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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 63,305

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Trump campaign co-chair's wish list for 2017


Concentration camp survivor, Franz Frison, on the value of debating fascism,


Juan Cole: I declare Donald Trump a lame duck now. Four years out.

We donít need a Trump-nominated supreme Court justice. We desperately donít need such a person. And there is no reason to have one. The Democrats in the Senate should just filibuster any nomination for the next four years. Now, you may say that a president deserves to have the nominee of his choice voted on. But those were the old rules before we saw how the Republican Party treated Barack Obama. They just told him no, no, no on everything. Everything. They even threatened the home mortgages of government employees by closing down the government. Twice. They vilified Obama, shouted disrespectfully at him from the floor of Congress, and then they refused even to let his Supreme Court nominee, a centrist, come up for a vote. They declared President Obama a lame duck when he had 11 months left in his presidency.

I declare Donald Trump a lame duck now. Four years out. Here are the reasons the Senate should block his nominee:

the rest:

Trump has been planning to team up with Russians on nukes against others since 1987.


What could be more fitting for this inauguration?


The NYT deconstructs Trump's tweet on nukes




Who ever thought the new nuclear arms race would be announced on Twitter?


Kellyanne Burns Boss?


I think he enrolled in the wrong class. The AP class covered meats on sticks.


It's official, let's get started we've got a lot to divvy up..

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