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LOVE CRITTERS, most all critters, but I bite people. ;)

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Jon is brilliant!


This clip is a teaching tutorial on how to handle gun nuts -- open-carry/we don't have to register/no rules gun nuts.

I know a physicist who been writing a paper about this.

He sent a draft out and continues to polish the paper.

(I'm married to that guy. )

Closing these markets would stop the "trade."

Teeth and skins were the most traded parts, and were commonly destined for China and other Asian countries.

China is the biggest culprit in the ivory trade too. Some countries have no respect for the lives of animals.

I cringe whenever I've picked up orders from the local Chinese restaurant and see the Ivory displayed in their cases.

From the article:
"Little or no response from law enforcement."

Why? The usual reason? They're being paid off too?

Thanks for posting this, Judi.

CNN: McClellan will become Virginia's 1st Black congresswoman



Thanks for posting this!

Excellent pic; what timing! - it's a keeper.

Regarding the black bear, there are plenty of those in Yosemite Park; one kept us awake one night going thru the trash bins right outside our cabin there. 😁

NUTS!!! Do the math. Please.

41,000 HOURS????

NOT POSSIBLE. There's only 168hrs in a week. We're talking about over 244 weeks -- that's almost 5yrs of tape.

Where are the journalists on this??

They should receive punitive damages of $20 billion!!!

$1.6 is loss of revenue.

They should get punitive damages for hurting their business.


I can relate! I also was forced to carry a baby to term who died at birth. 1983. She had polycystic kidneys and a diaphragmatic hernia which was diagnosed at 4 1/2 months into my pregnancy.

We named her Amy.

G-damn, I HATE these IDIOTS!!!!!

Our story didn't make the papers but I'm sure there are many others like ours.

Indeed! It certainly is.

If you're ever in DC again with some time to spend, try to see the portrait gallery...it's fantastic.

My son lived just outside of D.C. a few yrs ago in Arlington & in Falls Church, so we visited a bit and toured "The National Mall" again.
(He's in Manhattan now and as you know, that's an education too. )

Hurricane Isabel, Sept. '03.

It took down two huge 70' trees, one within 16' of our house. We were watching that closest tree sway back and forth, trying to decide when to run. Thankfully, it crashed parallel to our house but it really rocked the house when It landed on the ground with a huge thug, then another bounce.

We made pics of the huge roots raising almost 6' above the ground. They were such tall trees.

Foundation experts were sent by our insurance company after the neighborhood clean up to check to see if our foundation was okay. It was.

We were without electricity for 10 days! But had running water, thankfully.

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