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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Obama on January 3, 2008 vs Trump on January 3, 2018


BANNON:"The chance that Don Jr didn't walk these Jumos up to his fathers office of 26th floor is 0"

NEW: Here's the Bannon quote regarding the July 2016 Trump Tower meeting: "The chance that Don Jr. did not walk these Jumos up to his father’s office of the 26th floor is zero,” per "Fire & Fury." (pg. 255)

SIREN: "Steve Bannon was certain that after the (July 2016 Trump Tower) meeting, Trump, Jr. had taken the participants to see his father," per excerpts from new Michael Wolff book, "Fire & Fury."
Trump has claimed he was unaware any meeting with Russians took place.


Comey shames Republican silence on Trumps attacks against Justice Dept and FBI


Former FBI Director James Comey took to Twitter on Wednesday to call out Republicans for remaining silent even as President Donald Trump publicly attacks the independence of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“Where are the voices of all the leaders who know an independent Department of Justice and FBI are essential to our liberty?” Comey asked, before adding the following historical quote from Martin Luther: “You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.”

Comey’s tweet was in response to Trump’s Tuesday morning tweet in which he told the “Deep State Justice Dept.” that it should prosecute former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, as well as Comey himself.

Ever since being fired by Trump last year, the former FBI director has regularly used his Twitter account to subtly take digs at the president. On the day that former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, for instance, Comey posted a Bible verse about letting “justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”


It wasn't the actual commission of treason that bothered Bannon -It was that they didn't do it right

You’re doing the colluding wrong.

for the record, it was not the actual commission of treason that bothered Bannon. It was that they simply didn’t do it right.

Bannon went on, Wolff writes, to say that if any such meeting had to take place, it should have been set up “in a Holiday Inn in Manchester, New Hampshire, with your lawyers who meet with these people”.

See guys? You hold your Russian agent meetings out of town, not in your own offices.

(Note to FBI: You might want to check the Manchester, New Hampshire Holiday Inn registration for the last few months of 2016. Just in case.)

Bannon also has an interesting take on one other thing.

Any information, he said, could then be “dump(ed] … down to Breitbart or something like that, or maybe some other more legitimate publication”.

It’s nice to know that even Steve Bannon realizes that Breitbart is not a legitimate publication. Oh, and FBI? Another note on things to check.


ACLU has a timely reminder for trump


Kushner tells foreign officials he doesn't care about old alliances because he's "a businessman"

Kushner reportedly telling foreign officials he doesn't care about old alliances because he's "a businessman"


The potus is delusional - HERE is proof:


"Pol Pot brings a certain authenticity to Phnon Penh that it's been lacking..."

“Pol Pot has urbanites and educated Cambodians fearing for their lives as they’re transported to forced labor camps, but he brings a certain authenticity to Phnom Penh that it’s been lacking...”

an appropriate reply to THIS:

President Trump has brought a reality-show accessibility to a once-aloof presidency, invigorating voters who felt alienated by the establishment


"An extraordinary statement of no confidence in the presidency they are supposed to serve"


Train wrecks, on the other hand, are way up. Particularly around the White House.

Taking credit for planes not crashing.

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