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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
March 3, 2021

My dad died of a massive coronary too..

54yrs ago at age 45. Rheumatic fever had weakened his heart when he was a child. He was somewhat overweight, a smoker, and lived with a chip on his shoulder. I don't recall a day that he wasn't angry about something.

Glad to hear your mom is doing well at 94.

February 27, 2021

Anyone heard from or about Stonepounder?

In one of his last posts in July 2020, he said this...

"Without going into details, suffice to say I have a nasty fatal disease. About a month ago I fell and couldn't get up. Called my doctor who told me to get to the ER. Called 911 and got an ambulance ride to the hospital where my doctor was doing rounds. I was COVID-19 clear, so was admitted. ..."

I think we may have lost this wonderful man...Does anyone know?

Sometime ago he wrote the most touching & moving post I've ever read about dogs.

Sadly wondering & worried here.
February 27, 2021

K & R x 1000

Something gotta be done not only about the elected wingers but the lying *media sources of propaganda* in this country. It's plainly deadly.

Btw, Brian Williams has won me over with his charming, snarky wit. I try not to miss him.

And Bill Maher lost me many many months ago when he said, "Covid, covid, covid - it's all I'm hearing! I'm so OVER covid!"
F you, Bill Maher & all your RW guests, like Megan Kelly tonight. Folks don't watch to hear wingers.

February 25, 2021

Bravo! 👏

Speaking of using god, in today's news:

Tenn. bill would allow public employees to opt out of training using religious exemption 😵

This means first responders, teachers, or any other public servant would not have to do things like diversity, safety, sexual harassment, or other training.

“This bill opens so many issues, but at its core I do think its targeting diversity training,” Tennessee Equality Project Executive Director Chris Sanders said.

February 23, 2021

Yes they are BUT...

Excuse me - where did the slogan BEGIN??

And many here predicted it could and would be used to slam us.

What Does "Defund the Police" Mean? Here's the Meaning Behind the Rallying Cry
It's a growing call from protestors and activists
— but what does it actually mean?

Jul 22, 2020

As the United States grapples with the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and countless other Black Americans at the hands of racism and police brutality, one rallying cry gained momentum across the country: "Defund the police." You might have seen the phrase written on protest signs, on social media, or even on painted street murals — which probably has led you to wonder, what does "defund the police" mean, exactly, and what would it really look like?


February 21, 2021

Succinctly & well said. 👏

things we need to live... shouldn't be used to make a buck for a lucky few.

February 18, 2021

Good for this wonderful, compassionate lady!

Sending my atheist blessings her way.

February 18, 2021

Sick of people who are afraid of every small wild critter!!!

We have raccoons on our deck almost every night. They're a slight nuance ONLY b/c they eat my squirrels' treats. They're not to be feared.

But then there's a neighbor, a hunter who gets pleasure from killing, who killed "my" friendly little gray momma fox. One night she brought her 3 kits to see me!!

These critters are the size of a house kitty but with longer legs & a bushy tail. Despite myths, they're seldom found to be rabid but are just more friendly than some realize.

One visited us just last night.

February 18, 2021

Also called "bifurcations" in a system

Unstable systems do this before making a permanent 1-sided change.

And yes, totally predicted by climate scientist, which of these assholes would have known if they'd read much of anything about it.

But reading anything is forbidden in their cultist culture.


February 18, 2021

Rolling blackouts happened in the South, but not in Tennessee

Why Tennessee was able to avoid these extended outages and rolling blackouts?

Aaron Paul Melda, transmission and power supply senior vice president for the Tennessee Valley Authority, says the utility's continued reliability is a product of its dedicated workforce and its public power system model.

"We have been built and funded by the people of the United States and the Tennessee Valley and are beholden to them alone," he said, adding that the utility can plan its grid and operations more conservatively in the absence of investor pressure.

"We work to balance cost and high reliability and ensure a diverse fleet so that we have the ability to shift power sources if need be," he said.

We have a underlying philosophy of not putting all our eggs in one basket." TVA's power comes from coal, hydroelectric, natural gas, nuclear and renewable energy sources.

40% of TVA's generating capacity is nuclear, and 45% of its power is coming from carbon-free sources, according to the company.


We know TVA could never be built today under any GOP administration.

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