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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
July 30, 2020

That was interesting

Yet depressing & disturbing to me. I value wild critters in their own habitats & feel this kind of experimentation is cruel. Some "scientists" seem to lack an empathy gene.

Like so many others whom we share the planet with, Dolphins are sentient beings with emotions and should have been more respected.


But, btw, I've no objections to adult humans experimenting with LSD, none whatsoever. 😋

Unrelated, random comment: wouldn't the planet be better off if humans never existed? 🙄

July 29, 2020

Like others here, I collect info

Info I'd like to use to counter all kinds of wingers but am usually too polite to sling it all in their faces, especially neighbors & family.

6 days ago I emailed myself this, saved for my next round of attempting to persuade my son to at least slow down on red meat. (His consumption of it offends my sensibilities - he's 33yo & did not develop his voracious carnivore appetite at home.)

How does deforestation in Brazil affect the world?
Overall. Collapsing trees across Brazil emits high density of carbon emissions, a greenhouse gas effect also occurs when these trees collapse. ... Overall, Deforestation in Brazil alone is highly detrimental to Earth's Global Warming crisis today.

Deforestation in Brazil -

In Brazil, this has been the case since at least the 1970s: government figures attributed 38 percent of deforestation from 1966-1975 to large-scale cattle ranching. Today the figure in Brazil is closer to 70 percent.
Feb 26, 2020
https://rainforests.mongabay.com › ...

Amazon Destruction -

How much Brazilian beef does the US import?

According to records from the USDA Economic Research Service, the U.S. imported 140.9 million pounds of beef from Brazil last year. This is a relatively high import volume in recent years, though the early 2000s saw the highest import volumes, exceeding 280 million pounds.
Mar 29, 2019

FRESH Brazilian beef might be coming back to the U.S.
Jun 6, 2019
Fresh Brazilian beef might be returning to the U.S. However, questions regarding inspections exist, and long-running worries about the safety of the U.S. cattle herd remain.

On Monday, March 25, Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Farming issued a beef trade-related announcement. It claimed the USDA had announced plans to audit the Brazil’s beef inspection system in June 2019.
The Brazilian announcement came less than a week after President Donald Trump met with Brazil’s President Jair Messias Bolsonaro. After the March 19 meeting, the pair of presidents issued a joint statement regarding trade topics, beef among them.

So, you want to help save the planet's inhabitable ecosystems? Then, save the oceans' ecosystems and the planet's rainforest. The biggest step in saving the rainforests is to stop eating so much beef.

Rant off.

Sorry, DU, I saved this info for my son but since Rainforest fragility is the topic, I thought I might add this....but it probably belongs in another form.

July 28, 2020

Nightly news should be covering this...Remember...

Remember these articles from back in June?

Did we see this exposed on the nightly news broadcasts?

*A white supremacist channel on Telegram encouraged its followers to spark violence to start a race war in the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd, Politico reported, citing an internal Department of Homeland Security memo.

*Citing the FBI, the note said that two days after Floyd's death, the channel "incited followers to engage in violence and start the 'boogaloo' — a term used by some violent extremists to refer to the start of a second Civil War — by shooting in a crowd."

*One of the messages in the channel called for potential shooters to "frame the crowd around you" for the violence, the note said, according to Politico.

*Other media outlets have also reported on white supremacist groups weaponizing protests against police brutality to incite violence.

*Meanwhile, several Republican officials, including President Donald Trump, have blamed "antifa" for the violence and some have suggested protesters should be hunted down like terrorists.


I don't remember broadcast media covering much of this but they covered the WH racist blaming "antifa."

July 28, 2020

They ARE!!

I'm so proud of how they have been handling these racist, misogynist asshole wingers who expect to and are used to intimidating women, especially those of color.

These Democratic women are their intellectual superiors, not vice versa.

July 27, 2020

Aww, glad you're enjoying his YouTube channel.

Regarding kitties riding: My Mr. Silver, a blue pt Siamese, loved to ride. He & our young Lab took to each other immediately, so most everywhere I took her in the car, he came too.

The trick, I think, with many kitties is you must exposed them to things at a very young age. Unfortunately, I don't think it works with all of kitties.

Besides Nala being introduced to biking so young, her & Dean's personalities just seem to mesh so amazingly well.

Isn't it a "trip" watching them?!

July 27, 2020

We got as far as the North York Moors.

After spending a lot of time in the city of York (what a surprising city it was too), we spent the night at a farmhouse bed & breakfast somewhere near the Moors. Night caught us driving around on those scary, steep cliffs!

Anyone who travels to the north of England should take time to visit the hugely large & impressive York Cathedral. This atheist was impressed by the architecture.

July 26, 2020

The serious: Dances with Wolves

The hilarious: Blazing Saddles

July 24, 2020

You're most welcome.

Both he and his kitty are so likeable.

In one video he found a sick stray little pup & off they went to a local vet. He paid for puppy's treatment & located a shelter to take it in.

Such a kind person!
(He's my son's age who, coincidentally, backpacked Scotland for 11days last summer.)

July 24, 2020

Guy Biking Across the World Picks Up a Stray Kitty

For months now I've been totally hooked on this Scottish guy's "cycling the globe" channel.

Along the way, he found & adopted the cutest stray kitten who turns into quite a traveling buddy. Dean has a whole channel of his travel videos. An example...

His website: https://1bike1world.com

Edit to include this info:

Hi All, I’m Dean! On the 1st September 2018 I left Dunbar, Scotland with the ambition to cycle the world. 3 months and 9 countries later I was coming up to the Bosnia-Montenegro border when I heard a little kitten meowing her heart out, chasing me trying to get my attention. We were 12 miles from the nearest town, and it was soon clear by her friendly nature and desperate hunger her owner had intentionally dumped her.

Over the next coming days the kitten and I grew closer, It was clear she had lioness traits, with her feisty and loving personality and so it was Nala was to be her name. Following a trip to the vet I finally became her owner as she had previously not been registered. From then on it was set, Nala was to be my new travel companion, riding up front with the world ahead of her.


Follow him on YouTube. Best video travel blog ever!

Dean & Kitty Nala

July 24, 2020


Organized religion & true spirituality are entirely unrelated. One is fabricated folklore* - contrived to control; the other is found within.

So, good for YOU!

* Not that I'm dissing everything in written scriptures, just the premise. Any that tells us to "love one another" is good - the rest is garbage. Notice everything in religious scripture is "commandments" - there's not a "how-to."

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