous situation, my husband had insisted I carry a small weapon in my purse. (I'm for background checks & licensing weapons, not banning them - except for assault weapons, of course!) I worked in a dangerous area.

One Friday afternoon when I was alone in the office doing payroll, a trouble-making employee barged in drunk and quickly made his intentions known. Here, I can so relate to the fear you must have felt, backtoblue. My heart was pounding and my hand shook as I, discreetly as possible, reached into my purse and with a quick move, pointed that little 25 beretta at his face and told him to leave. He did. He peeled out of the parking lot as fast as he could. I immediately dialed the police. He was picked up on a DWI, spent the weekend in jail, was fined heavily, and lost his job.

Why I did not press charges for attempted rape, I'm not exactly sure. Fear of retaliation? Embarrassment? Probably a lot of factors. It's not easy for gals in the workforce.

And so, I full-heartedly congratulate you on your BRAVERY and perseverance seeing to it that that monster experienced some justice. Bravo! You may not feel like it but you are a HERO!!

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