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LOVE CRITTERS, most all critters, but I bite people. ;)

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Earliest-Known, Virginia-made Horse Racing Trophy

Acquired by Colonial Williamsburg

WYDaily Staff
April 26, 2023

“Madison” Horse Racing Trophy, marked by Johnson & Reat (1804-1815), Richmond, Virginia, ca. 1811, silver, Museum Purchase.

WILLIAMSBURG — In October 1810, a horse named Madison (likely in honor of President James Madison), won first place in a race held at the New-Market racecourse in Petersburg, Virginia.

The Madison Trophy is colossal, a work of silversmithing genius, and jaw-dropping to see. It will instantly grab and hold your attention,” said Erik Goldstein, senior curator of mechanical arts, metals and numismatics.

"Nothing like it exists in the world of early 19th-century, Virginia-made silver, and it is unique in the collections of Colonial Williamsburg for many reasons.”


It took decades for me to completely recover.

It was most disheartening that too many in the medical also scoffed.
Thank goodness for the CFIDS Foundation and support groups.

I feel as if I lost 20yrs of my life.

P. T. Barnum got it right....

"There's a sucker born every minute."

And... there's the famous LBJ quote...

Yay, ya gotta love them!

Looking forward to my visit tomorrow night; I'll lift my finger when walking passed Trump Tower. Seriously, I'll be there.

Nothing will change in Tennessee.

"Let us pray."

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