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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
May 30, 2021

Funny line: Americans voters are more likely...

..to vote "fuck you" than "thank you."

Especially Repubs who seem to mainly want lower taxes and a way to hurt any progressive cause, even if it hurts them!

May 27, 2021

And this one ...

It's my hubby's favorite.
Yep, we're big dog lovers...and kitties too. (Picking up our new rescue kitty Sat. )

May 26, 2021

Wonderful man.

Decades ago, while Senator, he toured a small Methodist college in the eastern part of the state, one where a close friend of ours taught. Warner was still married to Elizabeth Taylor at the time & she was traveling with him.

Story goes that when they were in the college library, Mrs. Taylor/Warner brought her lit cigarette in with her and some brave soul had the temerity to tell her that smoking wasn't allowed in the bldg. Apparently she was quite offended and responded by immediately dropping the cigarette where she was standing and put it out with her foot! This greatly offended them. The story was told for years & made the student paper.

Our friend is a Dem but being quite religious, he still holds socially conservative values as did the staff. Their attitude was women should not smoke, much less in public, especially in their library. I agree, she should've ditched the cigarette before entering the bldg.

The story didn't detract from my respect for Sen. Warner in the least - he was a good person. And I don't think Liz was a bad person - she just wasn't using the wisest judgement there.

May 25, 2021

BorderCollies are the best, smartest!

I've had 2, so I'm a bit biased.

My 2 favorite breeds: Labs (most cooperative) & B.C's (smartest). Both are exceedingly sweet.

Btw, we're getting a KITTY next weekend! First kitty in almost 40yrs!! (Hubby developed terrible allergies that have now calmed down.) If we croak before kitty, our son, who has 2 of his own, has agreed to take her.

May 25, 2021

Same here...only...

A southern city, decades ago, massive oval shape, nighttime, seen by 100's, & reported in city paper. Yet, folks who weren't there, called it b.s.

It's one of those you must-see-to-believe things.

See this thread? https://www.democraticunderground.com/100215458504

Some contentious ppl there.

May 14, 2021

There are so many misguided Chinese remedies.

Their "medicines" are based on junk folklore which results in so many speices' doom. If there were only a way to stop their "superstitions."

Impunity "...the absence of law enforcement may account for the dozens of totoaba launches leaving from San Felipe's beach and heading into the Refuge.

"Not a single authority stops them," says Ramón Franco Díaz. "If you dared approach them, they'd give you a bullet. Organised crime has stolen the Sea of Cortéz."

May 13, 2021

Long but great read, worth the time.

Thanks for posting it!

When this came up yrs ago - that U.S. citizens & CIA victims in Cuba were not being believed regarding their serious symptoms and deemed hypochondriacs, my dh, a specialist in ultrasound, among other things, said he thought it could possibly be directed high-intensity ultrasonic waves that was causing their physical problems. Why would our govt dismiss this possibility? Russian & Cuban governments are known to be cruel & unscrupulous. And this is just more proof.

May 11, 2021

Just LOVE these!! ❤

Foxes are such a joy!! You're So lucky, imo.

I look forward to more pics!

I've a 2+yr history with their smaller grey, tree-climbing cousins here in Virginia. (Whenever I can get my lazybutt over to Dicks' to buy a trailcam, I'll post pics.) But here's what our little, kitty-sized guy looks like...

I'm currently feeding a male on my front porch every night!

Gray foxes smaller than their red fox cousins. And, thankfully, this one is less-trusting than his mom was - she fully trusted me & unfortunately also trusted my hunter neighbor who killed her!! So, I make no attempt to make friends with this kid since I don't want him trusting any human.

He waits until all house lights are off & all noise has stopped before he comes to eat in the wee a.m. hrs. How do I know it's him eating the treats I leave out & not a raccoon? I've often quietly spyed thru a window. Besides, Booger, a male, marks our front shrubbery & has twice marked our porch with his little feces. Yes, yuck! But I tolerate his skunky smelling urine & pick up his little turds. 😛 My next door neighbors are offended by his smell & often spray some stinky smelling yard deordant to cover it. I'd rather smell fox urine!

Yes, I love them....a lot. 😁

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