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One of his meetings with the Russian ambassador was AT THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION.


I see : officials plural not official singular the Russian ambassador.

From the WSJ website :

ďU.S. investigators have examined contacts Attorney General Jeff Sessions had with Russian officials during the time he was advising Donald Trumpís presidential campaign, according to people familiar with the matter.Ē



Unless you believe Carter Page went ROGUE, & Paul Manafort went ROGUE, & Sessions went ROGUE, & Flynn went ROGUE, POTUS is a Russian puppet.

Trump administration is admitting the Session/Russian envoy discussion was about the election

He didnít meet with the Russians.
Oh, but he did.
He didnít discuss the election, oh but he did but just in a superficial way.



1999-Jeff Sessions said that people who commit perjury MUST BE REMOVED from office



White House likely gets Russia subpoena

Thereís so much happening on the Russian Front right now, itís getting like Stalingrad out there. Letís try to keep track.

1. Earlier today, White House lawyers sent a memo to staffers instructing them to preserve all materials related to contacts with Russia during the campaign. The memo was leaked by at least three people. The clear implication from this is that a subpoena has arrived. From whom is still unknown.

2. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, tweeted a remarkable document from the committee.


This document represents a complete cave by the GOP. Just a few days ago, Chairman Nunes was saying it wasnít going to happen.

3. Meanwhile, former Obama Administration officials revealed that, in the closing days of his term, the White House worked to preserve records of intelligence regarding the Russia-Trump connection, according to The New York Times.

4. And to top it all off, there was Jeff Sessions trying to tell us it really wasnít a big deal, misleading Congress about his Russia conversations in his confirmation hearing Ö

Sen. Al Franken: Theres' a dark cloud over the Trump administration and there are a lot of questions

Al Frankenís statement via his Facebook page.

U.S. Senator Al Franken

Many Americans are rightly concerned by the Trump teamís close ties with the Russian government and the role that Russia played in interfering with our presidential election.

When then-Senator Jeff Sessions testified under oath during his confirmation hearing to become attorney general, he explicitly told me that he had not been in contact with Russian officials in the course of the presidential campaign. But according to a report from the Washington Post, he actually met with the Russian Ambassador during that time period. If that's true, then I am very troubled that his response to my questioning during his confirmation hearing was, at best, misleading.

In light of these revelations, I'm going to be directly pressing Attorney General Sessions to answer some tough questions about his contact with Russia and his testimony before the Judiciary Committee.

The American people deserve to know the truth about what happened between Russia and the Trump team, and I believe we need thorough and impartial investigations to get to the bottom of it. It's clearer than ever now that the attorney general cannot, in good faith, oversee an investigation at the Department of Justice and the FBI of the Trump-Russia connection, and he must recuse himself immediately.


Below is the video of Senator Al Franken (D-MN) asking Jeff Sessions if he has had communications with Russia. Sessions:
ďI did not have communications with the Russians.Ē

Franken: CNN just published a story alleging that the intelligence community provided documents to the president-elect last week, that included information that ďRussian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump.Ē These documents also allegedly say ďthere was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government.Ē Again, Iím telling you this as itís coming out, so you know. But if itís true, itís obviously extremely serious, and if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do?

Sessions: Senator Franken, Iím not aware of any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I did not have communications with the Russians, and Iím unable to comment on it.


Does Donald Trump have a relationship with Vladimir Putin? Allow him to tell you.


GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz says Sessions should recuse himself


NYT Reminds Us: Sessions, Bannon, & Miller worked closely together before the campaign

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