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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
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President Obama to meet with Mitt Romney

Source: The Hill

President Obama to meet with Mitt Romney
By Jonathan Easley - 11/28/12 10:04 AM ET

President Obama and Mitt Romney will meet for a private lunch at the White House on Thursday, according to a statement released by the administration on Wednesday.

It will be the first meeting between the two since the election and will be closed to the press.

Following his overwhelming election victory, Obama said he wanted to meet with Romney to discuss how he could work with the GOP nominee and Republican Party leaders on the economic challenges facing the country.

Obama acknowledged that the two had “battled fiercely,” but said it was “only because we love this country deeply.”

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/269789-president-obama-to-meet-with-mitt-romney

Maddow: GOP attacking Rice so Kerry will leave Senate

It doesn’t matter how many closed-door meetings Republicans have with the CIA and U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow theorized Wednesday, because Rice being named Secretary of State would prevent them from what they really want: the chance to get another seat in the Senate.

The reason, Maddow said, GOP lawmakers “prefer” Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) get a presidential cabinet nomination — either to that position or Secretary of Defense — is that the promotion would open up his Senate seat to a special election.

“You know what? Maybe this is nuts,” she conceded. “Maybe this is nuts. Maybe this is way too simplistic. But maybe this makes more sense than the contention we are supposed to believe, which is that two active investigations, multiple hours-long briefings, a statement from the president, a statement from the UN ambassador, a closed-door, more than an hour long meeting with that ambassador, and a personal one-on-one ask me anything with the director of the CIA have not given [Sen.] John McCain (R-AZ) enough opportunity to ask whatever questions it is he wants to ask about remarks made on a Sunday morning talk show two and a half months ago.”



BP suspended from new U.S. government contracts

Source: Reuters

(Reuters) - The British oil company BP Plc and its affiliates have been suspended from new contracts with the U.S. government due to the criminal charges in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Wednesday.

Earlier this month, BP plead guilty to criminal misconduct in the Gulf of Mexico disaster, the worst oil spill in U.S. history, and agreed to pay record penalties of $4.5 billion.

The temporary contract suspension stems from those charges, the EPA said.

"Federal executive branch agencies take these actions to ensure the integrity of federal programs by conducting business only with responsible individuals or companies. Suspensions are a standard practice when a responsibility question is raised by action in a criminal case," the EPA said in a statement.

In London, BP had no immediate comment. The company recognized the risk that it could be banned from U.S. government contracts when it agreed earlier this month to plead guilty to criminal charges over the spill, but it said at the time that it had not received any indication that government departments would go ahead with such a ban.

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/28/us-bp-contracts-idUSBRE8AR0M120121128

If Obama is not an American and does not legitimately belong, then they’re saying the same about me.

There is no question the Obama Presidency has exposed a lot of racism and xenophobia and religious bigotry among Republicans and conservatives, disturbingly more than I would’ve guessed. PPP was mocked early on in 2011 for their polls testing whether GOP primary voters in various states believed Obama was born in the U.S., whether he was a citizen, whether he was a Muslim…even whether he was the anti-Christ! At first I was dismissive of the some of the results because I’m well-aware that people are willing to give ridiculous answers to ridiculous questions. But then after one GOP Presidential primary debate, Frank Luntz on Fox News had a majority of Iowa GOP focus group members raise their hands in earnest when he asked, in earnest, whether they believed Obama was a Muslim. And as time went on, it became clear in other polling that PPP early on was on to more than just snarky telephone survey replies, there really is a disturbingly large percentage of Republicans who are openly hostile to Obama specifically because of his race, his national origin, and his partial religious ancestry. That GOP electeds from Boehner to McConnell to all the GOP Presidential candidates were unwilling to call out any of it just reinforced the point, since it established they were afraid because these people were a very large part of the GOP base. You don’t worry about calling out your own party’s cranks in public if they’re marginal figures whose votes you don’t need and don’t think you’ll lose because they have no other options…Republican candidates and electeds know that they can lose primaries for openly challenging racial and other bigoted hostility toward Obama. And all this is very personal to me. When I was a small child in Ames, Iowa, in my immigrant family, neighborhood teenagers assaulted our home regularly, pelting fruit and whatever else at our house. Several times my dad had the police come and lecture this group of kids. It was all about race, and these kids’ parents did nothing. So when Mitt Romney in a Michigan stump speech snarks that no one asked him for his birth certificate, and his GOP allies defend the racism as “just a joke,” when so many GOP federal and state electeds endorse or tacitly condone questioning of Obama’s citizenry and engage in other dog whistle racism, these are always personal attacks equally on me…if Obama is not an American and does not legitimately belong, then they’re saying the same about me. I imagine I’m not alone, that people of color across the board see what I see, and the election results confirm this. It’s striking to me, and IMO under reported, that Obama clearly lost great amounts of white support in Florida and indeed his 37% in the exit poll with Florida whites has always been disastrous…and yet he wins the state with an absolute majority. It’s striking to me that the national exit poll has not only people of color increasing to 28% of the total, but also that it has both Hispanics and Asians giving over 70% to Obama. These things tell me that people of color across the board see what I see, an appalling racism and xenophobia in the Republican Party that is enraging. Sadly, the early signs of the post-election period show only continued GOP hostility, even more bitterness and resentment than before. I do believe that Obama and Senate Democrats are going to play hardball these next few months on Senate rules and the most immediate legislative issues of the budget and taxes and debt ceiling, and it will make me happy. That will be necessary, because it appears that Congressional Republicans are remaining adamant in their unwillingness to deal with a black President as an equal to previous white Presidents. That might change out of necessity, but for the time being federal Democratic electeds will simply have to bring the hammer down. The next key test for Republicans will be immigration reform: will resentment and bitterness overwhelm their recent recognition of the need to try to bend toward the demands of immigrant communities? I actually suspect yes, it will. They’re bitter toward losing and now will become only more bitter and intransigent after getting forced into budget and tax legislation they hate, and getting steamrolled on Senate rules. My next big electoral hope is that more people of color wake up and realize the importance of voting in non-Presidential elections, meaning the federal midterms and in places like Virginia where I live the odd-year state-level elections. Outsized minority turnout in 2014 might still be needed to make national Republicans feel compelled to change their ways, as I’m not sure this election will ultimately be enough.



Alan Simpson hopes Norquist drowns in a bathtub

Near the end of an interview with MSNBC host Chris Matthews, Simpson said that House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) had trouble negotiating a budget deal because members of his own party refused to compromise.

“He’s got 70 guys who didn’t go to Congress to limit government, they came there to stop it,” he said. “So how do you deal with guys who came to stop government or Grover wandering the earth in his white robe saying he wants to drown government in the bathtub. I hope he slips in there with it.”


Rep Marcia Fudge SMOKED Repukes & Anyone Else Who Dare Doubt Qualifications Of Susan Rice

The Congresswoman took to the podium and SMOKED the Republicans and anyone else who dare doubt the stellar qualifications of Ms. Rice. She was responding to GOP claims, specifically by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), that Rice was “not qualified” to be secretary of state, should she be nominated by President Obama.

“I’m really confused … Susan Rice’s comments didn’t send us into Iraq or Afghanistan,” Fudge said in her stinging comments.


As you can see, she let all her Cleveland hang-out. She was not playing at the podium! Lol!


Reason enough to change our tax policy in favor of BETTER education


South Korea
Hong Kong
New Zealand


For those of us over 60...

A Bill O'Reilly Fan Recants on GLOBAL WARMING: Dramatic Video

Moviegoer: I did not believe in global warming. I am going to be sixty on December twenty-one, and every time someone mentioned global warming to me, I told them, if they wanted to remain in my home, they needed to step out. Because I said it was bullshit. I didn't believe it. Excuse my language.

And that is because, I listened -- this is the truth -- I believed Bill O'Reilly.

Offscreen: And now you saw this movie...

Moviegoer: And I saw this movie, and I apologize to anyone I ever talked into not -- into believing there was no global warming. I have talked every friend, every person I know, into believing there was no global warming.

And now I have to undo my damage. And I will. From the moment I go to my car, go to home, go to my computer -- it has changed my life



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