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Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
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LOVE CRITTERS, most all critters, but I bite people. ;)

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I care about his & Jared's crimes being punished.

About those connections to the Saudis and their many crimes, like their helping kill Khashoggi, as someone brought up recently.

Re: https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/jared-kushner-saudi-hustling/


They committed crimes and
I want to see them behind bars.

It's Tennessee's religiousity - 3rd highest in the nation....

10 states with the highest religiousity index:

Alabama - 77%
Mississippi - 77%
Tennessee - 73%
Louisiana - 71%
Arkansas - 70%
South Carolina - 70%
West Virginia - 69%
Georgia - 66%
Oklahoma - 66%
North Carolina - 65%

In Tennessee, 73% of adults are seen as “highly religious."


"Have a blessed day."


My 36yo son works in AI. I once asked, "how would I know you were chatting with me & not a bot?"
"You wouldn't, mom, but I'd never do that."

Yes, I know he wouldn't b/c he's extremely honest & takes forever to answer my text.

Why do I think he's so honest (besides the obvious fact that he is my kid)? Just ask.

Climate change is the most important issue

of our time.

Exxon's climate research accurately projected global warming, study finds

Exxon Mobil's OWN climate science research, which began in the 1970s, accurately predicted the pace and severity of global warming, a new study finds.

Why it matters: The study is the first to examine the performance of Exxon's internal climate modeling as well as its scientists' collaborations with outside researchers. It provides a quantitative assessment of how much the company's executives may have known about the risks of burning oil and gas and when.

The study provides more evidence that Exxon's communication to investors and the public through the 21st century, which has played down the threats posed by climate change and cast computer models as uncertain, did not match what executives were told internally.

The research, dismissed by Exxon, may play a role in ongoing legal action against the company for allegedly misleading investors and the public about the dangers of global warming.


Info thanks to icymist, here:

Indeed, here too.

Some comfort in knowing most of my ancestors on my mother's side lived into their 90's. My self-employed uncle is still working at 91!!

My father's, not so much - he had a bad heart blockage, which his dumbassed doctors didn't diagnosis until postmortem! He died at age 45. His younger sister, now 95yo, never smoked, never weighted over 105 at 5'5', as opposed to her brother, my father, who was 50lbs overweight and chain-smoked cigarettes & disgusting cigars. (I've always hated cigar smoke.)

Health habits matters, in most cases.

Is there a kind, FAIR religious school anywhere?

By nature, they're anti-democratic, anti-logic, anti-truth.

Besides, some parents should never have been parents to begin with - they'd have been happier with robots.

True, bears don't get enough credit for their intelligence.

According to PBS:

"Zookeepers and animal trainers consider bears to be smarter than dogs. The bear's cunning is legendary when it comes to guarding itself against danger from hunters and poachers. The animal's uncanny ability to evade human predators during hunting season could almost be considered forethought.Jun 10, 2008"


Edited to include link.

Code for Nazi


Just Unbelievable ❗

I sent this out in an email the other day:

Investigating the Gun Lobby

Access Denied: How the Gun Lobby is Depriving Police, Policy Makers, and the Public of the Data We Need to Prevent Gun Violence


Federal Lobbying $ to lawmakers,
Gun rights: $196.5 million
Gun control: $30.1 million

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