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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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McGahn put this all in writing... and then he turned it over to Mueller.

Now here is where it gets FUN!

As it turns out, Don McGahn is no dummy.

In fact, he might be the lone smart guy in the place.

McGahn put this all in writing... and then he turned it over to Mueller.

So, basically, Mueller has documentation effectively proving Trump, et al, were made aware Flynn had likely committed crimes AND lied about them to the FBI - which is DEFINITELY a crime.

That knowledge on Trump’s part is the golden key to an obstruction case.


Refresh your beverage and settle in.read the entire thread for clarity:

How to game the new tax system, according to Krugman---Tax Cut Santa is Coming to Town.


The obvious trick is to keep doing exactly what you’re doing now, but redefine yourself as an independent contractor rather than an employee. The bill contains rules that would supposedly limit that kind of abuse, but tax experts have already found huge loopholes. And these experts were just a handful of people working pro bono for a couple of days. Over the months ahead, as thousands of top-dollar accountants and lawyers get to work, expect to see many more routes to tax avoidance emerge — but only for the rich and well connected.

Consider one example we already know about. Imagine a partnership involving several doctors. Under the new rules, such a service business won’t qualify for the tax break (although it would if they were architects. Why? Who knows?). But the doctors can get around the rule by buying the building they work in, then charging themselves an exorbitant rent. Voilà! They get to pay much lower taxes — because real estate investment trusts, strange to say, do get the big tax break.

Or suppose some of my colleagues form an economics consulting firm. Such a firm won’t qualify for tax breaks. But suppose they also start selling nerdy T-shirts (“Economists do it with models”). With a little hocus-pocus, as I understand it, they can basically define themselves as a T-shirt business, and pay much less in taxes.

And what about those promises that rich people wouldn’t get a tax cut, that the tax system would get simpler, that you’d be able to file on a postcard, and all that? All I can say is, ho ho ho.


Chappelle has bad news for dumb white people who voted for Trump:

He said “dumb white people” who backed Trump were swindled, because the president had no intention of helping them but instead is further enriching wealthy Americans — like Chappelle himself.

“I’m standing there thinking in my mind, you dumb motherf*cker,” Chappelle says. “You are poor — he’s fighting for me!”

Chappelle, who lives in rural Ohio town Yellow Springs, said he sees Trump supporters all the time, and he said they’re not as hateful as they’re made out to be.

“To my surprise, you know what I didn’t see? I didn’t see one deplorable face in that group,” Chappelle says. “I saw some angry faces, and some determined faces — but they felt like decent folk.”

“In fact, I’m not even lying, not to sound f*cked up, but I felt sorry for them,” Chappelle adds. “I know the game now. I know that rich white people call poor white people ‘trash,’ and the only reason I know that, is because I made so much money last year, the rich whites told me they say it at a cocktail party — and I’m not with that sh*t.”


Remember, wait until after Christmas to steal their Social Security and Medicare.

GOP: "Corporations NOT Children"

Remember this chart next time you hear Republicans say they're struggling to find money for health insurance for children but their tax cuts are easily affordable

Congress is preparing to go home for the holidays having delivered a historic tax cut for corporations — and having done only the absolute minimum to stave off disaster for the Children’s Health Insurance Program.


I gotcher axis of evil right here!!!


The only thing that would improve this scene are a trio of bassets in the role of the 3 Wise Hounds

A kennel in Dublin (Wags to Riches Pet Services) put on a nativity play and I think it’s the best thing 2017 has produced yet.
I mean would you just look at baby Jesus...


Oh my God-is that SNL?: Watch Don Lemon burst out laughing over Republicans effusive Trump praise

“There was a festival of flattery on the White House lawn today to celebrate the passage of the Republican tax cut bill,” Lemon began.

“Oh my god, is that ‘SNL’?” Lemon asked, laughing. “Is that real? Complimenting President Trump has become something of a ritual at the White House, but have other presidents expected such praise?”

Lemon brought on presidential historians Timothy Natale and Douglas Brinkley to discuss the scene at the White House, but could barely introduce them before once again breaking into laughter.

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“Listen, you—what is going on here?!” Lemon asked. “By the way, you gentlemen look so handsome. You’re such fantastic historians. I am just honored to be on television with you.”

Rolling footage of a large crowd of Republicans applauding Trump in unison, Lemon exclaimed, “Oh, my gosh, look at them!”


Stephen King's Accurate Description of GOP "Tax cut bill"

The "tax cut bill" is basically a little piece of candy on a long, shit-coated stick.


As a Doctor, Im Sick of All The Health Care Freeloaders

As a Doctor, I’m Sick of All The Health Care Freeloaders
I work in a clinic where the vast majority of my patients are on government-funded health care and have never worked a day in their lives.

(Pic of freeloader)

I used to believe that everyone deserved health care. Now, I work in a clinic where the vast majority of my patients are on government-funded health care. I have learned that the stereotypes about these people are true: Most of my patients have never worked a day in their lives.

They are extremely ungrateful for the care that hardworking taxpayers provide for them. Patients have punched me, bitten me, screamed at me, and even urinated on me. I often leave with vomit on my clothes.

Sometimes, I have to bribe my patients with bright-colored objects, juice or graham crackers just to examine them. Do my patients thank me? Do they contribute to the economy? No!

They just suck up low-cost health care, whining the whole time, and then go pick up their free government milk. Often, they are literally carried from place to place in the arms of a real taxpayer.

As a pediatrician, I provide these scowling little freeloaders with life-saving therapies like vaccinations and antibiotics. I test their hearing and make sure any hearing loss is caught while it can still be corrected. I make sure kids with developmental delays get into therapy early so they’re ready to compete by the time they reach kindergarten.

Do they utter a word of gratitude? No! Not unless their mom or dad tells them to.

Nationwide, patients like mine represent almost half of the people who get insurance through Medicaid or CHIP, the Children’s Health Plan. In Texas, children constitute 3.4 million of the 4.5 million total people covered by these programs. So when you think about government health care, you should think about my patients: ungrateful, yowling, diapered maniacs who don’t even use language right.

CHIP covers 8.9 million children nationwide, and Congress has so far failed to fund the program for next year. If stopgap funding isn’t found soon, more than 450,000 kids in Texas alone will lose access to health care on February 1. Apparently the state plans to send a letter to these kids on December 22, right before Christmas, announcing the cuts.

I hope the letter goes something like this:

Ho ho ho, milk-breath! There will be no more free vaccinations for you. We hope you get an old-timey disease like diphtheria and die! Or maybe the cost of care will deter your parents from taking you to the doctor, so that your easily treatable infection turns into septic shock. Because your immune system is immature, your lungs are still developing, and you didn’t bother to vote!

Sincerely, America

Research has shown that people are more likely to die when they lose access to health care. Letting more American children die preventable deaths will send a strong message to kids across the country: Pull your thumbs out of your mouths, get potty-trained and GET A JOB!

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