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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 53,230

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Yes, the IRS is hiring criminal investigators empowered to use deadly force, but here's some context

Yes, the IRS is hiring criminal investigators empowered to use deadly force — but here’s some important context

Though the job is really about sniffing out income and accounting irregularities to build legal cases, one of the potential duties is “conduct[ing] or participat[ing] in surveillance, armed escorts, dignitary protection, undercover operations, execution of search and arrest warrants, seizures, etc.,” the job listing states.

There are 300 vacancies for that role, which pays between $50,704 and $89,636 annually, according to the listing.


As a starting point, the estimate of the IRS’s bringing on 87,000 new employees came in 2021 from the Treasury Department, the AP noted. It would be a multiyear hiring plan and would encompass extra auditors plus an array of other jobs amid retirement and other IRS attrition, the AP added.


Data show the criminal division is a sliver of the IRS’s overall workforce. The division includes approximately 3,000 employees, with 2,100 being sworn agents, the spokeswoman noted.

A little truth sandwich for lunch today

Price of oil/bbl is at lowest since mid-February

While it did dip a bit lower several days ago, the trend is downward.

Breaking: Surveillance video of FBI cracking the safe

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised

Paul Krugman FTW!!!


So the FBI raid on Mar a Lago was just a fission expedition?


Guess who DIDN'T plead the Fifth Amendment?

And testified under oath


For 11 hours!

Breaking: Consumer prices rose 8.5% in July, less than expected as inflation pressures ease a bit


The consumer price index, a measure of inflation, was expected to rise 8.7% in July from a year ago, according to Dow Jones estimates. Core inflation excluding food and energy was forecast to increase 6.1%.

This is breaking news. Please check back here for updates.

S&P 500 futures up 1.7%; Nasdaq-100 up 2.4%
Dow futures up 381 points, or 1.2%
Stock futures jump after July CPI reading

Who wore it better??


Who wore it better?

#MAGA Qultist or Turd Ferguson?

OMG! LOVE this defense from a Qultist/MAGAt....

It was apparently OK for Twitler to have the documents at Mar-a-Lago because that's the "Summer White House" and is owned by the US Government.

NOTE: It was once termed the "Winter White House" as the private family who owned it bequeathed it to the National Park Service in the 70s but they turned it back to the family foundation 8 years later after upkeep costs became too much. Nevermind the fact that Twitler isn't President anymore!

Guess I was right!!! Doesn't this 2020 Seth Abramson tweet seem quite relevant again today??

4/ Flynn, Trump's top national security adviser, was working on a deal involving *all three* entities: specifically, he was, while advising Trump, traveling the world advocating a joint U.S.-Russia deal that would send nuclear tech to UAE and Saudi Arabia.


The Saudis just hosted a golf tournament at another Twitler property. Why does my brain keep going to quid pro quo to the Saudis for Kushner's $2 billion loan?

Meta (Facebook) trims election misinformation efforts as midterms loom

Facebook owner Meta is quietly curtailing some of the safeguards designed to thwart voting misinformation or foreign interference in U.S. elections as the November midterm vote approaches.

It’s a sharp departure from the social media giant’s multibillion-dollar efforts to enhance the accuracy of posts about U.S. elections and regain trust from lawmakers and the public after their outrage over learning the company had exploited people’s data and allowed falsehoods to overrun its site during the 2016 campaign.

The pivot is raising alarm about Meta’s META, -0.58% priorities and about how some might exploit the world’s most popular social media platforms to spread misleading claims, launch fake accounts and rile up partisan extremists.


Since last year, Meta has shut down an examination into how falsehoods are amplified in political ads on Facebook by indefinitely banishing the researchers from the site.


FB: Nothing to see here. All good.
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