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Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
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True and the march in DC

Wasn't a great idea either...since I didn't see enough distancing & masks there. Anyone else notice?
Very difficult with that many people. At least we Dems try.

More, from another source...

Elon Musk on Friday unveiled a coin-sized prototype of a brain implant developed by his startup Neuralink to enable people who are paralyzed to operate smartphones and robotic limbs with their thoughts — and said the company had worked to “dramatically simplify” the device since presenting an earlier version last summer.

In an event live-streamed on YouTube to more than 150,000 viewers, the company staged a demonstration in which it trotted out a pig named Gertrude that was said to have had the company’s device implanted in its head two months ago; the live stream showed what Musk claimed to be Gertrude’s real-time brain activity as it sniffed around a pen. At no point, though, did he provide evidence that the signals — rendered in beeps and bright blue wave patterns on screen — were, in fact, emanating from the pig’s brain.


OooK. Good thing but why do I feel a bit uncomfortable?

😡😡 PBS Mark Shields on Obama's comment 😡😡

Our cable went out Friday evening, so instead of listening to no news at all, I streamed PBS News Hour. Never again (there was a reason we stopped listening to that program).

Mark Shields:

Well, Judy, I am not one to often question former President Barack Obama's selection of words or his eloquence, which is demonstrated, but I think he was absolutely wrong when he said that they are trying to kneecap*, Republicans are trying to kneecap.
I mean, it is a mafia term. And it is very harsh.

*"As a metaphor "kneecapping" suggests being limited by external imposition in a way that prevents full freedom of movement or utilization of resources." - Wiki

"Very harsh" - omg! After all tRump has said & done, Shields wants to call out Obama's language. GD, that's reaching!

Beautiful. Here's another "Shark Whisperer" 🐬

🌊 🐬 🌊

Mine too!

I ❤ that pic.

Hubby worked with Leland for yrs.
(Trivia: Ya know he used to play football for the Cowboys. And had to wait 'til after retiring from NASA to come out. He's living back near Roanoke now but came to Katherine Johnson's retirement party.)

He's the kindest soul.

Well said! 👍

those who go straight into fear, hatred and paranoia are people who have only lived a life of privilege and entitlement and are triggered because they’ve never never had to develop an existential imperative to interact with a significant amount of people outside of their own socially cloistered environment.

Paranoia is indeed a deeply-rooted, despicable trait of that political party - one they seem to apply to every aspect of their lives.

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