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Duppers's Journal
Duppers's Journal
September 30, 2023

We never forget our best fur kids.

Here's to my Thompson, to my Mernie, & to the amazing Silver, 3 of the best kitties ever.

Also, you know you've done good when you've shown a neighbor* how loving cats can be.

* Sadly, just a couple of days ago I learned of that neighbor's death. He loved his cat so much that his wife mentioned his kitty in his obituary.
True story.

September 26, 2023

Indeed! 👍

She was young, grew up in a Repub family. Some people just take a few more yrs to become enlightened.

Ever helped enlighten and convert a younger generation Repub? It feels great!
(An old ex-friend's daughter stayed in touch with me after her mother and I came to "blows." )

September 22, 2023


My 35yo son reads these articles and has correctly concluded he should not have children, so grands for me.

September 22, 2023

There are sometimes underlying reasons ..

Something wrong with explaining that?
Not blaming the person but the conditions/conditioning in which they may have grown up.

Could a normal, healthy person have worked for Trump?

BTDT. I grew up with a very abusive father. Not my fault but such an environment conditioned me to accept more of such treatment. Six yrs of therapy helped.

September 19, 2023

OMG!!!! Unbelievable! Almost!

Over A $3. Parking ticket!!
MyGawd!!!!! And trying to pay!!!
We've now heard everything!!!

I was arrested in 1977 in Newport News for not having my dog on a leash! Swear to gawd!!! I was also in the shower when the cops came knocking.
The judge hearing my case was annoyed that the cop had done this & dismissed the charge. Still, I had to pay a small minimum court charge...$15 or $20, I really don't remember.

Newport News, 1977:
We had a 3mo Lab and had just moved to Newport News after hubby had taken a job at NASA Langley.

I had let our Lab puppy out for an early morning potty break; she came back 10mins later & scratched at the door. I let her in & went to shower.
When I came out, my young nextdoor neighbor was pounding my door. There was a summons for my arrest taped to my door!!!

Swear to gawd I was being arrested for letting my dog out without a leash!!. I assumed it was the apartment manager who make the call.

Anyway, I got dressed & drove the 18m (yes, that far) to downtown Newport News!
I was photographed, fingerprinted, and released under my own recognizance. All for letting my pup out, off-leash, to pee in our apartment complex.

When I appeared in court a few weeks later, the judge silently read the charges and put his face in his hands and looked up and said he was sorry. He dismissed the charges! Apparently, I guessed, he too had a dog and was upset that the court was wasting his time like that.

In a strange coincidence, just last night I looked up that next door neighbor whom I had stayed friends with for the last 40-something years... although
I had not heard from him in several yrs. Discovered that he died 3yrs ago! 😢 He left his wife and 2 teenage children.

DAMN! I'm so angry with myself for not staying in touch with him. Josh was a damn good liberal, a very kind person, Navy veteran, engineering teacher, & true friend in a sea of right-wingers here. I'm sooo angry with myself over my neglecting this friendship.

Sail on sailor!

September 19, 2023

Yes, indeed, that's true.

I've been shocked by the bluntness of a few of my neighbors assuming I'm a racist rethug just like they are. There are many retired military people here.

However, there are a few great Dems in our eclectic neighborhood too: our nextdoor neighbors are from New Zealand. They moved to Chicago 50+yrs ago, worked at the U. of Chicago and MET THE OBAMA'S!!!...who weren't yet married then.

September 15, 2023

That would be the most wonderful option!

I should remind the posters above who replied:

"An increase in population will inevitably create pressures leading to more deforestation, decreased biodiversity, and spikes in pollution and emissions, which will exacerbate climate change."

There's a good reason China mandated their one-child rule.

September 15, 2023

Walk in nearby park

My hubby often takes our big Lab for walks in the big nearby nature park. Yesterday he saw a couple walking their with 5 children with another child on the way!

What's the matter with people like this?

- mother of one here

September 13, 2023

Yup! TY! Found this some days ago...

A neuroscientist explains why MAGA supporters refuse to accept Trump's 91 felony charges


For ardent Trump supporters, residing in an environment that prioritizes faith over empirical evidence can reshape the neural circuits within their brains.

Imagine these neural pathways as trails in a forest. The more one traverses the path of unquestioning belief, the clearer and more entrenched it becomes. The path of skepticism, however, grows over with doubts and becomes difficult to navigate. This cognitive reshaping primes individuals to accept, and even defend, far-fetched statements and suggestions presented by manipulative politicians.


Which is indeed why religious organizations will always be saturated with stuck-in-the-past right-wingers!!! They're incapable of reasoning.

September 13, 2023

Indeed! 👍

GOP Reps. Greene, Boebert heckle Biden throughout State of the Union address.
Lawmakers booed Boebert when she interrupted Biden as he was about to speak of his son's death.

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