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Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
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Lucky!! How I wish...

Try having an ADD 2yr old empty a bottle of Wesson oil all over your kitchen & family room.

He wasn't diagnosed with ADD until he was entering 3rd grade & his teacher requested a conference. She only confirmed what I'd been telling my dh for yrs. He still wasn't convinced until our son was examined by a well-respected pediatric neurologist who prescribed Ritalin. That med got the kid through the next 20yrs of his education. (B.S., UVa; PhD, JHU).

That pediatric neurologist, btw, was Dr. Ralph Northam, current governor of Virginia!

Sometimes we just need some chemical intervention.

You sound like my mother.

She even ran a lot of red lights!!

She could never sit & watch tv or listen to music. (I do wish I had her energy though.)

Yes, she was ADD & I don't know how she ever made it thru school w/o Ritalin.

Ever try just reading on your phone when in a line? It helps me endure long waits.

Ok, from Forbes...

Biden White House Admits Firing Staffers For Marijuana, But Still Employs Some Past Pot Users


MJ smokers, Biden is not liking what you smoke.

Wonder what his response would've been

Had she pulled out a realistic-looking toy gun, pointed it at him, and screamed, "You're threatening me! HELP!!"

Just a ridiculous thought on my part, but these assholes need something to scare them off their "I've the right to demean and intimidate anyone I chose" soapbox. Bet he wouldn't have challenged a guy bigger than him. It's a bully mentality.

Yep, any organ meat disgusts me.

DH loves disgusting chicken livers. Me cook them? Hell no, he can order them when out. He likes beef liver too but I forbid him to even consume it in front of me.

Story: took our red-meat-eating son out to the most hailed steak house in Baltimore to celebrate his grad school graduation. Everyone at the table ordered steak, of course, but when they brought those rare steaks to the table I had to leave for the restroom. Spent the next 45 mins there until his gf came in to tell me dinner was over. True story.

Not just capitalism. The planet cannot support 8 Billion


Human-driven deforestation affects ecosystems, weather patterns, and climate. Forests cover less than 30% of the planet's land mass, but humans are clearing these essential carbon filters/ oxygen creators on a massive scale in order to grow more food.

Folks, please watch...

States Seek to Emulate Wisconsin's Wolf Massacre

Other States Seek to Emulate Wisconsin’s Wolf Massacre | Sierra Club

Plans include hunting with dogs, ATVs, bait, snares, and helicopters
March 15, 2021

In the course of three days in late February 2021, Wisconsin hunters killed 216 wolves, nearly 20 percent of the state's wolf population. The hunt was the result of a last-minute court order issued after the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty filed a lawsuit on behalf of Hunter Nation Inc., a Kansas-based hunting advocacy group, because Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) failed to hold a wolf hunt. Local tribes condemned the decision, urging tribal inclusion in the rule-making process. Conservation groups also opposed the wolf hunt due to the rushed process and lack of public input.

“This hunt represents an unprecedented and extreme departure from sound, science-based wildlife practices on the part of Wisconsin DNR and an insult to science, democracy, and good conscience,” says Elizabeth Ward, the director of the Sierra Club's Wisconsin Chapter.

Wisconsin is the only state that mandates a wolf hunt. Republican lawmakers and hunting groups in the state have called for an open hunting season ever since DNR decided to wait until the fall in order to include new population data into its wolf management plan. But the court order forced the agency to hold a hunt with just a week left in the season, giving them mere days to devise a quota. The DNR initially set a quota of 200 wolves but later reduced the number to 119 after tribes, who did not participate in the hunt, protested their lack of inclusion in the planning process.

In the end, the DNR issued 2,000 hunting permits, almost twice the number of its 2020 estimate of wolves in the state...


If you're not a racist, you're not one of us.

As a liberal southerner I'm allow to say that I'm sick of "their kind." Fuck 'em.

My mother was so set that her children were to grow up fully indoctrinated Southern Baptists that my siblings & I were not allowed to go anywhere on Sundays if we had not attended church.

All 3 of us are now atheists!

Katie Porter Shuts Down Oil Exec: ''Don't Patronize Me''

"Bring it on."

Love her toughness & intelligence.

I love all of these...

But that poor antique Singer sewing machine - how badly it needs refinishing & probable repairs.

Bet all these items have a story.

I have a beautiful 1920-something foot-pedal Singer with its original base with drawers. All it needs is a new belt to run & the wood does need refinishing.

I dearly loved the poor humble lady from whom I inherited it. Miss Mae Kelly was my mother's downtrodden 2nd cousin. Sigh...brings back memories.

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