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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 63,294

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This Modern World: Welcome to Trumpcare


KRUGMAN: "Just Say NO."

By Paul Krugman


Are you angry about the white nationalist takeover of the U.S. government? If so, you are definitely not alone. The first few weeks of the Trump administration have been marked by huge protests, furious crowds at congressional town halls, customer boycotts of businesses seen as Trump allies. And Democrats, responding to their base, have taken a hard line against cooperation with the new regime.

But is all this wise? Inevitably, one hears some voices urging everyone to cool it ó to wait and see, to try to be constructive, to reach out to Trump supporters, to seek ground for compromise. Just say no. Outrage at whatís happening to America isnít just justified, itís essential. In fact, it may be our last chance of saving democracy.

the rest:

New Planets Meet Earth...

Charles blow: "The press is the light that makes the roaches scatter"

Trump, Archenemy
FEBRUARY 27, 2017
Charles M. Blow


The press wonít pat Trump on his head and give him a gold star for the few things he gets right, and then turn a blind eye to the overwhelming majority of things he gets wrong.

Thatís not how it works. Thatís not how it has ever worked. Trump wants to brand the press as the enemy of the American people when the exact opposite is true: A free, fearless, adversarial, in-your-face press is the best friend a democracy can have.

The press is the light that makes the roaches scatter.

Remember this every time you hear Trump attack the press: Only people with something to hide need be afraid of those whose mission is to seek.


Day: 31.

Dubya takes more shots at Trump than he did at Obama over the eight years of his presidency


George W. Bush opens up on Trump's war with the media, Russia and travel ban

In a wide-ranging interview that shied away from directly criticizing the current commander in chief, former President George W. Bush said it's critical for the media to hold accountable ďpeople who abuse their power." He also said he favored an immigration policy that was more "welcoming."

NYT: "Truth"


TRUMP: "I can say that after four weeks, it's been a lot of fun"



Coal town that voted overwhelmingly for Trump - upset that longtime Latino resident may get deported


George Takei!

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