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LOVE CRITTERS, most all critters, but I bite people. ;)

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Hubs was a material scientist for NASA. That morning, before he left for work, he said, "they better not launch." He knew all the parts had not been tested, specifically the seals, at those temps.

It WAS indeed Reagan's fault, his pressure. And apparently some in management valued their positions above lives. And we know Repubs can't be reasoned with.


Words lost on the great majority of consumers.

Ignorance is spelling our doom.

Wow! Still have friends there?

We've close friends at Tonji University but we speak practically no Chinese. Was so pleased to learn that so many folks there know English. (Spent 6wks there in 2010; also visited Bejing.)

He had one of the sexiest voices on the planet.

Nevertheless, I've remained very upset with him/ his legacy for being a no-show at the Hampton Coliseum back in the mid '80's.

He was there BUT was too inebriated to appear on stage and sing.

There was such loud booing after that announcement! Plus, there was no offer of refund for the tickets.

Yes, sadly, we were 😔


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