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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
September 27, 2020

Wonder how many abortions tRump has paid for?


September 14, 2020


There are a numbers of these videos. I almost feel sorry for the poor intimidated black bears. 😁
Doubt if kitties could pulled that off with a grizzly.

September 12, 2020

K&R - composite pic

September 11, 2020

There are some real humdingers in there!

I liked #8, #14, & #31.


September 11, 2020


I've been on a B-complex daily regimen for a few decades now - they really help! Don't think I could move w/o them.

I saw the famous CFS/ME expert & pioneer Dr. Paul Cheney in the late '80s. He, along with other docs, ran a clinic in NC; think he's retired now.

And regarding CFS still being controversial, indeed, it is, especially here in the "States."
I think most people still think it's a joke or a convenient haven for hypochondriacs. If they'd only do a bit of reading! In contrast, I found most people in England knew about & accepted Myalgic Encephalic Myelitis (their term for CFS) as being a real, irrefutable, uncontroversial chronic illness.
Our CDC says it is too:

And it is chronic; I've yet to find a person who says they've fully recovered.

Apologies to Floyd for hijacking his great TV dinner thread.

September 11, 2020

Omg! Wicked Blue!

I was diagnosed with CFS! That was way back in the late 70s, just when it was still very controversial & barely becoming accepted. Anytime I've had pneumonia, the flu, or any other bug, it's a factor in my recovery. Sometimes I don't know if I'm coming down with something or just having a bout with CFS/ME.
Q: do you have brain fog too?

I couldn't imagine having a 3yo along with an 8mo old baby + CFS. Poor you! Your hubby must've helped a lot! Mine not so much - he's a good guy but his career has always been a priority.

Anyway, yes, my son is still "one heckuva smart kid!" Has a PhD in physics and has created a 2nd career in AI as a data scientist, & is in his 30's now.

September 11, 2020

Same here.

Those things kept me going for a few yrs when I didn't have the time or energy to cook. That was a lifetime ago.

Then, yrs later, there's a memorable story about my 4yr who had watched me microwave these when I was in a pinch for time.

His dad was living in England for a few months when I suddenly fell horribly sick - high fever, vomiting, dizzy. My precocious little guy (was reading at 2) pulled tv dinners out of the freezer & fixed them for the 2 of us until his dad got a flight home. He was truly unbelievably helpful taking care of his mom.

I had no family within 400+ miles, hated the neighbors, & would drop dead before asking work associates for help. But my kid knew how to use the microwave, apparently, & how long to nuke Swanson tv dinners!

So, don't knock these time-savers because they can be "lifesavers."

September 11, 2020

A sampling...

Weakening EPA rules on methane emissions.

Relaxing the Volcker Rule, which was enacted in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to prevent banks from acting like hedge funds.

Reducing regulations on trains transporting extremely flammable materials.

Loosening restrictions on predatory payday lending companies.

Revoking Health and Human Services Department nondiscrimination protections for transgender people and people seeking abortions.

Easing rules on dark money disclosure by groups including the National Rifle Association and AARP.

Limiting states' power to reject fossil fuel projects.

Eviscerating protections for asylum-seekers.

Among the administration's proposed rollbacks are: revoking protections for unhoused transgender people, redefining critical wildlife habitats, revising the Clean Air Act, weakening pipeline safety rules, and removing barriers on oil and gas drilling in the Arctic Sea.


September 10, 2020

Those angry people in the OP pic are Rethugians.

Wow, but I think you've misconstrued the post. We've often previously discussed how the christofascists** have taken parts of the bible/their faith to fuel their hatred of progressive views.

For instances, they use this to judge gay people: "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination."
Leviticus, Chapter 18, verse 22.


Christian fascism denotes the intersection between fascism and Christianity and encompasses the fascistic, totalitarian, and imperialistic aspects of the Christian church. It is sometimes referred to as "Christofascism", a neologism coined by liberation theologist Dorothee Sölle in 1970.

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