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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 63,233

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A Middle Finger For Trump's New Immigration Proposal

Rep. Gutierrez (D-Ill.) on Trump's immigration proposal: "$25 billion as ransom for freeing Dreamers recipients doesn’t pass the laugh test. It would be far cheaper to erect a 50-foot concrete statue of a middle finger and point it towards Latin America."


This went right over Trumps stable genius head

Trump, with business leaders in Davos: "By the way, when he says he works for Siemens, he's the *president* of Siemens, but that's okay. That's a good way of saying it, but go ahead."

Siemens president: "But don't you work for your country?"

Don't miss the facial/vocal cues when he says "yeah we work for our country". He clearly is being derisive & sarcastic when he says that. He no more believes that he works for this country than he believes he is ever wrong.

Disturbing Video:

Warning! The Monster is loose! Trumpenstein descends on Davos.


Wow-Dutch Intell Infiltrated Russian Hacker Group- Witnessed -How Russians Attacked US Institutions

Wow. The Dutch intelligence agency infiltrated in major Russian hacker group. They witnessed from up close how the Russians structurally attacked US institutions and tried to influence elections.

Dutch intelligence had acces to Russian Cozy Bear hackers group for years and obtained crucial evidence for Russian interference in the U.S. elections,

Cozy Bear's located in a university building near the Red Square. Dutch intel (AIVD) manage to gain access to a security camera. Faces of everyone who enters or exits are analysed for matches with known Russian spies. Info that will prove to be vital, @huibmodderkolk writes.

important Dutch article. Says that Dutch had infiltrated Cosy Bear in 2014 and were watching DNC hack. They informed US intel services who allowed Cosy Bear hack to continue and then used the hack that they had permitted as an excuse to ratchet up international tensions.


PODCAST in Dutch (can anybody translate?)


Dutch agencies provide crucial intel about Russia's interference in US-elections
Hackers from the Dutch intelligence service AIVD have provided the FBI with crucial information about Russian interference with the American elections. For years, AIVD had access to the infamous Russian hacker group Cozy Bear. That's what de Volkskrant and Nieuwsuur have uncovered in their investigation.

It's the summer of 2014. A hacker from the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD has penetrated the computer network of a university building next to the Red Square in Moscow, oblivious to the implications. One year later, from the AIVD headquarters in Zoetermeer, he and his colleagues witness Russian hackers launching an attack on the Democratic Party in the United States. The AIVD hackers had not infiltrated just any building; they were in the computer network of the infamous Russian hacker group Cozy Bear. And unbeknownst to the Russians, they could see everything.

That's how the AIVD becomes witness to the Russian hackers harassing and penetrating the leaders of the Democratic Party, transferring thousands of emails and documents. It won't be the last time they alert their American counterparts. And yet, it will be months before the United States realize what this warning means: that with these hacks the Russians have interfered with the American elections. And the AIVD hackers have seen it happening before their very eyes.

The Dutch access provides crucial evidence of the Russian involvement in the hacking of the Democratic Party, according to six American and Dutch sources who are familiar with the material, but wish to remain anonymous. It's also grounds for the FBI to start an investigation into the influence of the Russian interference on the election race between the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and the Republican candidate Donald Trump.


Take a look:

6"3", 239 pounds, my ass.


Cartoon: The true top-secret story of President Trump and Stormy Daniels!



DAVOS: They are all laughing at you, Donald Trump. You are a disgusting Worldwide joke.

President Emmanuel Macron in Davos mocks trump:
"Obviously and fortunately, you didn't invite anybody skeptical with global warming this year."

*The crowd erupts in laughter*

They are all laughing at you, @realDonaldTrump. You are a disgusting Worldwide joke.


Its Time to get into politics.


OMG = “oust my government”
LOL = “lose our leadership”
BRB = “bring righteous bloodshed”
TTYL = “topple tyranny, yay liberty”


MAGA up my kazoo...

Since #GOPTaxScam
Toys R Us closes 180 stores
Sears closes 63 stores
Kmart closes 45 stores
Macy's closes 68 stores
Sam's Club closes 63 stores
BofA dings low income accounts
Kimberly Clark fires 5000+
Carrier jobs still move to Mexico
Paul Ryan gets 500K

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